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Chapter 531 lf you still have it...

Chapter 530 Hi…Come in…

While Liam was completely immersed in making more body cleansing elixirs, Mei Mei and Shen Yue logged out of the game. Liam had mentioned ’guests, ’ so they were not sure if they were expecting only Derek or his family as well.

Irrespectively, Shen Yue helped Mei Mei tidy up the apartment, and the duo also ordered a bunch of food items that were a little light on the palate and something that everyone could eat.

After making all the preparations, the two turned on the TV to watch some news.

Lately, their whole group had been talking about this same thing, the government ban. It was hypocrisy at its best, and everyone was extremely annoyed with it.

”Let ’s change the channel. I cannot deal with this preaching anymore. ”

The news channel either had false fear-mongering announcements about ’Evolution Online ’ or the recently increased earthquake frequencies. There was nothing pleasant to watch anymore.

”Sis Yue, let ’s watch some k-dramas. See what is going on. ” Mei Mei sipped her juice and muttered. They were having a rare break, and it was a pity to let it go to waste.

Shen Yue smiled and changed the channel; fortunately, something good was going on. The two of them lounged on their couch with a blanket and started watching it happily.

However, after a few minutes, this was also interrupted. A piece of hot news appeared and started flashing on the screen.

”Hey! That ’s Mia! ” Mei Mei sat up straight.

Shen Yue also stirred awake. She had almost fallen asleep. ”What! You are right! That is Mia. What happened? ”

”Star Player of the game that kills ’Evolution Online ’ has stepped down from her position as the CEO of Innovative Technology. ”

”Mia Hafstader and her cousin Alex Hafstader, two famous rankers of the game ’Evolution Online, ’ were accused today of not following the government ’s orders. ”

”The two rankers have assured that they wouldn ’t be logging into the game in the near future and were only late in their response to the government ’s orders because of their dungeon run. ”

”Mia and Alex scandal! ”

”The two hottest evolution online rankers are in hot water! ”

Mei Mei and Shen Yue looked at the news flashing on several channels, and it looked like this had only now broken out.

”Poor Mia and Alex. ” Mei Mei sighed, and Shen Yue was also sad for them. As the two became engrossed in the events on the news, suddenly their doorbell rang loudly.

”It must be the food. I will go get it, sis. ” Mei Mei jumped off and ran over to the door. She opened it with her eyes still glued to the tv.

Especially because they kept repeatedly showing Mia, and it was heartbreaking to watch her sad, lonely expression. It was clear for everyone to see.

Though all her fans wanted to see some expressions on the ice queen ’s face, they did not want to see this type of sadness.

”Here is the tip. ” Mei Mei shoved a couple of currency notes forward and finally turned to grab the food, but the moment she did, she was instantly stunned silly.

”You… You… ” With her mouth wide open, she looked at the three people in front of her and then at the woman who was currently being shown on the TV.

”Ahhhh! You are here! ” Mei Mei ended up shrieking.

Alarmed by this, Shen Yue hurriedly got up from the couch and walked over to see what the fuss was about. ​

And when she did… she was also equally shocked!

”I… Ummmm… Hi… Hi… Come in. Please. ” She snapped out of her trance and recovered faster than Mei Mei.

”Yes, Yes, come in. Sis Alex and Mia. ” Mei Mei also awkwardly welcomed them. Behind them, Rey also walked in, but no one seemed to care about him.

He bitterly smiled and started conversing with the cab driver to coordinate and bring all the luggage upstairs.

The cab driver who was helping out also received a shock. He had never seen so many beautiful women under a single roof. Two of them were also foreigners.

He looked at Rey, who seemed extremely happy and gave a knowing look. Little did he know that the person was actually happy about something else entirely.

After bringing all the luggage in, Rey heaved a big sigh of relief. ”I am finally in bro ’s house! This is unbelievable! ”

He saw the four women sitting and chatting, and he quietly went over to the balcony to look outside. They had traveled a lot in their lifetime, but this trip was very different from the rest.

It could change their whole life…

Inside, Mei Mei and Shen Yue eagerly served some drinks and snacks to the two women. It felt surreal to see the two foreigners seated on their couch.

They had expected Derek but not this group. This was truly a surprise.

”Mia, what happened? Did you really have to step down from the CEO position? ” Shen Yue asked. Not that she wanted to be intrusive, but this news was still flashing on the TV beside them.

”Yes, I stepped down. ” Mia smiled a little. She did not say anything else except Alex, sitting beside her loudly face palmed.

”Don ’t ask her. Ask me. This madam did this deed at the airport. She called the lawyers and asked them to sell everything, the shares, the house, everything. ”

”That ’s why the news broke now. ”

”What? Really? ” Both Mei Mei and Shen Yue were shocked. They were both common folks, so they did not have experience in these things, but still it sounded like a huge deal.

”You should not have acted so willfully, Mia. You should have contemplated this decision for at least a few days. ” Alex sighed. ”Now, even if you want, you cannot get it back. That man will make sure of it. ”

”I sold it because of him. ” Mia decisively explained. ”I don ’t want us to have to do anything with him any longer. ”

Alex shook her head. ”It ’s not that easy, right. Even if we want to get away, would he let us go? We still have to face him when we return to the country. ”

”What if we don ’t return… ever… ”

Mia ’s words were too sudden. All of them became shocked. ”I think our future is here. ” Mia calmly stood up, ”May I use the restroom? ”

”It ’s there, sis. ” Mei Mei showed her the way.

”This girl… ” Alex shook her head. She sighed and started looking around the simple house. ”So… this is where that devious bastard lives… ”


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