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Chapter 528 Guests incoming

Chapter 527 Ta Da!

The demons cheered loudly as the last players disappeared from the spatial rift.

Liam knew that portals appeared to take them back when the other side won, but what happened when this side won? Maybe they needed to look for portals here as well?

”Everyone, don ’t forget to collect the dropped items. ” He reminded everyone and waved at Hiriyu to ask him some information when abruptly, the space around them started cracking.

”Hmm? ” Liam did not know what was happening.

The next second, the same type of runes as before appeared everywhere, and soon they were teleported back to the city square.

[Ding. You have conquered the spatial rift]

[Ding. You have been rewarded 10 million experience points]

[Ding. You have leveled up. You are now level 51]

The notifications as well promptly chimed in.

All the demons loudly cheered and celebrated, everyone praising the garrison leader for his wit and wisdom. This was the fastest battle they had experienced.

Liam, however, stood on the side, completely surprised. He called over Hiriyu and hurriedly asked him about things. ”What happens after the rift battle is completed? ”

”Right, leader. After we win the fight, that spatial rift is ours permanently. We poked a hole in their barrier. ”

”A hole? ”

”Yes, my Lord. And if we poke enough holes, we can break their barrier, and we will be able to establish a permanent portal between their realm and our realm. We all will be able to enter their realm to obtain their resources. ”

”Hmmm. Ok. ” Liam nodded. He now somewhat understood things though everything was a bit vague. ”I should maybe just ask the King. He should be able to give me a better answer. ”

Liam thought about it for a moment and then moved on to the next important thing that he needed to pay attention to.

”I need a detailed report of all our losses and gains. I will be gone for a few hours. When I get back, I will expect that to be completed. ” He instructed the demon.

Hiriyu quickly nodded, and then Liam walked away. He needed to make a few more batches of cleansing elixir before it was time for the auction, but before that…

”Let ’s go, Luna. We need to take a look at this new special spot. ”

Ever since Liam had heard about the place, he had an unsettling feeling, so he wanted to examine this so-called sweet spot with his own eyes.

Was there really such a place in the nether realm that generously gave out experience points? Impossible!

He hopped onto Luna and was about to take off when he heard someone calling out to him. ”My Lord. My Lord. ” It was his new follower, the dark elf.

”My Lord, may I please take my leave? ” The woman looked very desperate. ”My Lord, this is my mother… I have to rescue her. I only need a few days. ”

Liam scratched his head, thinking about what to say. He was sympathetic to her plight, but he was also on a strict timeline.

That too, a few days was very vague. Who knew when she was going to return next? It was best to milk something out of the woman first.

”Which way are you headed to? I am currently going to a location to sort something out. Why don ’t you accompany me on this trip? You can then leave to take care of your affairs. ”

Liam made a quick calculation and decided to use this Level 100 plus power house in case there was any danger in that special leveling spot.

The dark elf nodded hurriedly. She looked relieved, and her eyes became watery with gratitude, making Liam slightly uncomfortable.

”Ahem. You can also ride with me. ” He signaled her to sit beside him.

Kyuuuu! Luna frowned, but since Liam personally invited the demoness, she didn ’t act up. She silently kicked her heels and started climbing up into the air, speeding out of the city.

Yessika immediately became shocked. She had never seen a young beast with such incredible speed. ”She is magnificent, My Lord. ” The dark elf mumbled.

”Yes, she is. ” Liam smiled and patted the fox.

He then made some conversation with the dark elf demon to know more about her background and the realm, and the group soon reached the mangrove area.

Almost immediately, Yessika clutched the staff she was holding. Up until now, she was chatting in a somewhat relaxed manner, but now she tensed up all of a sudden.

”My Lord, there is a strong creature residing here. ”

”I knew it. ” Liam bitterly smiled. For everything, there was a price to pay.

Luna gracefully landed near the area where the group was standing, and Liam and Yessika jumped off the white fox.

”Brother! You came! ” Mei Mei rushed over to Liam to hug him first, but he signaled her to be quiet and asked everyone to get away from the area.

”What happened, brother? ”

”There is a dangerous beast here, ” Yessika answered.

”Eh? What is she talking about? ” Mei Mei frowned. She then looked at the dark elf from top to bottom and then at her brother.

”Brother… who is this? ”

”Hmm? Right. This is my follower, Yessika. And Yessika, these people are my… tribe? ” Liam vaguely explained and looked around. This was indeed the same area he had visited before.

Black murky swamp with widely stretched-out mangroves. ”What were you guys hunting here? ”

”Brother, like I said. There is nothing dangerous here. Come here, I will show you what we have been doing. ” Mei Mei pulled him over a small exposed puddle in the messy swamp.

”Give it 2 seconds. ”

Liam nodded and waited. Soon, in the dirty blackish brown puddle, something floated. It was a… small slimy worm?

”It ’s just a tadpole, brother. See. It ’s harmless. ” As soon as the worm-like thing wiggled and came up to the surface, Mei Mei immediately used the staff in her hand to poke it.

In one smooth stroke, she had perfectly impaled it!

”Ta da! And this gives me 500 experience points! Isn ’t this awesome? ”

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