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Chapter 522 Keep it coming!

Chapter 521 Pet1 vs Demon Lackey1

Liam opened his system interface and looked up his friend list for two specific names. These were none other than Alex ’s two lackeys.

”Did you two find out more information about that coalition guild or not? ” He sent a rather stern message because he needed this information yesterday.

But unexpectedly, as soon as he sent the message, he also got a reply. ”Boss, what are you talking about? Everything is there online. ”

The next second another reply came in.

”Boss, sorry we forgot to inform you. That guild actually is very openly boasting about their abilities and new raid group. ” The two changed their tone and sent Liam a better response.

”They also openly stated that they will be attempting the rift battle tomorrow, in another 10 hours. ”

Liam read the message and chuckled slightly. ”Good. Good. This saves me the trouble. It seems these guys are very confident this time around. That ’s good. We will get a good harvest. ”

He then dismissed all of his undeads, keeping only the demon and Luna on his side.

It was time to pay another visit to the nether realm.

Liam opened his personal portal to the nether realm and stepped in, the other two following behind him quickly. As usual, they were teleported somewhere on the outskirts of Thol city.

Kyuuuu. Luna lazily yawned and ballooned up to take her role as the ride, but she saw that Liam was still busily looking at the newcomer, the howler demon!

Kyuuu! This was not acceptable.

Liam, on the other hand, ignored the little white fox ’s antics and continued to take a look at the demon. He also received two new notifications.

[Ding. Your contracted demon ’s attributes are increased by 10%]

[Ding. Experience points gained by your contracted demon are increased by 10%]

”So your stats are also buffed in the nether realm… Not bad. ” Liam closed everything and then to Luna ’s delight dismissed the demon.

That ’s right she was the only pet Liam favored! She jutted her chest out proudly and stood like an aloof elegant awesome fox.

”You are getting cheekier by the hour. ” Liam hopped onto the fox and tugged her ears playfully.

Kyuuu. Luna whined adorably and shot forward like a bullet, landing on the Thol city ’s garrison tower terrace in under two minutes.

”Hmmm… this is definitely higher than your normal speed. Did you level up? ”

Luna lifted her paw to show the peace sign. She had leveled up twice in the 12 hours.

”Good job. ” Liam smiled and gave her a few pats. ”As long as your strength matches your attitude. ” He chuckled and walked away.

Behind him, the little fox pouted as if she was terribly wronged but the next second she put on a happy smile and trotted behind Liam.

She could care less what he said, all she needed was the attention.

She shrugged and swaggered forward into the garrison in front of the demon whom Liam had once again summoned.

Though the howler demon was one of the greater demons who didn ’t have the ability to communicate properly, it was still a demon from the abyss.

Keeping it around more might increase its wisdom and awareness. So Liam decided to keep it summoned as often as possible.

He walked over to the big hall of the garrison and flopped down on the big comfortable throne. He then opened up both Luna ’s stats and the demon ’s stats to make a few comparisons.


[Name: Pet1, Luna]

[Level: 18]

[Type: Spirit beast (Evolution possible)]

[Grade: Celestial]


[Name: Demon Lackey1]

[Level: 50]

[Type: Greater Abyss Demon]

[Grade: Common]

[Skill1: Dark Demonic Burst]

[Skill2: Demonic Frenzy]

[Skill3: Demonic Bite]

[Skill4: Demonic Claw]

”These stats are not bad but when compared to Luna, this red guy is still lacking a lot. ” Liam analyzed out loud, making the fox reveal a big smug grin.

”What are you laughing at? This is only when comparing potential but right now, he beats you in combat abilities hands down. ”


So unfair! I am still a baby!

The fox once again pouted but Liam rolled his eyes and ignored her.

A few other demons had arrived to meet with him and were waiting for him so he put away the status screens and paid attention to them.

”Hiruyu, how have things at the garrison been? ” Liam first asked his right-hand demon when it came to handling the affairs of the garrison.

With everything going on, he had completely ignored this place. Just thinking about the gold coins he might need to fill up the garrison coffers gave him a headache.

It was a worthwhile investment but the constant need for a supply of gold coins was a real pain in the behind.

He needed to constantly keep hustling for gold coins by collecting the items from here and selling them back at the Gresh kingdom auction houses.

And since he had not been doing this for a while, things must have piled up now. ”Alright, give it to me straight. ” Liam sighed.

However, surprisingly, the next second Hiriyu actually smiled. ”My Lord, I have great news for you! We received several tributes! ” The demon ’s eyes were bright like twinkling stars as he excitedly informed.

”Huh? Tributes? ” Liam lifted his brow in confusion.

”Yes, my Lord. Several other garrison leaders paid some friendly tribute to us to build a good relationship with you, my Lord. The King also sent us some resources. ”

Hiriyu then turned around to call a few demons up to the front. These guys brought everything over one after the other.

A couple of minutes later, lying in front of Liam were various size wooden chests with golden designs and more importantly, each of these chests contained things that glittered.

There were silver coins, gold coins, various glittering gems, dazzling items, metal ores, several chests of herbs, beast blood, beast bones, demonic cores, fine cloth… the list simply went on!

As if this was not enough… there were also about ten demon women who walked over to stand in front of Liam. ”My Lord, ” they smiled at him shyly and bowed.

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