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Chapter 525 Shitty Luck

Chapter 524 Ready! Start!

”Everyone is assembling. You might want to consume the elixir and clean up before arriving. Good luck. ” Liam wished the dark elf and continued to walk out of the garrison, heading to the main square.

The entirety of the garrison ’s manpower had gathered here. It was a sight to behold!

Numerous demons of various shapes and sizes all stood in perfect order and discipline. They might be brutes and bloodthirsty fighters but their military game was top tier.

Liam was amazed at this scene. In his past life, even when it mattered, their people couldn ’t do this small thing, but here just a small garrison was so organized.

Perhaps if they had also stood united, at least that once, they wouldn ’t have lost very badly and millions of lives wouldn ’t have been wiped off of the face of the earth.

Just the thought of that memory made Liam shudder.

And this was just the first wave, he couldn ’t even imagine what happened in the subsequent waves. If he truly did not want history to repeat itself, then he had to change it!

He needed to become stronger. This was still not enough.

Liam was 100% inspired by the current environment around him. For someone who was once weak, helpless, and powerless, this scene gave him goosebumps.



All the demons looked up to him and responded to him in unison. The entire city was thrumming with battle energy.

Thanks to the generous reward structure, the number of recruits in the city was a lot higher compared to the other small cities and all the demons were also decently equipped.

Units, squads, platoons, everyone marched together and the last of the demons hurriedly assembled. Next to Liam, his main demon squad as well promptly assembled.

All the demons had leveled up considerably since the last time Liam had met them. He hadn ’t seen them for a while and it looked like their growth hadn ’t stagnated.

”Good. ” Liam nodded in satisfaction. ”You guys did well. ”

”Leader! ” The group of demons cheered in unison. Some even teared up. They had really worked hard! Even Hiriyu was standing with them. This was a full reunion of the old squad.

Liam smiled and did not say anything. The truth was that he wouldn ’t be able to take these guys back with him. So he didn ’t purposefully cultivate any relationships.

However, despite that, they had fought together a lot. So it was natural to be close. ”Do you guys want to be my followers? ” Liam asked.

Before he did not know that they could become his followers but since the dark elf was able to, maybe these guys would also be able to?

”Yes, leader! ”

”Yes, leader! ”

All the demons immediately looked excited. Liam as well grinned with the same excitement. Both sides waited but weirdly nothing happened?

Liam did not receive any notifications. Then how was the dark elf able to do that.

He looked at the squad in front of him and the only difference between them and the dark elf was that the other part was Level 100 plus.

So they have to be Level 100 and above to become followers?

Liam pondered for a couple of seconds and decided to deal with this later. There were probably some nuances associated with that. Now they had a war to win!

”Alright. Let ’s go! Let ’s get this battle started! ”

GROWL! All the demons shouted in unison and Hiriyu brought a war scroll over. There were 20 war scrolls in total and this would be their first one.

Liam turned to see that Yessika had also arrived.

The dark elf was not all that different from before, just judging from her appearance but there was definitely something about her that was different.

She had a stronger presence. Liam couldn ’t place his finger on it.

”I am here, my Lord. ” She respectfully walked over to stand next to him.

”Ok, then. Hiriyu, start the formation. ”

The demon nodded and tore up the war scroll. This was the activation method. There wasn ’t any other complicated chanting.

The moment the seemingly normal war scroll was torn up, almost immediately the entire city was covered by some sort of magical runes, the sky, the ground, everything was covered in these runes.

Soon the runes appeared on the demons as well and the next instant everyone was teleported.

[Ding. The rift battle now begins]

[Ding. New Quest Available]

[Ding. Conquer the spatial rift]

[Ding. Reward: 10 million experience points]

”Heh. This will take me to the next level directly! ” Liam was overjoyed. It was going to be a good harvest today!

The blur soon cleared up and he clenched his fist and looked around to see where they had landed and where the rift battle was this time.

Surprisingly, he saw a pleasant scenery this time. They were standing on an island of sorts with a vast ocean in front of them with crystal blue waters.

Did they come to a rift battle or summer holiday?

But Liam knew better than to be fooled by their surroundings. This was random just like the enemy they would be facing.

”Everyone! Don ’t let your guards down! Platoons! Stay in formation! Units listen to your squad leaders. Everyone stick together and attack to the best of your abilities! ”

Liam didn ’t have to give too many instructions because these demons were already battle veterans.

The nether realm was always in a state of war because of the invasion missions. So every single one of these demon soldiers was an experienced fighter.

They also didn ’t have to group themselves into casters or melee fighters. There were very few casters in the army and these demons formed the central unit.

All the other melee fighters occupied the peripheral units. As for healers, they were even fewer in number.

This was the main weakness of the demon armies. This was also what the others used to destroy them in the war the last time around.

Their sheer numbers just couldn ’t make up for the lack of healers. So in the end, they crumbled. Liam was not planning to let things follow the same path this time around.

He had no idea what was going to happen in the big war but as far as this battle was concerned, they were going to win it! No matter what!

”Send out the scouts! Let ’s see where these bastards landed! ” Liam shouted.

The few demons in the front squad quickly activated their stealth ability and started moving around to look for signs of the opposition.

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