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Chapter 517 New Skill Book

Chapter 516 Hidden Boss

Liam frowned as he looked at the black shield that was still absorbing all the damage. Should he give it his all and try to break it or should he save his energy for whatever comes next?

”From the way he is chanting, this also has to be some sort of summoning magic? I guess there isn ’t any more time. ”

Without any hesitation, Liam dashed forward as he watched the black sphere start cracking and crumbling. He simultaneously started casting [Dark Cutter] to remove that last bit of health and to directly kill the boss.

Irrespective of what happened next, this should kill the guy. He was confident of it, but he also slashed his sword down just to be sure.

However, the instant he reached the kneeling priest, he was immediately thrown back. His body shuddered from the impact as he struck the ground. A big chunk of his health as well disappeared.

Liam shook it off and hurriedly stood up again, only to see a huge black mass swirling around the stone deity.

And it was no longer just a deity.

A familiar face popped out of the deity. It was Hongumbra?!

How was he here? Liam stared at the demon who was none other than the previous garrison leader of the Thol city back in the nether realm.

”He He He! We meet again! ”

This guy… didn ’t he die back then in front of him? Liam still couldn ’t believe what he saw. Perhaps he was a ghost? Soul remnant?

”Foolish human! No one from the abyss truly dies! Don ’t try to understand our power with your tiny brain! ” Hongumbra fully stepped out of the swirling black mass.

”At first I thought why bother answering this insect ’s calling, but imagine my surprise when I saw your ugly face here, in the human realm! He He He. Isn ’t this quite a surprise? He He He. ”

”I wonder what the other demons would think if they know about this. ”

Liam frowned. On the other hand, the last boss, the vulcan priest was delirious with joy.

”My Lord! My savior! Thanks for- ”

Splat. Not bothered to even fully listen to the priest, the demon lifted his leg and brought it down on him, ending his life in a fraction of a second.





Everyone immediately received their notifications but no one had the mood to be cheerful about that.

The demon in front of them was completely different from all the other demons they had faced so far. His mere presence was making them shiver and tremble.

Every step the demon took had an overpowering domineering aura. It was as if they couldn ’t move if he did not give permission.

But someone was still able to move just fine. ”Everyone stay back. Get back. ” Liam shouted as he gripped his sword and dashed forward.

”Talk all you want. I defeated you once before, I can do it again! ” He did not hold back and immediately started by casting a [Ring of Fire]. This locked the demon inside.

Unfortunately, only for a second.

Hongumbra sneered and snapped his fingers to instantly put away the flames. ”Heh. So weak! ”

Liam gritted his teeth and moved back several paces. He once again started casting another spell, the sizzling tornado this time.

The mana from the air thrummed alive as a huge swirling vortex formed in an instant, shooting out lightning bolts randomly.

”Ba ha ha ha ha! Still weak! ” Hongumbra snickered.

Liam ignored the taunts of the demon and started using his control abilities to lock the guy in place.

[Mana Net]

[Trapping Vines]

He then glanced at Mia to silently signal her to attack. Any spell with the divine element should do considerable damage to the demon.

At the same time, he also slashed his sword down on the huge muscular guy. When he had met him earlier, this demon was not this powerful.

Back then there was level suppression and now also there was level suppression. Yet he was incomparable to his previous life.

It was as if he had received baptism and was born anew in the abyss. Just what sort of a place was this abyss?

Liam used mana to improve his speed and agility and slashed at the demon. Hongumbra easily blocked his every move, still sneering at him but suddenly his expression changed.

A bolt of pure divine energy struck his back and the demon screamed in pain. His eyes reddened and he swung around to see who had attacked him from the back.

But how could Liam let go of this opportunity? He did not give Hongumbra any time to respond and continued attacking him with everything he had.

His cooldown for his spirit attacks had already refreshed and he immediately used [Spirit Slash] and [Spirit Wrath]. He cast another [Ring of Fire] and used that to continuously lob over fireballs at the demon.

While he was pummeling the guy with one attack after another, Alex and Mia also did not let the chance slip by and used all of their divine affinity attacks to do solid damage to the demon.

Seeing them, the rest of the group also did not remain idle, everyone started piling their attacks on top of the demon.

Hongumbra was instantly overwhelmed. Especially the numerous divine affinity attacks falling on the demon were doing a number on him. Every single attack burned.

He shook his head, looked up, and let out a loud roar, immediately unleashing his signature move, the nether venom tentacles.

However, the only person standing near him was still Liam and he was absolutely not affected by this move. The others were at a distance and they were outside the range of the attack.

”What happened? It looks like you are still not strong enough? Come back after training a bit more. ” Liam grinned and kept pummeling down the guy.

Hongumbra ’s health quickly drained and the demon helplessly screamed as he twisted his body and fled back to the portal. The next second both the huge demon and the portal completely disappeared.

The fight was finally over?

A pin-drop silence filled the temple and a moment later, the notifications rolled in.

[Ding. Congratulations. You have completed the dungeon run]

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