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Chapter 523 Did you see my LEVEL?

Chapter 522 Keep it coming!

”An alchemist is so popular? ” Liam was speechless. He stood up and walked around the women, greeting them one by one and checking them out from top to bottom.

He was very interested in their stats. Who knew? He might have just received ten strong fighters!

Right now, he would take everything that he got. It was the end game zone now, so every little bit counted. Not that he was not interested in the other things.

”Ahem. ” Liam cleared his throat as he couldn ’t help but look at some of these women ’s assets. They were very eye-catching in an obvious manner.

”My Lord, I am the daughter of the Black Thorn city garrison leader. My father sends you his sincere wishes. ”

”My Lord, I am the daughter of the Devil ’s Trap city garrison leader. My father also sends you his sincere utmost respect. ”

”My Lord, I am…. ”

One by one all the demon women bowed and started introducing themselves.

They all seemed to hail from the small garrison cities, probably the garrison lord ’s attempts to have ties and form a good relationship with Liam.

While the bigger garrison cities seemed to stop with just sending material tributes, the smaller ones had actually sent over their daughters!

The reality of it only sunk in after Liam heard all the women introduce themselves one after the other.

All of them looked beautiful though some of them were thick and some of them were thin. The group even had one ogre woman who looked like she could snap Liam in half.

He snapped out of his trance and shook that image off of his head.

But the problem still remained… what was he supposed to do with the ten of them? Concubines? Marry them?

Their stats were not bad. They were all between Level 70 and Level 90, and two of the demon women even had question marks above their heads.

These two also looked the best in the group as well, having humanoid dark elf features, except for the furry tails. The others also looked good in their own regards and had their charm points.

It wouldn ’t be too bad to have them as concubines but at this point, Liam had a feeling that this damned game was purposefully trying to mess with him and divert his attention and focus!

When was he supposed to train if he spent his time on these juicy rewards!

The cake was right in front of him but if he ate it, he might have to pay a terrible price.

Liam bitterly smiled. He sucked in a big breath of air and decided to deal with this issue right now and here.

After all, these women should be rather easy to deal with. It was that crazy mother and daughter duo who gave him headaches and thankfully at least they were not here at the moment.

”Please thank your fathers for their good wishes. You can all make yourself at home. Hiriyu, take care of them and see if they needed anything. ” He tried to sound as diplomatic as possible and gave the demon a knowing look.

Luckily, Hiriyu was smart enough to take his subtle hint and quickly showed the women the way out to another part of the garrison tower that was more catered to the guests.

Only now everyone in the hall could breathe freely. Both Liam and Luna sighed at the same time. That was intense!

But now, it was finally time to take a look at the real rewards, the things that he could actually use.

Liam immediately transferred all the gold coins into his account, leaving only the silver coins behind.

He then pocketed all of the items, gems, miscellaneous ore materials, and the several chests full of different different herbs. His inventory was fully flush and so were his resources!

”Heh. This quest just keeps on giving! ” Liam chuckled. Thinking back to the risks he had taken and the difficulty of the overall quest, this was quite satisfying.

”Hiriyu, use these resources for the day to day upkeep of the garrison. Let me know if you need more resources. ”

”My Lord, thank you. I will get it done. ” Hiriyu nodded respectfully. The demon then scratched his head and informed Liam of the other important thing that he had almost forgotten.

”My Lord, we also got the orders that we no longer need to pay Kingdom tax! ” He punched his palm with his hand and shouted in excitement.

”Oh? More concessions. Alright! Keep it coming! ” At this point, Liam just accepted everything with open arms. ”Anything else? ” He grinned.

”Ah, leader. The king also informed us that we no longer need to participate in the rift conquests. ” Hiriyu quickly added.

Their garrison was technically a medium-sized one and only the bigger city garrisons were expected to participate in these battles and contribute to the grand war.

Their garrison should have never been listed for battle in the first place. Because certain influential people intervened behind the scenes, this happened.

But now, Liam held that position. From the looks of it, the King was favoring him a lot and this instantly turned all the tables.

He was now in the position of power and he didn ’t have to dance to the tune of the other garrison leaders. In fact, if he wanted he could make someone else ’s garrison crumble and disappear.

However, Liam did not care about these grudges and also did not care too much for these politics but at the same time, he was not yet done with these rift battles.

They might not need to participate but he was absolutely planning on doing just that.

All of these rewards, tributes, and being the King ’s favored demon of the month was good but it was not long-lasting.

To keep things peaceful for the remaining weeks that the game would still be open to everyone, he needed something more, a strong demonstration of his strength and power!

”Get everyone ready. In about 8 hours, we will be doing a rift battle! ” Liam declared.

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