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Chapter 509 Healing the boss?

Chapter 508 Final Boss

[Sizzling Tornado: Consumes 5000 mana. Creates a wind tornado that shoots lightning bolts at random. Area of effect 5 feet. Cool down: 5 mins]

Liam looked at the skill description and was amazed. A 5 feet area of effect was too good! This skill could potentially be used both as a multi-target attack and as a single-target attack.

The 5 minute cooldown was indeed a bit punishing as that meant that he could only use it once in a fight but cooldowns can be brought down if he gains more insight into the battle.

Liam hurriedly pulled up the other related skills and took a look at them as well.

[Wind Blades]

[Lightning Bolt]

”Ok. I should now try these out a few times. ” He muttered to himself and stood up. Alex watched the guy run away like a kid who just got a new toy to try out.

Liam stood in a corner of the ruins and first activated the [Sizzling Tornado].

Almost instantly a huge wind picked up, not as big as the one the boss had summoned but something smaller in size.

The wind quickly gained speed and became a tornado, its entire body crackling with energy. The next instant a couple of lightning bolts shot out of this small tornado.

One hit a player on the side and the guy screamed in pain. ”Boss! That took out 500 hp! ”

Liam nodded in satisfaction. This was just the beginning. He was looking forward to the time when he mastered this spell. At that time, just how much could it do?

He grinned to himself and started practicing [Wind Blades] and [Lightning Bolt].

He practiced a bunch of these spells and when the cooldown refreshed he once again activate [Sizzling Tornado] and tried to get a feel for that spell.

Everyone couldn ’t help but look at the guy in admiration. Here they were all resting but the person who had done the maximum didn ’t bother to get any rest and was immediately training.

And even that training was completely unique. The three mages in the group moved closer and silently observed Liam to take notes.

Liam as well saw them and gave a few pointers.

”You have to visualize the skill and feel the flow of mana. Visualize everything from start to finish and soon you will also be able to cast instantly. ”

The others looked shocked to hear this as no one had ever thought about doing anything like this. Could this method really work?

Joining Liam in training, all three mages as well started practicing the few spells that they had. Alex, Mia, and the others watched this in envy and they as well tried doing what Liam suggested.

But how could it be so simple? Everyone could hardly feel anything. Only Alex and Mia were able to do it and they already knew about these things.

They had learned it after Liam had given them a few hints at the very beginning when they had all grouped up together for the beginner ’s dungeon run.

At that time Mia caught this point when Liam mentioned learning a skill simply based on its execution. Deriving from that, she had learned the execution of the skill.

And now she was able to execute almost all of her skills without the help of the system-activated spells.

Unlike her, Alex only had 60% proficiency in her skill set. There were still quite a few skills that she was not able to execute without the system ’s help.

And now looking at Liam she was completely shocked. She had always assumed that the guy was a born genius just like Mia but it looked like she had once again mistaken him.

It seemed like he worked hard for what he had.

Alex eyed the guy with a mixture of emotions when she saw Mia walking over to her. ”I was looking there, not at him. ” She quickly explained.

”Hmmm? ” Mia ignored the weird statement and asked. ”Did Rey message you? How is he doing? ”

”Ya. Ya. ” Alex immediately rolled her eyes. ”That bitch is doing just fine. Do you know! He still won ’t tell me what quest he is working on! What an ungrateful little shit! ”

Mia couldn ’t help but smile lightly. ”It ’s fine. Let him enjoy. ” The duo silently continued watching everyone training like crazy. Were they even on a dungeon run anymore?

Thankfully, after a few minutes, Liam stopped and asked everyone to pack up for the next boss. It was time to finish this dungeon.

Everyone moved along the ruins and cleared the mobs of vulcans on their path, finally arriving at something that resembled a dome-shaped building.

It was somewhat a replica of the divine temple in the divine city. Liam could see how this would be a huge black mark on the priests and priestesses in the temple.

”No wonder they gave out this quest. ” Liam waved his hand, signaling everyone to enter the place cautiously. There might be someone attacking them as soon as they enter.

In most closed structures in dungeons, this was the case.

And just like he expected, in this one as well, a bunch of vulcan demons immediately ambushed them near the entrance.

[Ring of Fire]

Liam did not hold back and cast a strong spell, scorching the bunch of vulcans together and taking a huge chunk of their health.

The remaining health was quickly chipped away by the rest of the group as they pounded down on the couple of mobs.

It almost seemed as if they were running a dungeon a few levels below them and not a few levels above them.

After clearing the mobs, the path inside the dome-shaped temple was finally freed up and the group moved closer to the interior.

They arrived at a huge prayer hall in the middle of which a half-human and a half-demon figure was chanting something loudly.

Everyone immediately stopped in shock. This was the final boss and he had a whopping 20 million health points!

Would they really be able to defeat this guy? They all stared dumbfoundedly at the sight in front of them.

Coincidentally, Liam also had a similar expression. Not because of the boss, but because of something else entirely. His gaze was locked onto the stone deity that the boss was praying to.

He felt familiar energy seeping out of that stone deity. It was nether!

Moreover, he didn ’t simply sense a small amount of nether. There was lots and lots of it. Everything was locked in a black sphere that hovered over the stone deity.

It looked like some sort of ritual perhaps had made this happen. Irrespectively of what was the reason behind it, Liam was still glad about this discovery.

Now he had another trump card to rely on!

”Let ’s go! ” He gave Alex the signal and directly served the boss a hot sizzling tornado.


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