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Chapter 524 Ready! Start!

Chapter 523 Did you see my LEVEL?

After informing the garrison, Liam did not linger around and quickly messaged the rest of the guild group who were currently in the nether realm.

It would be best for them as well to participate in this rift battle though he wasn ’t sure if he would be able to invite them into the raid team?

As long as everyone stands within the formation maybe it will work out?

Liam pondered about this and sent the message out. He also hadn ’t checked on these guys for a while so he opened the party chat history to take a look.

”What? ” Almost instantly, his eyes went wide.

The chat in fact was not that active. There were only a few messages here and there, but these messages… were simply too ridiculous!

”I reached 40! ”

”Bitch please! I got to 42! ”

”Sigh. I am only 41. I am lagging behind. ”

”Mu ha ha ha! I am 44 already. ”

It only took Liam a glance. He immediately could tell what these numbers were, but the thing was he still couldn ’t believe it.

So he hurriedly opened everyone ’s guild profile and checked.

Mei Mei – Level 45

Shen Yue – Level 45

Derek – Level 45

Shin Soo – Level 43

Kang Minah – Level 43

Liam gulped. What the hell were these numbers? When he had left everyone was still around 38 to 40. How could the levels suddenly shoot up like this?

Did these guys all become garrison leaders and get their own demon cities? What was going on?

He quickly messaged Mei Mei again. ”Are you fine? What is everyone doing? Where are you guys? ”

Another minute later, Mei Mei ’s reply finally came in. ”What happened, brother? We are still in the same spot you left us. ”

Liam saw the message and his eyes twitched. This girl was purposefully acting innocent.

He knew about his sister very well. There was no way she would be able to remain calm about something like this. It looked like they had found a very good spot to level up!

”Alright. You guys keep doing what you are doing. Ignore my earlier message. ” Liam sent another reply.

When their leveling method was still efficient, there was no need to make them travel unnecessarily and waste time.

If needed, they could always run another raid. It was not an absolute must for them to participate in this one.

Liam closed the interface to move on to the next work when another message from Mei Mei quickly arrived. ”Brother! What happened? You are not asking anything else? ”

Liam chuckled. This girl wanted to show off! ”No, I am good. ”

”Did you see my LEVEL?????????? ”

”Yes. It ’s good. Keep it up. ” Liam grinned and closed the interface again.

Trying to act smart with him? Now you enjoy the consequences. He could already imagine his sister ’s red face. He was going to pay for this later but whatever.

”I wonder how they found such a good spot. ” Liam walked back and forth in the garrison hall.

The leveling up speed was quite good. Even he did not know of any spots like this. With this, their speed might actually be faster than his.

However, there was one thing still bothering him.

There were no free lunches in the world and more so in this game. If they were able to level up this quickly, then there might be an equally expensive price to pay.

”Be wary of your surroundings and don ’t hesitate to call me. ” Liam sent another message. He decided to warn them just in case something turned out to be fishy.

”There are still 7 to 8 hours more. ” He paused for a moment and then went into one of the rooms to try and make the cleansing elixir again.

Now that he had a mana core, this should be easier. He just might be able to make it without relying on the stone tablet. He also had 5 sets of herbs which should be enough to make 2 batches at the least.

Liam calmed down and prepared everything first. He then fired up the cauldron. Time quickly passed and when he was at his fourth attempt, it was already late for the rift battle.

However, he did not want to stop the process midway.

The other three attempts had resulted in failures so he was determined to get this one right, especially because he had a good feeling about it.

A couple more minutes passed in silence and the next second… CRACKLE CRACKLE…

The water inside the cauldron sizzled and this batch of concoctions successfully condensed.

[Ding. Greater Body Cleansing Elixir created]

[Ding. Your Alchemy skill proficiency has increased]

”Phew. ” Liam grinned and let out a huge breath.

”1 out of 4 huh… ” This was a pathetic success rate but he was getting there and this time he also managed to make the elixir without the help of the stone tablet ’s special garden and special pond.

”The subsequent success rates should be better. ” He mentally went over all the steps that he had just done and walked out of the room when unexpectedly he ran into the dark elf beast kin.

”My Lord. ” She bowed respectfully. Her emerald gaze shifted from Liam to the small vial in his hands. ”Is that the elixir, my Lord? ” There was a visible flicker of greed in her eyes.

”Hmmm? ” Liam frowned. He did not answer her and kept walking. ”My Lord! Please wait! ” The dark elf called after him and ran behind him.

”My Lord, I have a request for you. I am aware that the garrison is currently participating in a rift battle. Please allow me to participate in the fight. ”

”Sure. ” Liam casually answered and kept walking.

The dark elf looked surprised. She had expected more resistance and also something else…

”My Lord! ” She again called after Liam and ran behind him.

Liam now stopped. It was obvious to him what this demoness was after. It was not a big deal for him to give it to her but the question was whether this person was trustworthy.

His gaze dragged down on the shapely figure of the dark elf but it didn ’t seem to make the other party nervous.

”My Lord, ” The dark elf chewed and swallowed.

”Hmmm? ” Liam as well did not help her out.

After dancing on her toes for a couple of seconds, without seeing any other way out, the dark elf finally came out with it.

”My Lord, please. Can you give me an elixir? I want to become stronger. My mother is imprisoned- ”

”Stop. ” Liam did not let her speak further. He had no interest in hearing her sob stories. Not that he did not feel pity for the elf but he simply did not have the time.

”These elixirs are precious. If you need them, then you need to have something equally valuable to trade for them. ” He gave a stern reply.

”But… But… My Lord… I. ”

Liam shrugged and turned to walk away. He had spent the past 8 hours making this one batch. There was no way he could simply give it away for free.

Besides, if the demon woman desperately wanted it, there was a chance that she would…

”My Lord, if you grant me this elixir, then I shall pledge my undying loyalty to you. I have nothing else to trade. Only myself. ” She resolutely replied.

[Ding. Do you wish to accept Yessika Elavarkeya as your follower?]


Bingo! Liam grinned. He was also expecting something like this.

That too, this was one of his tributes who had question marks on her head. She might not have anything valuable but she herself could be a powerful ally.

Now he did not have any problem with trading the elixir.

”Yes. ” He mumbled and gave the elf her elixir.

[Ding. Yessika Elavarkeya is now given the follower status. You are able to view her status]

Immediately, the question marks atop the demon woman ’s head disappeared, revealing a Level 121 status. She would indeed make a fine addition to the group. Liam nodded contently.

She might not be able to leave the nether realm but at least while they were here, she would be invaluable, and especially considering that the rest of the group were not attending this rift battle… she was a timely addition!

But why stop with one?

Liam suddenly had a thought and he grinned. He knew what to do with the ten new arrivals, but all of that had to wait until after the battle. It was time for some payback!

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