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Chapter 526 Game is rigged!

Chapter 525 Shitty Luck

”Everyone. Let ’s take 2 minutes of silence for our fallen hero. Gorak, we miss you, buddy. This win is for you! ”

The former leader of the Rising Dragon guild, also one of the six guild leaders in the new Coalition of the righteous guild, raised his sword heroically.

The guy had his eyes closed and his pose made him look like a righteous warrior descended from the heavens.

At this exact time, the rift buff also landed on the group gathered, making everyone seemingly glittering.

For the purpose of the rift battle, the divine temples had also started selling several rift-related short-term guild buffs.

Coalition of the righteous guild did not hold back any expense and had bought a lot of these buffs. They were determined to win this battle no matter what.

In the outside world, there were currently big issues going on with the government and the game but because of some insider information, these guys knew that the game was going to completely explode in the upcoming week.

People who were earning peanuts before were now going to start earning lumpsum amounts.

In every Kingdom, the top 10 guilds would be determined this week and if they did not stabilize their position right now, it would be difficult to do so later on.

So they absolutely had to win this rift battle!

”Let ’s hunt the demons and win this fight! ” The six guild leaders shouted in unison and everyone else roared in response. There were about 10000 of them in total so the big gathering was quite lively.

Everyone ’s morale was superbly boosted and the entire guild was in the mood to slaughter anyone and everyone in front of them!

Now the only thing that remained was for the demons to appear.

”There! The demons are there! ” Someone shouted and everyone turned to see a huge army of demons marching on the white shores of the island.

Because of the rift battle, everyone ’s level was adjusted and the demons were all around Level 30 which was the average level of the opposing group. This was also one of the divine temple ’s buff.

However, even though the levels were not too different, one side had about 10000 in numbers while the other side had about 50000!

Everyone ’s face immediately changed. From the information they had received sometimes, there were fewer demons and sometimes there were more demons. So this was not a good start.

More importantly… everyone ’s eyes focussed on the person at the center who was sitting atop a huge white fox. This person ’s level was shockingly 50??? His level was not reduced?

But there was no time to think about that.

”ATTACK! NOW! ” The commanders quickly reacted. Everyone knew that the shortcoming of the demons was their casters.

They were mostly melee fighters so before they reached them, they had to take down the demons. Their success strategy relied mainly on this weakness.

Without giving them any chance to fight back, the guild hurriedly started firing at full force. They did not even have to aim. They simply started sending out all types of attacks as fast as they could.

One other guild had achieved victory following this same tactic. They caused almost half the force to crumble before they could ever reach them.

So maybe if they are lucky, they could also do the same?

However, the next second… something unexpected happened. All the demons started running towards the forests on the inside of the island rather than approaching them.

The outer parts of the island had white sandy beaches near the water that had no place to hide but the inner parts of the island had dense forests and numerous tall trees. There were plenty of places to take cover.

”Not so fast. ” Liam grinned. The demons were only easy to take down if they did not know what they were doing. But under his command, he sneered at the bunch of players with pity.

They should not have messed with his guild. Since they dared to do that repeatedly, he could not be blamed for this.

Once the demons took cover, it was their turn to start attacking. Arrows from this side started flying towards the guild still standing on the shores.

”WHAT THE HELL ARE YOU ALL LOOKING AT? RUN! WE WILL TAKE COVER TOO! ” The other party who were now sitting ducks being completely exposed also copied Liam ’s strategy and ran into the forests.

However, they forgot about something crucial.

They wanted to deal with the demons long-range, not melee and once both the armies decided to step into the forests, the fight instantly became a melee fight.

The demon side did not stand by idly and started running towards the opposition under the cover of the trees.

They were already prepared for the players to run into the forest and when they did, the demons were ready for them.

Almost instantly, everything fell into chaos. The demons started coming out of the woodworks like red ants and they were everywhere.

Every player found himself ganged upon by three to four demons. It was an utter disaster. Up close, the demons were incredibly difficult to fight.

They had sturdy bodies laced with scars, strong defense, and even stronger attack power. Some of their items were also better than the ones the players were wearing.

Everyone cursed their stupid luck to run into a rift battle with an opponent this strong.

”Damn. Our luck sucks like always. This is a random match-up, why did we have to end up with this team? This is bad. We are going to lose like this. Let ’s use up the other buffs also. ”

The six main commanders suddenly sent out flares into the sky and the next second a group of players took out a potion and drank it.

As soon as they did, about a hundred people from the group started growing in size. They became twice their normal size and everything about them as well doubled.

These players were now no longer level 30ish. They were now around level 60ish.

Liam saw this and he grinned. ”Now it begins. ”

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