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Chapter 504 Sea of flames

Chapter 503 You are being carried

”Which dungeon are we heading to now? ” Alex asked Liam while the rest of the team assembled quickly.

Other than their divine affinity team of 15 members, there were also a few new faces who had signed the new contracts immediately.

Everyone looked extremely excited. There was also a new ranking list now which determined the individual player ’s rank within the guild.

And since they had all joined immediately these ten people were currently at the top of the list.

From what they could see, the guild valued loyalty a lot so they were glad that they made this decision.

Everyone expectantly looked at Liam to see what dungeon they were going to be raiding. Liam on the other hand was still oddly quiet.

After a couple of seconds, he finally turned to look at Alex and Mia, ”Do you guys have any quests in dungeons for the divine temple? ”

”Ah. Right. There is one. Level 45 dungeon Darkhold. We haven ’t attempted it because we are still trying to increase our overall level. ”

Liam nodded. ”That should be perfect. We have fifteen plus ten plus 3. Almost a 30 player team. We can attempt the dungeon. ”

”Huh? What is this? ”

”Most of us are only Level 30ish still, how can we attempt a Level 45 dungeon? This is a suicide mission. ”

”What the heck did we make a mistake when we signed the contracts? ”

Liam ’s words were shocking to everyone gathered there and the group started to murmur and whisper in disagreement.

However, the two women standing next to Liam did not reveal any such doubts. They both silently agreed and started to switch over items and gear up for the raid.

Seeing them, the others really did not have any other choice and did the same.

Luckily for them, the Darkhold dungeon was not located too far away.

They only had to travel a few hours by foot and the group reached the Level 45 dungeon, which wasn ’t too far away from the divine temple city.

And when they arrived there, Liam who had been silently sitting atop Luna all this time, resting with his eyes closed, finally jumped onto the ground and spoke.

”Everyone who has divine affinity, should quickly head over to the temple city and get their buffs. ”

”Hmmm? What buff? ” Half the group was confused but the other half knew exactly what to do. The group of them then left and once again arrived after a couple of hours.

”So much time wasted! Is this buff really worth it? ” Someone loudly commented from the back.

Liam did not bother answering the guy and the group quickly entered the dungeon without any other instructions.

As soon as they took a step inside, a group of angry demons rushed over to their side. All of these demons had three red eyes and five horns jutting out of their head.

And from the get-go, these demons started throwing various fire-type attacks at the group.

Level 42 Vulcan

Level 43 Vulcan

There were in total nine of these Vulcan demons in the first mob itself and everyone immediately took a beating.

”What the hell?! ” The group started panicking and it looked like the guild party was heading straight into a team wipe at the very beginning itself.

But the next second, Alex casually pulled over four of these vulcans towards herself and three other paladins handled the remaining five demons. ꜰʀᴇᴇ ᴡᴇʙ ɴoᴠᴇʟ. coᴍ

After that everything quickly stabilized.

The healing team which was a solid 10 member team started casting various spells and recovered all the health and the rest of the group provided damage support.

The group also rearranged themselves in the best way possible and slowly one by one the vulcans started falling.

”Fuck! We can actually take down a Level 40+ mob! This is insane! ”

”Ya. For some reason, I thought dungeons would be more difficult. Hmmm. ”

”Me too. This is not bad at all. We should have done this sooner. ”

”Ya. I agree. Especially if we had better directions this run could go a lot faster. Who is this party leader? ”

Some members of the group were dissatisfied that they were not getting clear instructions. However, one of the priests from the divine team quickly shushed the bunch.

”You all. You better stop talking and focus. What did you think? These demons are being killed because of your combined efforts? ”

”Huh? Then? ”

”Look properly. You bunch of noobs. You are currently being carried! Do you know why you were given no instructions, that ’s because you are not needed. ”

”So shut up, watch the fights with your eyes peeled open, and then maybe for the next run, you can be useful. ”

The priest brutally laid it out for the group and the bunch of players couldn ’t believe what they were hearing. Only a couple of minutes later, they were actually able to see it.

What the priest said was indeed not wrong. Amidst the chip damage from the group, one person was alone doing the damage equivalent to a whole other group.

This was none other than their party leader and alleged real guild leader, the top ranker at the moment, Liam. This was the ability of a Level 50 player!

Everyone couldn ’t believe their eyes. The few of them who had never met or knew about Liam immediately quieted down and started watching him at work with admiration.

All the vulcans were crumbling one after the other under his constant barrage of attacks. Inside the huge ruins, the few mobs that appeared were cleared in a jiffy.

And not just Liam but all the divine affinity players were also performing better.

Apparently, the divine temple buff that lasted for 10 hours was an OP buff. It increased everyone ’s attributes by 10%.

As if this was not enough, Liam was not the only player who was dominating. All the divine affinity players seemed to be extremely well coordinated.

Mia and Alex were already famous but the rest of the team was also coordinating very well.

Suddenly the new players who had just now joined the group felt very nervous. They were really being carried!

Everyone immediately started doing their best so that they would get more chances like this in the future and quickly climb up the guild ranks.

Due to the news about the deaths associated with this game, most of the player base had now logged out temporarily so whoever was remaining right now was by no means ordinary.

This was also why Liam had brought along this group of players with him to see their skill level.

At the least, they had the guts to defy their government ’s orders and think for themselves and make a decision. Otherwise, they wouldn ’t still be logged in and playing at the moment.

And his hunch wasn ’t wrong.

Among these players, Liam saw a couple of good, well above average skill level players. Their talent shone amidst the others standing beside them.

”Not bad. ” Liam clicked his tongue and continued slaughtering the demons. It was too early to judge now, so he didn ’t say anything to them just yet.


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