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Chapter 527 Ta Da!

Chapter 526 Game is rigged!

Liam only knew some things about the rift battles and this new potion these people had used was definitely a surprise to him. However, that did not change anything.

Though he did not know much about this specific potion, he knew that the effect would probably not last that long.

Unless each of these enhanced players takes out hundreds of demons at once, the outcome of this battle would still be the same. Even so, Liam did not want their losses to be too high.

It was time for him to take action. He churned the mana in his body especially tapping into his core, pushing it to his extremities to boost his speed and agility.

He then blasted forward at full speed, arriving in front of one of the enhanced players in a couple of seconds.

Slash. He unsheathed his purple sword and swung at the guy at full speed.

The player was a paladin who had only just now happily freed himself by pushing back the four demons ganging up on him, enjoying the thrill of power.

But now he was suddenly unable to react. Before he could see what was happening, like a storm, a dozen sword slashes landed on him.





Each one did hefty damage taking out significant chunks and in about ten or so attacks, he found himself lying on the floor lifelessly.

”Ah… ” The player died with his eyes open searching for the enemy.

”You can ’t just boost your stats and expect to be strong. ” Liam chuckled. He was already on the move to the next guy.

These players were really easy to spot as they were considerably bigger and every single one of them was able to overpower the four demons surrounding them.

”This potion is really neat. I should stop underestimating the divine temple and put more effort into the rest of the spatial rifts. Otherwise, I might end up regretting it. ”

Liam observed the enhanced player swinging his dagger around and doing several critical vital damages. One of the demons was already down.

There was no time to waste. As he moved towards this next guy, he brought along with him a big ball of fire that he jammed at the guy, sending him toppling backward.

He then finished the battle with a few sword slashes.

”Too easy. ” He grinned and immediately moved on to the next player. This time his focus was on using his mana core as much as he could to boost his movements.

In order to bring out the full potential of the core, he decided to practice this first. Not that he needed it.

Liam was like an overpowered player in a beginner zone, wreaking havoc everywhere he went. In fact, those who consumed the super boost potion were supposed to be doing this.

These potions were super rare. The coalition of the righteous guild had paid a huge price to obtain these potions. They also had to sign treaties with some other guilds.

But now one by one these players were beginning to fall like dominoes. Weirdly, these guys were the first to die. Even normal players were outliving them.

This battle was starting to get completely out of their hands. First, it was the bad match up and now their potions had gone to waste. What else was there left?

They had made so many preparations and it did not amount to anything. These rift battles were a huge headache.

So many guilds had gotten through the rift battles but their guild was once again going to be wiped out? Why did they have to have such bad luck?

”Everyone! Group up! ” One of the commanders shouted. Individually, it seems these people were still too weak. They absolutely could not let the potions go to waste.

”Healers? What are you doing? Are you sleeping? ”

”Everyone! Hurry up and get in formation! Anyone who doesn ’t do this won ’t get any bonus this month! ”

Seeing that the players were all dropping like flies, the six guild leaders decided to take at least some action.

So many of the other enhanced players, especially the long-range ones including hunters, shamans, and mages started getting together and combining their forces.

These guys were able to deal significant amounts of damage especially by spamming some of the aoe attacks.

As Liam cleared the other guys one after the other, he also noticed this group as they were very eye-catching.

”Two can play this game. ” He smirked. He did not at all look concerned about this strong formation. Rather, he looked happy as if someone had made his job easier.

”Time to try some of my new spells. ”

They had aoe spells but so did he. Liam dashed forward moving closer to the group of boosted players and then started casting the new spells that he had learned.

[Sizzling Tornado]

A giant vortex started forming in front of the group of players, randomly shooting lightning bolts at them.

Before they could do something about this, right in the middle of the cluster of healers, a ring of fire appeared. These flames were burning hot and they roared loudly as if they were alive.

The next spell [Dark Cutter] was not exactly an aoe spell but because too many people standing together, the spell targeted one player and then swept past him to injure the subsequent couple of players.

Liam did not stop there. He also cast [Lava Rain] and summoned multiple [Earth spikes]. The group of players who had gathered around like sheep were all now scampering around chaotically.

It seems standing together was just as dangerous as staying apart. The six guild leaders felt like pulling their hair out. Nothing they did was working. This was complete bullshit!

These rift battles were unbeatable! This stupid game was utterly rigged!

Fuck it all!

No one was able to do anything. The number of players getting massacred quickly started snowballing.

With every player that died, the group was starting to become weaker and weaker and before long, the battle was already over.

The entirety of the rift battle only lasted for about one hour? What the hell just happened?

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