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Chapter 511 Let the farming begin!

Chapter 510 Something wrong?!

Liam thought he could reach there fast enough to block the guy but the vulcan hybrid ’s speed was much faster than him.

Mia as well quickly tried to retreat back but black chains emerged holding her down.

This mechanic was supposed to be dealt with by the tank because they had several defensive spells in their repertoire.

Mia, on the other hand, only had a couple of these spells. Coincidentally both the spells were under cooldowns.

She also found that she was not able to cast anything under the effect of the chains, not even any healing spells. This really looked like it was time out for her.

Liam as well knew that this was gut-check time so he used the last resort he was holding onto.

He hurriedly commanded the nether swirling near the stone deity and sent it out like spears towards the vulcan hybrid, aiming for his vital points.

His manipulation ability and his casting time now were a lot faster than any other spell that used mana.

However, the damage was not too big since he did not rely on his mana core. But that did not matter.

The damage was enough to divert his aggro momentarily and that split second gap was enough for Liam to reach Mia.

From there, Liam did not stop and used his sword to continuously attack the vulcan hybrid.

And he also did not hesitate to use more nether to attack the guy.

It looked as if the boss hadn ’t realized yet what was happening and that Liam was using something of his.

While the two of them were engaged, Mia as well managed to break free from the black chains and Alex finished off the last of the mob and returned to her position as the tank.

The fight quickly went back on track.

The boss summoned another round of mobs when its health dropped down to 50%, but this time everyone handled it very well and the fiasco from before did not repeat.

Slowly, the health dropped from 50% to 40% and then from 40% to 30%.

The vulcan hybrid looked completely enraged and started chanting once again. This time his entire body started glowing red.

He ignored everyone else and turned toward the deity to chant. A black swirl of energy covered his body.

”The boss will summon now another boss! Watch out! ” Liam shouted.

This was the last phase and the most difficult phase of the fight. If they could somehow get through this then they would have conquered the entire dungeon.

As everyone including Liam prepared for this crucial step and looked keenly to see what was going to come out, slowly something odd unfolded.

The boss seemed to be getting frustrated?

He also seemed to have forgotten the many attacks still raining down on him, slowly bringing down his health.

His entire focus was only on the stone deity and he continuously kept chanting, sometimes shouting in between.

What the hell was happening? Everyone looked shocked.

”Don ’t slack! Keep pushing! ” Liam reminded everyone.

Whether the boss was having a bad day or not, they needed to still beat him up.

And unlike the others, he had some inkling about what was going on.

Liam grinned watching the poor corrupted priest curse and try chanting again and again. He was like a broken tape that was stuck at that point.

He was completely out of control and looked like he had forgotten everything else. His health was already down from 30% to 15%.

Now only the last bit was left. Seeing this nobody slowed down. Everybody kept going on with their attacks, taking advantage of the attack as best as they could.

And standing among these people, Liam was also doing the same, except that he was also steadily pulling all the nether that was once again beginning to gather.

He did not even bother using this nether. He just kept collecting it and sending out other attacks.

Finally, when the health dropped down to the last 5%, the vulcan hybrid stopped his desperate attempts.

He turned around with his eyes and body still glowing right red and sent out several huge crackling black balls.

”Watch out and dodge! ” Liam reminded everyone.

He then used the big swirling ball of nether he had been holding onto and sent it out all at once towards the big guy.

The vulcan hybrid screamed in realization and dashed towards Liam to claw him out.

His body even became enlarged and dozens of horns started protruding out of this giant body, gearing up for some sort of hail mary attack but he was too late.

Liam ’s attack already struck him hard and removed whatever strength he had left.

And finally…

[Ding. You have gained 1000 experience points]

[Ding. Congratulations. You have successfully defeated the Corrupted Vulcan Priest]

[Ding. Congratulations. You have completed the dungeon run]

[Ding. You have gained 10000 experience points]

[Ding. Congratulations. You are the first to clear dungeon ’Darkhold ’ on normal difficulty. Your grand achievement will be etched in history]

[DING. Kingdom Announcement: Congratulations to the ’Crimson Abyss ’ guild party for the first clear of the dungeon ’Darkhold ’ on normal difficulty.]

[DING. Realm Announcement: Congratulations to the ’Crimson Abyss ’ guild party for the first clear of the dungeon ’Darkhold ’ on normal difficulty.]

Everyone cheered loudly and collapsed on the ground.

Liam as well was equally happy and grinned ear to ear, though it was for a different reason.

He almost couldn ’t believe it. He had actually found a loophole for a dungeon ’s final boss! A loophole that in his previous life was completely non-existent. This was brilliant!

He once again looked at the stone deity and the space where the swirling nether had gathered. He suddenly had a small curiosity. How did this summoning work?

Liam himself had a demon summoning spell that he hadn ’t used in a long time. He couldn ’t help but wonder if that spell used nether as well.

As he was silently pondering, Luna as usual dashed around and picked up all the loot and brought them over.

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