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Chapter 506 Dungeon Quest

Chapter 505 Burn

After the first two scrimmages, everyone properly followed the rules and ran back and forth quickly grinding down the huge three-headed demon ’s health.

At one point one player made the mistake of becoming too engrossed in attacking the demon and forgetting to run back and hide in time.

He almost lost his life in an embarrassing way but Mia rescued him and promptly filled up his health bar.

With Liam ’s damage and her healing and the three tanks doing their job perfectly, it was almost impossible to lose and the first boss quickly fell.

They had actually managed to grind down all 10 million health points!




Everyone immediately received their experience points notifications and it was extremely generous.

’Evolution Online ’ was a game that rewarded challenging monsters above one ’s level so everyone received bountiful gains ranging from 10000 exp to almost 50000 exp.

Liam on the other hand saw a pathetic 1000 exp gain. It was because this guy was actually lower leveled than he was.

But he didn ’t care about it. The thing that he needed was the drops from this big guy.

He watched as Luna dashed around, immediately collecting everything in sight and dropping it in front of him.

”Good girl! ” Liam chuckled. There were three drops in total.

Everyone watched him as he bent down to examine the drops. They were all curious to take a look but no one had any hopes that they would actually get a share.

But unexpectedly, Liam tossed the first one towards one of the mages. It was a cloth armor. ”Here you go. This should improve your agility and casting speed. ”

”Ah. Thank you. Thanks a lot, boss. ” The guy was startled and quickly accepted it.

The next item was a weird gem that Liam tossed into his inventory and the final item was a much awaited skill book!

This was the reason why he had run this dungeon in the first place so he was not planning on giving this to anyone.

”I will be learning this. ” He announced and started opening the book. The next second the book disappeared and Liam received a notification.

[Ding. You have learned a new skill ’Ring of Fire ’]

[Ring of Fire: Consumes 2000 mana. Creates an unquenchable fire around your enemy that burns them upon contact; Cool Down: 1 min]

”Not bad. ” Liam eyed the skill and he was itching to try it out. This could potentially cause more damage than a simple fireball.

”Ok. Let ’s go. Next boss. ” There was no one who particularly needed a break so the group kept on moving. The ruins were on flatland and it didn ’t take them long to spot the next mob.

Several vulcans were huddled together and upon seeing the group of human beings walking forth, they immediately dashed towards them.

Alex and two other paladin tanks quickly rushed forward to meet them and banged their shields against the vulcans.

By now, the attack patterns of the demons became somewhat predictable so they easily blocked the attacks. With Liam ’s and others ’ support, they blasted through the mob.

Liam did not even get a chance to try out the new skill. The group continued pushing forward unstoppably until they arrived at the second boss which was a huge vulcan serpent.

Just like a naga, this demon had a serpentine body but it also had three eyes and five horns atop its thick brick red head.

Alex and everyone looked at Liam for some sort of strategy but this time he only smiled in response. There were no shortcuts for this one. So there was nothing to say.

Liam paused for a moment and remembered something about this one. ”Watch out for the underground attacks. ” He added.

”If the small rocks and sand near you start vibrating, you have to move soon. But take this advice with a bit of salt. ”

Everyone gulped and prepared themselves. This was going to be difficult. They could already see it. Alex as well had a serious expression as she nodded and started the battle.

The huge demon hissed at it lunged towards the group.

Alex had some trouble catching its aggro and the vulcan serpent managed to lash out at a part of the group, taking out a decent chunk of health from about 10 players.

Liam quickly dashed back without falling into the demon ’s trap.

This was also his first time facing against this boss. He had seen videos, read about this dungeon but this was his first time experiencing it in person.

So even for Liam it took a second to get used to the mechanics. Thankfully, they had Mia ’s healing which topped up everyone ’s health bar once more.

”Get back. Get back. Pay attention to the tail. ” Liam shouted loudly and started his attacks. He didn ’t want to less the boss run amok too much.

After attacking it with a few ice spears and earth spikes, he activated his newly acquire skill [Ring of Fire]. Almost instantly, a circle of raging flames appeared around the vulcan serpent.

”Amazing! ” Liam gasped at the beautiful sight.

Luna as well look overjoyed. As a fire spirit beast, she looked longingly at this skill and then at Liam. ”The next one is yours. ” Liam chuckled.

Especially for this boss this skill seemed to be too good.

As the serpent continuously thrashed around, trying to over power Alex and strangle her, parts of its tail repeatedly clashed against the flames and every time that happened a big chunk of health disappeared.




Several huge numbers started popping out. Some of them were already higher than the damage caused by fireball attack without any fine tuning.

”I knew it. This is the effect of higher spells. I need to get more better spells and train with them. ” Liam licked his lips and started pummeling the vulcan serpent with more spears and spikes.


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