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Chapter 516 Hidden Boss

Chapter 515 Last Boss

”Phew that was too close! ” Liam stared at the demon priest whose several strands of hair were all flying in the air ominously as if he was being possessed.

If he had acted any slower than the player next to him would have died. Mia as well did a timely heal and the situation was salvaged.

However, they were not out of the woods just yet. The vulcan priest clashed with Liam a couple of times before directly bounding towards another one of the players.

He was like a cannon ball randomly bouncing from one player to another player and dealing lethal damage.

”Damn it. ” Liam grunted and chased behind the guy, once again only narrowly managing to prevent an instant kill.

”This won ’t work for too long. ” He had to do something right now.

Liam thought about it and the next time the boss moved, he used the illusion technique.

When fighting with the boss, there were two Liams and before the boss could move, one of the Liam already moved, ready to respond for the ensuing attack.

And bam! Just like he expected, when the boss again moved to dart away to a random player, Liam had enough headstart to catch up with him.

In fact, he blocked him completely and the player did not receive any damage. Everyone looked at this scene and were utterly dumbfounded.

Their leader was actually treating this boss as a ping pong ball, the priest left to dangle between the two versions of himself.

Even Liam himself was surprised. He was not sure that he could make this technique work as his understanding wasn ’t too deep, but he was steadily improving.

Right now, he was only able to create an afterimage but maybe slowly he could actually create shadow selves, each of them even capable of doing actual damage.

A faint idea flitted past Liam ’s mind. Unfortunately, he couldn ’t think about it right now and he quickly focused on the battle at hand.

The illusion technique was also too taxing. He couldn ’t keep doing it again and again.

”Fuck it. Time to use the nether. ” Liam gave up on saving the nether for later and commanded the ball of swirling energy.

Other than for saving it later, he was also prepared to not use it this time because he wanted to trigger the hidden boss. However, it seems that was too high of an aim.

There was simply no other option. He had to tap that.

[Dark Cutter]

Liam immediately used the spell that had ironically dropped from this guy. It generated two waves of dark elemental slashes that travelled like an X.


The boss immediately shouted as if it was further enraged from getting attacked by its own signature move, but Liam was not done yet.

From the few times he had used this attack, he could tell that it was not complete. Rather it would be far more effective if he used nether for this attack rather than his mana core.

Liam quickly commanded the nether that was swirling near the stone deity and then tried to haphazardly merge the spell with nether and send it out.

[Dark Cutter]


The next instant, a terrifying roar echoed throughout the temple ruins as a huge black X mark appeared.

Unlike the previous dark slashes, these two slashes were huge and vibrant, far more powerful. They were thrumming with energy and blasted forward with full force.






Several damage numbers popped up as the attack hit the target at multiple points, but this was not the surprising part. The shocking part was the magnitude of the damage!

With just a single attack, Liam was able to remove 60k health points from the boss. If he repeats this one attack ten times then won ’t this fight be as good as over?

He grinned in excitement and then started using more of the nether from the stone deity. It felt good to use strong spells that packed a punch.

”I should be able to form a nether core too? ” Liam only had a mana core and the effect of this spell was already this dramatic. What would happen if he makes a nether core too?

”I need to finish this fight first. ” He made a note to work on this soon and continued running around and chasing the vulcan priest.

The guy was now glowing bright red along with an aura of black. He seemed to have snapped after Liam shaved off a huge chunk of his health and was now going even more berserk.

However, all of his attempts to heal himself back up was promptly stopped by Mia so the boss became completely helpless.

He was only losing more and more health with time and the fight was steadily coming to an end. Hidden boss or not, at least the dungeon run was going to be completed smoothly.

Everyone did their best and pushed forward to bring down the last chunks of the boss health. Liam as well did not hold back and sucked the nether from the stone deity completely dry.

30%… 25%… 20%… 15%…. 10%… 5%…. 1%

Just as everyone sucked in a big breath of air and started tossing out their last power packed attacks, suddenly… the priest abruptly stopped in front of the stone deity.

”Hmmm? ” Liam immediately had a bad feeling.

”Everyone! Keep attacking! Don ’t stop! Last push! ” He shouted while sending out another [Dark Cutter] that could potentially end the fight, but… just as the attack was about to land on the boss… unexpectedly a black sphere enveloped him.

The [Dark Cutter] attack got consumed by this black sphere and did not do any damage to the boss. Not that just all the other attacks that fell on the guy were somehow blocked as well.

It was as if the black sphere gave him full immunity!

Standing within the safety of this black sphere, the vulcan priest started loudly chanting something. He fell to the ground on his knees and raised his head up to pray to the stone deity.

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