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Chapter 510 Something wrong?!

Chapter 509 Healing the boss?


The half-demon, half-human ugly ass boss turned around and shouted in pain and anger.

It was completely caught off guard by Liam ’s [Sizzling Tornado] and the shearing tough winds removed several chunks of health from the freak.





Several big damage numbers popped up and even Liam did not expect the spell to be this effective.

This was what a finishing move should look like. It demonstrated the full power of his mana core. The boss lost almost 10% of its 20 million health points just from this single attack.

However, just as everyone cheered in excitement and already saw this fight as good as over, suddenly something unexpected happened.

The boss grunted angrily and chanted something to dispel the huge tornado. It once again waved its hand to recover 5% of the 10% lost health points in all but an instant.

”FUCK! ”

”This is too unfair! ”

”Did you guys really expect the boss fight to be so easy? COME ON! DON ’T SLACK! PICK UP THE PACE! ” Liam shouted.

He as well dashed forward to start dealing damage using the multitude of spells in his hand. When his mana was near the bottom, he also used his sword to deal some damage.

Since this was the last boss, he was giving it his all and didn ’t just use his mana core.

Everyone was surprised to see Liam use his sword and more importantly, his damage was once again formidable. All the melee players dropped their jaws on the floor.

It was very shameful to see a mage dealing more damage than them while fighting with a sword.

But since it was Liam they did not take it personally. He was just a monster. There was no point in analyzing his skills. Everyone simply tried their best.

The group pummeled the boss and once again managed to bring down the health of the guy to 90% when unexpectedly once again the same thing happened.

The damned guy chanted something and started healing back up to 95% health. Everyone could only curse at this ridiculous boss.

So what? Would they never be able to get his health down more than 95%? How was one even supposed to fight this thing?

Liam as well instantly realized that something was wrong as soon as he saw that second heal. This was perhaps why they had mentioned healing the damned guy in the boss mechanics.

”Again! ” He shouted loudly and started slashing his way towards the boss again.

This vulcan half-breed was dealing dark element attacks so Liam was able to approach him more easily than the others, thanks to his nether affinity.

This time he activated [Spirit Slash] and [Spirit Wrath], several swords directly appearing below the demon hybrid ’s feet.

His body immediately drifted away like he was floating trying to avoid this attack but still a few swords struck his body, removing a portion of his health.

Luna as well opened her mouth and sent out a giant fire burst. This combined with everyone else ’s attack once more brought down the health of the boss by 5%, bringing him to 90% health.

But before the boss could start chanting, Liam immediately shouted, ”Alex! Mia! Now! ”

Like they had talked before, the duo stopped healing the players and cast all of their healing spells on the boss. This coincided with the boss himself chanting to recover his health.

And surprising everyone, the two waves of healing actually canceled one another!

The boss was finally not able to bring his health back up. ”Good Job! Now let ’s push on forward! ” Liam shouted.

They had only gone past the first 10% gate but everyone already felt tired. ”Last BOSS! Let ’s clear this dungeon! ” Liam shouted again, somewhat picking back up the mood again.

Now that they had a way to go past the self-healing, maybe they can really finish this boss! Everyone started pushing themselves to churn out damage.

Liam as well stood in the front as an example and relentlessly lobbed over one attack after another. A few seconds later the second 20% of the boss ’s health finally disappeared.

”Again! ” Liam immediately shouted and Alex, and Mia focussed their healing and buffing spells on the boss one more time.

This effectively canceled the chanting and the vulcan hybrid roared in annoyance. He seemed really enraged now and started chanting something even louder.

”Liam! Should we heal him again? ” Mia hurriedly asked but Liam shook his head.

”That should only work on healing spells. I don ’t think he is healing himself right now. KEEP ATTACKING! PUSH! PUSH! PUSH! ”

Everyone nodded and gritted their teeth, continuing to churn out the maximum damage that they could.

The next second, they got their answer. The boss stopped chanting and several black balls suddenly emerged.

These black balls further burst open and five mobs of vulcan demons appeared, swarming the whole group. Everyone found themselves facing two or more of them.

”Pete, you take over the aggro for the boss! ” Liam shouted at the second tank. He then turned towards Alex and gave her another command. ”Alex, aggro all the mobs! Now! Do it fast! ”

The two tanks immediately switched positions and Alex started going around, aggroing all the mobs onto herself.

This was a tremendous load for any tank and even she was struggling. It didn ’t look like she would be able to hold on for much longer.

”Hold on! I am here! ” Liam immediately shouted, giving her hope. ”Everyone else, focus on the boss. Keep attacking. Don ’t stop! Leave the mob to me! ”

Alex slowly pulled all the mobs to the right side of the huge hall and Liam cast multiple rings of fire on the spot to trap and beat down these extras.

Meanwhile, the boss once again started chanting and this time, Mia did not have to be reminded.

She recognized the healing chant and started casting her own healing spells to negate that. Her healing was the highest so the boss ’s aggro unexpectedly shifted to her in an instant.

The second tank Pete did not act in time to get the aggro back. ”Not good! ” Liam noticed this from the distance and quickly dashed towards Mia.


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