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Chapter 502 - The game is banned

Chapter 501 – lt ’s about time!

”Ahhhh! ”

”Save me!!! ”

”Someone heal me!! ”

Several shouts echoed as the wasp started casually slaughtering all the players surrounding it. Rey saw this and he was completely speechless. He hadn ’t expected such a turn of events.

Things just went from bad to worse. Now he truly understood the meaning of higher-level bosses.

If someone assumes that they could simply take down these big shots with just numbers, then it was only going to be a disaster, a grave miscalculation on their part.

Rey watched as the wasp cleared for itself a path of blood and flesh and now it was coming in his direction.

He quickly took several paces back and continued hitting it relentlessly. One of his arrows got a critical hit and landed right in the middle of the wasp ’s right eye.

The wasp immediately groaned and its attention fell on the group of players on Rey ’s side. Rey broke into a cold sweat.

Fuck! It was their turn to get slaughtered! This whole fight was going to be a team wipe!

The wasp immediately blasted to their side but before it could get there Liam once again arrived in front of it and blocked its path.

BOOM! His semi-epic grade sword trembled as he clashed against the strong limbs of the wasp.

After a couple of exchanges, the wasp ’s aggro was finally once again stabilized as it couldn ’t go past Liam but now only slightly more than half of the group remained.

Among them, some of them were even running away so this number became quickly less than half. Fortunately, the damage output was still not too bad.

With Liam blocking all of its moves, the wasp ’s health started to decrease from 75% and almost reached 45% when it suddenly started to shriek, emitting horrid high-pitched noises.

It flapped its iron wings and strong sound waves and gusts of wind, mixed together started wreaking havoc on the group.

Many players were simply blown away and even Liam found it difficult to stabilize. He quickly started erecting several ice blocks and tried to contain the damage and chop down the attacks.

The other mages in the group as well followed his lead and started doing the same but in the end, it was too difficult to bring the damage under control and another section of the raid group fell.

Every gust of wind that blasted out from the wasp started claiming two to three players at least. Whoever was remaining was also low on health.

”Watch its movements! Try to evade the attack! ” Liam shouted loudly. Some tried to take his advice but in the midst of all the chaos and commotion, not many were able to follow his words.

The wasp continued to wreak havoc and only stopped after a few good seconds, slaughtering another batch of players.

There were hardly 20 or so players left at that point but the wasp still had 40% health left.

However, without the full backup of the guild party, and with just these 20 players left, it was difficult to get the health to budge anymore.

Moreover, it looked like the wasp wasn ’t done yet. It was preparing to send out yet another onslaught of wind attacks when suddenly a new group of players arrived.

Everyone couldn ’t help but turn to glance at the new arrivals wondering if some other guild caught the whiff of their field boss and had come over to fight.

These new players weirdly all had white-themed clothing and a strong presence.

No one could tell if they were friends or foes but before anyone could react, two players among the group acted first.

One of them jumped in front of the wasp right next to Liam while the other started casting a series of healing enchantments.

Now everyone realized who this group was! Alex and Mia! Their guild backup had arrived!

”You can leave the tanking to me, ” Alex grunted and blocked the wasp ’s next attack with her shield.

”Heh. You are also here. ” Liam chuckled and moved back.

Now that he no longer had to worry about bearing the brunt of the attack, he started his assault.

And just like that, the wasp ’s health which was stuck at 40% started to once again decrease.

Liam knew that this beast probably had another burst attack saved up for the last few percent of its health, so he was already prepared for it.

A few seconds later, the health bar hit 10% and the wasp immediately let out a loud shriek. Its body started glowing red and its sting grew several sizes in length and thickness.

The next second it started flapping its wings, combining its wind attack with its venom, spraying venom everywhere.

This instantly brought everyone ’s stats down so rapidly and Liam ’s damage output also suffered. However, he had just the item ready for this situation.


He tossed out one of the A-grade grenades, directly onto the wasp, and then he started casting several earth spikes one after the other all aimed at its wings.

He did not stop there and continued assaulting the wasp with several fireballs.

This combined with the impact of the grenade took care of the last bits of the health remaining and the wasp couldn ’t evade anything thanks to the many spikes holding it down.

In the end, it struggled fruitlessly and fell to the ground dead and lifeless.

[Ding. Congratulations. You have successfully defeated the Wasp Queen]

[Ding. You are the first to defeat Southern Hills Wasp Queen. Your grand achievement will be etched in history]

[DING. Kingdom Announcement: Congratulations to the ’Crimson Abyss ’ guild party for defeating the terrifying Wasp Queen.]

[DING. World Announcement: Congratulations to the ’Crimson Abyss ’ guild party for defeating the terrifying Wasp Queen.]




Hearing the notifications one after the other, the entire guild became excited and started celebrating loudly.

Moreover, this was an incident that took place near their home base so everyone was incredibly pumped up. The entire guild was in a celebratory mood.

Of course, in the midst of this crowd, Luna did her job as always and collected all the drops without leaving a single one behind.

Liam himself was about to do the same but seeing the fox running around he stopped and watched the little thing in amusement.

A couple of seconds later, five shiny items were promptly presented at his feet.


Liam took the items one after the other and inspected them carefully.

One was a high-level cooking recipe that involved honey. Another was a weapon drop. The rest of the items were venom sacs, serrated legs, and hard shells, all parts of the wasp ’s body.

And last but not the least, just like Liam had expected, this one indeed had a mana core. That too, it was a medium-grade mana core.

”Not bad. ” Liam placed everything inside his inventory.

On the plus side, he was happy that he had gained a mana core. On the minus side, he needed to hunt more beasts on this level to get more of the mana cores.

This was definitely going to take a lot of effort. He silently closed his eyes and pondered about which place might be best to farm these mana cores.

But soon, footsteps sounded near him and snapped him out of his thoughts.

”Liam, I have something important to tell you! ” Alex panted.

”Huh? What happened now? ” Liam raised his brows in curiosity. ”Did you guys come across some rare quest in the divine temple? ”

”No. ” Alex shook her head.

”Then what happened? ”

”The news broke! ” Alex said seriously.

”Which news? ” Liam asked, but he already had a feeling about what this might be about. Confirming his thoughts Alex as well spoke the words in his mind.

”The news about the game and the associated deaths. ”

”Heh. It ’s about time! ”

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