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Chapter 518 Demonic contract

Chapter 517 New Skill Book

”What? This run is finally over!! ”

”YAYYYYY! We did it!!! ”

”Boss! You are amazing! Guild Leader, you are amazing! Guild Vice Leader, you are awesome! ”

Everyone started loudly cheering looking at the serial notifications and the plentiful experience points. A couple of players once again leveled up which made everyone ’s mood even better.

While the others were busy taking a look at their gains, Liam alone was still staring at the stone deity that had now broken apart and fallen to the ground.

Tch. He clicked his tongue.

Though they had somehow won this fight, he was not in the least satisfied. He was still too weak. Otherwise, he wouldn ’t have just sent the guy packing, he could have destroyed him, body, and soul.

”I still need to understand these skills better and train with them, ” Liam muttered to himself in deep thought. He had a feeling that he was still not tapping into his mana core properly.

In his last life, he had the pathetic least quality mana core so using it and not using it was not that much different. However, this time it was different. He had a top-quality core and he had to use it properly.


Seeing Liam standing still, the fox quickly rushed around and brought over all the drops to him.

Alex had picked up one as it was near her, but the little fox did not let her off and growled at her until she gave it up. The fox then happily trotted over, bringing everything to Liam.

Alex looked at this blatant bullying and opened her mouth wide, covering it with her palm. This little fox had a big attitude!

She sighed and helplessly walked over to Liam. She also wanted to take a look at the drops. This was a high-level dungeon in nightmare mode so this has to be good!

”What is this skill book? ” She picked up the book first as more than item drops skill books were far more valuable. Alex stared at it and a second later, she almost yelped in shock.

”This is a demon summoning skill book! ”

”Huh? ” Liam snapped out of his thoughts and finally paid attention to the redhead standing next to him. ”Summoning Skill book dropped? ”

”Yes, a demon summoning skill book. ” Alex quickly passed him the skill book as it was very uncomfortable for her even to just hold it. The book ’s demonic aura was making her palm sting.

Liam noticed this and was now more curious. He looked at the book and indeed it was a summoning one.

”This should be a high-level skill book, right? Who do you think should learn this? ” Alex asked. She did not wait for his answer and started thinking out aloud about the various warlocks in their guild.

Only after a couple of minutes, she noticed Liam still remaining quiet, and… the skill book in his hand had also disappeared.

”Hey! You learned it? ”

”Hmmm. Yes. ” Liam answered absent-mindedly.

”Why? ” Alex looked even more shocked. She then quickly changed her tone, ”Ahem. I mean obviously, you can learn it but I mean, it will be a waste right? ”

”Liam? ”

Seeing he was busy, she sighed and did not say anything any longer. A couple of minutes later, Mia walked over to her. ”Sheesh. This guy is being too wasteful. ” Alex grumbled to her explaining what happened.

Mia immediately widened her eyes. ”Alex. No, you are wrong. He used a summoning spell when we ran a dungeon before. You don ’t remember? ”

”Hmmm. ” Alex became quiet. Now that Mia mentioned she also remembered something like that happening, but the thing was… wasn ’t it still wasteful?

”Hey, even if he did have a demonic affinity, it shouldn ’t be too high. One cannot have everything maxed out right? I mean take us for example, my nature affinity is only C. Wouldn ’t it be better to let someone else learn? ”

”Listen, I am grateful and everything for all that he is doing. He can take everything if he wants to. I have no qualms about it. I am just giving my honest opinion taking the whole guild into account. I am not trying to pick a fight. You tell me if what I am thinking is correct or not? ”

Mia nodded. She also agreed with Alex, but then again if Liam wanted to be wasteful then he deserved to be wasteful. It was not their place to question him.

”Let this go. ” She shook her head. She didn ’t want this to become a thing.

”Alright. ” Alex shrugged as well and the two of them walked away as the other person clearly did not want to be disturbed.

Liam continued studying the skill for a long time so the rest of the group slowly started to disperse to take a break. Everyone was fully wiped out so they had to log out or sleep within the game for resting.

A couple of minutes later only Alex and Mia were left. The two sisters were still patiently waiting for Liam.

A few more minutes passed by in silence when suddenly Liam opened his eyes and started chanting something.

Almost immediately a red-colored aura started gathering, seeping in from the nooks and corners of the temple ruins.

This aura combined together to form a crack in the spatial integrity and from within this, something vile and ominous stepped out.

This demon was huge in size, dark red in color, and looked like a balloon. The next second it opened its mouth and started howling loudly.

[Howler Demon, Level 50]

Both Alex and Mia stood up in shock. They watched the creature in front of them with awe as it had a very powerful aura.

For something this powerful, the summoner would probably not be able to hold on for too long. So while the creature was still out and about they tried to observe it properly.

Liam as well did the same. He walked around the demon looking at it up and down.

A few seconds passed like this in silence. The weird thing was… the demon was still there? Shouldn ’t the summon have ended by now?

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