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Chapter 515 Last Boss

Chapter 514 Nightmare Mode

With one look at the enhanced vulcan demons and the carvings on their bodies, Liam already knew that this run was going to be special.

”I think we will be encountering the hidden boss this time. ” He was sure of it.

Everyone felt a chill run down their spine. As if the nightmare mode was not enough, they were also going to encounter the hidden boss.

The vulcan demons came one after the other and it definitely took longer than usual to defeat them.

The full group participated as well, no one holding back. But even with that, just clearing the mobs was extremely taxing.

At this rate, everyone couldn ’t help but wonder if they were really going to be able to get through all the bosses, let alone the hidden boss.

But unexpectedly as soon as the group reached the first boss fight, Liam started taking out some goodies.

”Boss, what is this? ”

”This tastes like honey. ”

Liam distributed to everyone a little bit of the honey he had harvested. He also started taking out the low-grade rage potions he had made earlier.

Even basic potions were going for 10 silvers and 20 silvers. Low-grade ones like the rage potion would definitely be valued at least at 50 silvers.

So everyone gasped in shock after receiving their quota.

If they could they would have wanted to save this but defeating the boss and having that record was far more valuable. Besides, they did not want to get kicked off the team.

Everyone downed the rage potion one after the other and the fight soon started. Almost instantly Alex tossed her shield and grabbed the boss ’s aggro.

Liam moved like a whirlwind toward the boss and started slashing down the three-headed demon, not holding back.




A series of terrifying damage numbers popped up. These were almost double the damages of what Liam ’s previous sword slashes were dealing.

If anyone did not know the effect and importance of rage potions before, they understood it very well now.

With the combined effect of the honey and rage potion, the entire fight was smooth and the boss went down quickly just like the one in the hard mode.

The mechanics for the hard mode and the nightmare mode wasn ’t all that different.

The only difference was that the boss had some strange black engravings on his body which made him stronger, faster, and more agile.

Liam had countered this with their own set of buffs so by the time the fight went down, it was no different from before.

The boss was quickly put down and everyone moved on to the mobs again.

These mobs were the real pain in the ass in this dungeon run because they had to face them without any extra buffs.

The engraved vulcan demon lackeys were much more difficult to handle compared to the normal vulcan demons.

Without Liam, the rest of the group probably would not be able to take care of this mob.

Even though Alex and Mia had top-tier skills, without the dps to burn these suckers down, the mobs would have definitely overwhelmed the dungeon party.

There were simply far too many vulcans. After struggling with these never-ending mobs, the group finally arrived at the second boss, the serpentine vulcan demon.

Just as everyone was wondering how they were going to deal with this one, Liam once again started distributing rage potions.

”Guild leader! ” Everyone was too touched!

Their team was a 28 player team so with each potion valued at 50 silver, this whole thing was coming to a whopping 14 gold.

And there were four bosses in this dungeon! Not to mention the hidden boss!

So if Liam planned to use rage potions for all the bosses, the grand total was coming to 70 gold! For many guilds, this was their entire wealth!

And they were actually throwing this away in a dungeon run!

Only the top-tier guilds and star guilds could afford to be so callous. Could their small newly formed guild really afford to do the same?

”Boss, maybe we can try this one and then save the potion for the last two? ”

”No. ” Liam firmly shook his head. ”Time is more valuable than money. Let ’s get this done and keep moving. ”

After Liam spoke, everyone quickly drank their potions and Alex soon started the fight. Just like the previous ones, this one as well went down smoothly.

The boss was down and the group soon arrived at the last parts of the ruins.

This time the entire dome-shaped temple was covered with black engravings. These engravings also somehow seemed alive.

”Maybe the last boss fight won ’t be so easy. ” Liam paused and tried to recollect as much as he could about this dungeon.

He had never run these dungeons in his previous life. He was neither strong enough to run them by himself nor part of any proper team.

So all the information that he gathered about this dungeon was from the various things posted on the internet, from the point of view of a spectator.

This was far from complete, but as someone who knew about several dungeons, he had a bit of idea and could make some sort of educated guess with a high chance of being correct.

He turned towards Alex and Mia and explained to them, ”You guys might have to focus a lot more on the healing mechanics. I think our result here will be dependent on that. ”

Alex and Mia, both of them, nodded solemnly and prepared themselves. Liam once again distributed the potions and the main fight soon started.

It was an instant disaster. The boss was out of control from the get go. None of the tanks were able to maintain aggro.

The vulcan human hybrid simply dashed toward whichever player randomly and started attacking them.

Liam as well responded immediately, but to expect someone other than the tank to be able to take hits from a boss was simply asking for death.

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