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Chapter 520 Whats your address?

ch a huge move?

Just in case anyone decided to log back in and contact him again, Liam hung around the same spot for a little longer.

He also used this time to catch up with Berat. They needed to up their gold game soon. ”Maybe I should sell some of the rare herbs from the stone tablet garden. ” Liam pondered.

However, before this came the strange auction house he had visited. He needed more mana cores to participate in that. There were now only 2 days left for the big auction.

”Well even if I don ’t have enough cores, I can always farm for more and attend the next one. Maybe I can exchange for the rare herbs with mana cores there? Or even auction some rare herbs? ”

Just as Liam was trying to figure out the best course of action, Alex once again logged in and messaged him, ”Where should we come? What is your address? ”

Hmmm… Liam remained silent for a second as he truly did not expect this trio to quickly agree just like this. ”Take a flight to the Hangzhou airport. ” He gave them all the required details and his phone number.

This officially marked it. It looks like the next phase was now starting to take shape quickly.

He only planned to do this one week later but since Mia and Alex were already in hot water, there was no harm in kicking off things a bit early.

Liam gave some more directions and chatted with the woman for a little longer. He then wrapped things up and stood up to stretch his arms and legs.

All of this right now was still a mere discussion. Whether they were going to actually do it or not was yet to be seen.

Liam twisted his body and cracked his neck. He had actually slept for 12 hours straight. Sleeping inside the game was less efficient than getting a real good night ’s rest, so he had to sleep longer.

But on the plus side…

Liam grinned as he lifted his gaze to look up at the marvelous scene unfolding in front of him.

On one side of the valley, all of his soul undeads were beating up a small mob of green snakes. Chickens and rabbits were pecking at them wildly, the three wolves were ripping everything apart.

On the other side, the dryads, the imps, and the bears were wreaking havoc. It was really a sight to see.

These guys had started hunting when he went to sleep and now they were still busily grinding. From the looks of it, they seemed to be doing this for the last 12 hours without break?

What incredible stamina! Only an undead can grind like this continuously!

Liam ’s eyes then fell on the lone straggler, his human soul undead. Only this fellow seemed to be half-heartedly walking around with a big attitude all over his ghostly face.

He absent-mindedly swung his ax, hitting the grass around more than the actual target. When the cat was away, the rats partied!

He was the perfect example of a government employee chilling at the desk, with work piled all around and yet busily tapping away the phone.

Liam ’s lips twitched as he stared at the lazy bones. ”This guy needs some disciplining. ”

And looking at this, he was also reminded about the other guys that needed to be taught another good lesson, Gorak ’s previous comrades, the newly formed combined guild, the so-called ’Coalition of Righteous. ’

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