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Chapter 53 - Hidden Class Quest

The instructor looked at Liam resolutely and continued.

”At the far south of the Gresh Kingdom, there is a small town and the Lord of the town is a disciple of an ancient medicine master. ”

”I have heard rumors that this master knows how to cure one ’s body and can even save someone crippled like me. ”

”But this is all the information that I have managed to collect so far. ”

”The journey to the southern part of the kingdom is extremely perilous as the lands are mostly dense forests and those territories belong to savage beasts and also equally savage men. ”

”My only wish is to one day visit this village and find out if what I heard was indeed true. Maybe even someone as useless as me could again start over? ”

Liam ’s eyes immediately twinkled. There it was!

And the very next second, the notifications chimed in.

[Ding: Unique Chain Quest Part-B activated]

[Ding: Quest cannot be refused]

[Ding: Visit the town Jeheriya and obtain the cure for crippled meridians]

”Hmmm… ” Liam read the quest thoroughly and scratched his chin. This was actually not the quest that he was expecting.

The real quest that he was after was regarding an invaluable elixir recipe that would perfect someone ’s body to 100%, bestowing an ideal constitution that even heavens would envy.

However, it looked like Liam was not yet at that point. This was to be expected as he only barely knew the chain quest details.

After all, he was a mere slave in his last life so how could he possibly be privy to the specifics?

But just judging from how things were going, he could tell that either the next quest in the chain or the quest after it should give him his desired results.

So all he could do now was patiently keep digging at this chain quest.

Even if the end result was not what he expected, unique quests were still head and shoulders above the rest of the quests and there would most definitely be one or the other pot of gold at the end.

If it was not the elixir recipe then perhaps it would be something related to soul cleansing or soul strengthening.

Liam knew better than to doubt the usefulness of a unique quest so he quickly accepted it with a smile. ”This brother will put his life on the line and obtain the cure for you, senior. ” He bowed.

”Sigh… Alright. Be careful and always remember to take care of yourself first. My life is already over anyway. ” The instructor mumbled and walked away as if he was no longer in the mood for the black market.

And seeing his leave, Liam ’s expression returned back to normal. ”What a dramatic guy! ” He chuckled and focused on the next task at hand.

He walked back to the stall of the old man and bent down to talk to him. ”Sir, how much is this? What about this? ” He randomly started picking out items and asking for their price.

The old man initially looked annoyed as no one dared to ask him any of the prices directly. All the wares in his shops were rare items that could not be obtained anywhere.

So when Liam started touching things without any concern, he became angry. He was about to swat his hand away when the old man ’s expression subtly changed.

He stared at Liam ’s hands that were covered in calluses. These were the hands of a hard working man. He no longer seemed to be annoyed and eyed Liam up and down.

The young man in front of him was wearing simple clothes and was drenched in sweat from top to bottom. The distinct smell of raw mineral ores wafted from him.

The old man ’s expression immediately softened and rubbed his long thing beard. ”Don ’t dirty my wares kid. ”

”Ah. Sorry, elder. ” Liam quickly backed away putting on a humble appearance.

”Please forgive me. I didn ’t mean to offend you. Can I give some iron ore as compensation to the elder? I have nothing else with me. ” Liam was reciting words from his memory as best as he could.

In his previous life, these were mere coincidences that players had discovered by accident, but now he was carefully orchestrating each and every single thing.

And unlike before at the training hall, this time he wasn ’t grabbing the fate of a person who had wronged him in the past.

This was someone who was completely unrelated to him, but he didn ’t care.

If it meant that he had to step on and steal a hundred people ’s fate, he would still do it!

In the end, this was simply a cruel fight for survival and he had no other choice but to use the single weapon in his arsenal which was knowledge! Knowledge about the future and the chaos that was about to descend!

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