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Chapter 505 Burn

Chapter 504 Sea of flames

After the first few minutes, all the disagreements within the group silently got resolved and everyone worked together very well. They soon reached the first boss of the Darkhold dungeon.

It was a three-headed vulcan demon that dealt both fire element and dark element damage. The fifteen divine affinity players could already feel a strong suppressive aura from this boss.

”Hmmm! I didn ’t expect a dark element boss here. ” Alex frowned.

”Of course. There was going to be one. Did you think that the dungeon would be easy? Since you got a special quest from the divine temple, it is going to be more challenging for you guys. ” Liam explained.

”I guess. Since when did this game hand out easy quests. ” Alex grumbled.

”No. You just need to know where to look for them. ” Liam grinned and stepped back. ”For this one, I will solely focus on damage dealing, so you three should tank the boss. ”

”Rotate it between the three of you after every major attack. ”

”Major attack? ” Alex prepared herself to take charge first.

”Yes, at every 10% this demon is going to spew out balls of black fire. Everyone should immediately back away and hide behind that huge stone for cover. ”

Liam walked over to a corner of the huge space first and started moving some stones together. This was the shortcut to tackling the first boss.

Everyone nodded silently and giving a couple of seconds, Alex started the next fight by tossing her shield like a boomerang.

Ding! A loud sound resounded and the three-headed demon snapped its eyes open to growl at them in anger.

On the other side, a small damage number floated up.


Alex ’s starting attack had only managed to deal this small damage. Everyone gulped, taking a look at the boss ’s health bar. It was a whopping 10 million!

This demon was much worse than the wasp field boss they had just now faced. Would they really be able to take this on?

As if answering their doubt, the demon roared loudly and thundered toward Alex, angered by her attack. It lifted its huge arm and struck a heavy blow, pushing her back a couple of steps.

If it was anyone else, they would have been flung aside right now but Alex managed to still hold her ground. There was a bright glow surrounding her body.

Divine Might! She used the first big buff she had. This meant that before the buff ran out they had to bring down the first 10% of the boss ’s health.

”Everyone focus! Whoever doesn ’t dodge properly will be out of the team for the next run! ” Mia gave the orders this time. She could see the doubt and hesitance in the group so she intervened.

And just as she spoke, Liam made the first move. He sent out five huge ice spears one after the other, all aimed for the vital parts of the huge demon.

He then without stopping started erecting several earth spikes on the ground right below the demon thereby hampering its movements.

That was it. The 20 seconds of the [Divine Might] was about to run out. The others also started hastily lobbing all the attacks that they could, hoping that this would be enough.

Everyone almost held their breaths watching the damage numbers float up.








What pitiful numbers were these?

However, in the midst of these pitiful numbers, another series of damage popped up.




This set of damages was on a completely different scale. The first demon boss ’s ridiculous defense almost didn ’t seem to matter for these attacks.

”So amazing! ” Everyone quickly glanced at Liam once before reverting their attention back to the boss. No one dared to stop attacking.

This was because even with Liam ’s ridiculous damage numbers it was still impossible to bring down 1 million health points in the first 20 seconds before the [Divine Might] ran out.

At this rate, he would maximum be able to bring down 100000 health points. More than that…

However, the next second, the group was shocked once again. After casting the first round of ice spears and earth spikes, Liam did not stop there.

He kept bombarding the demon with various attacks, one after the other.

How the hell does he have so much mana? Everyone gaped in shock. His attacks as well were very different from the attacks of the other mages in the group.

He almost had no casting time. His ice spears were bigger and his earth spikes were sharper and more sturdy. It was as if he was a completely different tier of mage.

The four other mage players in the group couldn ’t come close to his level. They could only watch and try to learn from him but that also seemed futile.

As each attack landed, the next attack was coming in immediately, losing almost no time in between the back to back casting.

It was as if this was a desktop game and someone was repeatedly spamming the same key. But ’Evolution Online ’ was different. They had to activate the skill which took a fixed amount of time.

So how was this player still able to achieve such a unique speed?

Just as everyone watched, the demon ’s health started falling down rapidly and before the 20 seconds could run out, about 900000 of its health had dropped.

Now only that last part was remaining. Everyone quickly used all of their cooldowns and spammed every attack they could.

Mia as well stopped supporting Alex and joined in to deal the rest of the damage, finally bringing down the health by the first 10%.

”NOW! ” Liam shouted and immediately ran away.

Mia, the other healers, and the rest of the group as well started running away to the small stack of stones.

Alex as well ran away leaving the tanking the next person who immediately used [Divine Might]. This skill which gave a 20 second long 70% immunity was the key to this battle.

And just like clockwork, the demon lifted his three heads up and sent out three streaks of attacks.

One was a pure fire attack. One was a dark element attack and the last one was a combination of fire and dark element type attacks.

The entire space became filled with fire. It looked like they were floating on a sea of flames.

Of course, this was except for the spot where the makeshift stone wall had prevented the flames from entering.

What a godly strategy!

Everyone broke into a cold sweat just imagining the extent of damage they would have received. They would have all been one-shotted and this would have been a team wipe.

Thankfully, someone knew how to overcome this problem!

But they were not out of the danger just yet. After the flames died out the group once again dashed back to their positions. They had to bring down the next 10% of the vulcan ’s health.

The second ten percent of the health for some reason dropped a lot faster than the first 10% of the health and before long, it was time to run away and hide once again.

Everyone wondered how this could be possible as Liam was already going all out from the beginning… Then they noticed a small fox lazily sauntering over.


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