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Chapter 508 Final Boss

Chapter 507 Sizzling Tornado

”Damn it. ” Liam did not like what was going on. They needed to act fast. They only had three more horns left but they seemed impossible to remove.

”Everyone resume attacking! Don ’t hold back. Aim for the horn as best as you! ” Liam decided to change the tactics a little bit.

It was better than letting the boss health go all the way back to 100%. That would not only negate all their hard work so far but it would also be a severe moral blow.

Everyone understood what was happening and immediately started attacking the boss again. The health that was stagnant as well started dropping.

Even Liam ’s aim was only passable because the damned vulcan was moving back and forth, only 95% of his attacks reached the horn.

Luna, Mia, and other dps tried their best, and finally when the health dropped down to 50%, they managed to take out two more horns. Only one was left now.

”Fuck. ” Liam immediately looked around. This was bad and he tried to see if there was something that could be done. However, there was simply no place to hide.

”Mia! Save all your cooldowns. In a second, you will have to use them. ” Liam shouted to warn her.

He then suddenly had an idea and shouted again, ”Everyone else. Come and stand right behind me. Make a cone-like formation. Everyone including healers. Come fast. NOW! ”

”Quick. Alex! Get over here as fast as you can. ” Giving out the instructions, Liam hurriedly dashed forward to stand in front of the other two tanks.

No one understand what was happening, but everyone quickly complied. As far as they were concerned, the instruction was simple and straightforward. They had to stand behind Liam.

As for the reason… they all understood it the next second.

As soon as the health dropped down to 50%, the vulcan started flapping its huge wings and generating gusts of winds.

The demon then unexpectedly lifted its head up and started summoning a giant bundle of lightning.

This lightning node combined with the gusts of wind to form a giant tornado which instantly started surging towards the players.

Or more specifically towards Liam who tossed out a giant fireball at the vulcan to grab the full aggro.

With him at the front, the tornado lashed against his body, threatening to tear him apart.

Liam almost couldn ’t handle the shear force. He planted his sword on the ground and tried to stabilize himself by putting his full weight on the sword.

However, every single time a gust of wind from the tornado sheared him, he lost 200 health points. At this rate, he was going to bottom out really fast.

But Liam was not planning on letting that happen. Without letting the tornado progress any further, he started erecting several barriers, some made of ice and some made of earth.

These short walls got blasted apart by the force of the tornado but when they crumbled they also took with them a small percentage of its strength.

The tornado was slowly becoming weaker and weaker. Liam looked over to see that the vulcan was also in a weakened state after casting this attack so it was time to do the next step.

”Alex! Take over! Mia! Cover for me! ” He grunted loudly and with one big move, he removed the sword from the ground and allowed himself to be pushed back by the tornado.

Alex watched what he did and quickly used her cooldowns to hold down the attack.

The other mages in the group as well imitated Liam ’s moves and started erecting ice walls and earth spikes.

The two hunters in the group sent their pets along with Liam and Luna as well went behind him. This group then started fighting the main boss.

Because the vulcan was in a weakened state, Liam used this chance to deal the maximum damage that he could.

By the time, the tornado lost its strength, he actually managed to crack the remaining horn and using the weak state, he also brought down the health to 20%.

The other players then started coming out of the formation and lobbed over their attacks as well.

When the boss was at the last 5% health, it howled loudly and started summoning another tornado, this time something that was much bigger.

However, when it looked up it could no longer summon the lightning bolt. Without the lightning, the tornado was unable to pick up any speed or strength and it crumbled.

Everyone else as well didn ’t wait around for the demon to do a second try and they hastily chopped away the last bits of health.


The huge vulcan finally collapsed down on the ground, dead and lifeless. Everyone looked at this scene with their mouths open as if they still couldn ’t believe it.

Every single boss fight was insanely difficult. They could only do their best and follow the lead and somehow in the end things work out. Just how powerful were these guys!

Just like the boss, these guys as well collapsed, needing a break badly.

”It ’s fine. Everyone. Let ’s take a 15 minute break this time. ” Liam clapped his hands. He as well then sat down and started eating some of the meat which Shen Yue had prepared for him.

He gave one piece to Luna and patted her head lovingly. ”This would have gone much smoother if those guys were with us. ” He chuckled.

Without dwelling on it, he then started recollecting everything about the last boss that he could think of.

That was the most difficult opponent in this entire dungeon so it would be foolish to underestimate its abilities. Even this previous fight was too much of a touch and go.

He had to think of something at the last moment and luckily it worked.

To have just one person block the attack and the rest of the team hide behind that person was actually some other boss ’s mechanism but at that desperate moment, Liam ’s mind racked everything that he knew and this one had the highest chance of working.

Thankfully, they were able to use that and cross one more hurdle without any casualties despite it ending up being quite risky. Liam did not want the last one to be risky as well.

They needed adequate preparations. Otherwise, they might really not be able to get through to the last boss.

”Hey! You forgot the drops! ” Alex dropped three items near Liam and then sat down beside him as well. ”If you are thinking about the strategy to beat the last boss, I would like to help as well. ”

Liam nodded. ”I am not too sure but there should be instances where you would have to heal the boss. ” His gaze went over to the loot and fell on the lone book lying amongst two gemstones.

”Another skill book dropped? ” His eyes widened in shock and he quickly grabbed the book. ”This is a [Sizzling Tornado] book! ”

Of all the items, the boss could drop, it actually dropped the main item he was interested in!

”It looks like we are going to be able to clear this dungeon after all. ” Liam chuckled.

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