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Chapter 533 All in

Chapter 532 Asura

”Incomplete elixir, huh? ” Liam smiled. He then gave the guy the vial in his hand. ”I have already managed to complete it. ”

The instructor looked shocked. He received the vial in his hands as if he was receiving something holy and invaluable.

He eyed the teal-colored liquid inside and gulped nervously. ”This is really the elixir? ”

”Yes, try it out. ” Liam smiled.

The instructor absent-mindedly nodded and then walked deeper into the cave with a baffled expression. At this point, Liam expected the quest to be over, but he didn ’t get any notifications.

”I guess I am standing guard for this guy. ” Liam did not mind it. These orcs gave good experience points.

He continued hunting down the orcs while the guy inside took the cleansing elixir. Everyone could hear the loud screams coming out of the cave.

This ended up attracting the attention of even more orcs.

”The more, the merrier. ” Liam grinned and continued protecting the cave, the villagers, and the instructor who was inside.

This continued for a few minutes, after which the screaming finally stopped. Liam looked up to see the instructor walking out.

He once again looked dazed and confused and stared at Liam as if he was seeing a ghost.

”Everything okay, sir? ” Liam asked.

The instructor immediately shook his head. He then unexpectedly collapsed on the ground, kneeling, sobbing with his head on the ground.

”My Lord! My Lord! Please forgive this humble idiot. I did not realize your true strength. I didn ’t have the ability to see the truth, my Lord. ”

”Please forgive me. Please accept me as your follower. ”

”Huh? ” It was Liam ’s turn to get shocked. First, it was the dark elf beastkin Yessika, and now it was this guy. Everyone wanted to become his follower?

Was this cleansing elixir so awesome? Apart from cleansing one ’s body, it also made them want to be followers?

Liam did not know what to think of it, but since the guy was willingly offering up, he did not refuse. ”Sure, you can be my follower. ” He smiled.

He didn ’t think that the instructor would be of any help. Unlike the dark elf, this guy was a low-leveled starter NPC. Irrespectively, he was a good combat expert.

Perhaps if he stationed him in the guild, he would be able to spar with others and train them? This option sounded attractive to Liam, so he quickly accepted it.

[Ding. Quest Complete]

[Ding. Quest Reward: Eternal gratitude of the townhall instructor]

[Ding. The instructor is now your follower]

[Ding. The instructor has abandoned his given name. Would you like to name him?]

”Huh? ” Liam sucked on his teeth. He did not know why but this felt like another quest thread. Why did the guy abandon his name?

He pondered it for a couple of seconds and then decided to let it be. It was probably because his family ridiculed him for crippling himself. He was mostly overthinking this. Even otherwise, he decided to revisit this later.

”Yes, I will name him Asura. ” Liam cooked up something that sounded cool and scary. His follower should have a cool name.

Luna immediately gave him a look. The name she received was pet1, but this guy was receiving an actual name from her Master. Life was so unfair!

”Let ’s go. You can come with us. ”

The middle-aged man nodded in response. He silently followed Liam and hopped onto Luna, the three of them heading back to the trade city, Yleka.

After arriving there, Liam sent the guy to test his potential. He was the one who tested the stats for Liam, and now the tables were ironically reversed.

”Good luck. ” Liam wished him and walked back to the PVP tower. Break time was over, and he was back to his potion-making madness.

As far as he was concerned, this PVP tower was a blessing to him, and he wanted to use it as much as he could.

He used up the remaining five sets of ingredients he had prepared and also prepared another batch of fresh ingredients, all using the stone tablet, and spent the rest of the day in the tower.

By the time he was done training, he had a total of 20 vials of body cleaning elixir!

All the glass vials looked stunning, lined up one after the other, with the single drop of teal-colored liquid inside them. Liam stared at his hard work for a minute and then packed everything to log out.

”They should have arrived by now. I should go and take a look. ” He casually whistled and logged out of the game.

Meanwhile… the person stalking him had plucked out half of his mustache. This was blasphemy! There was going to be retribution! He shivered in anger.

Unbeknownst to this, Liam happily smiled and stepped out of the capsule. He was in a good mood. Everything was going his way.

”Huh? ” After getting out of the game cabin, he noticed a person sleeping on his bed.

”Yue? ” He called and tried to gently wake the sleeping person when the blanket abruptly fell down and revealed a bright beaming smile.

”Bro! I am here! ”

Liam immediately backed away. ”Right. Welcome. ”

It was a bit weird to see this guy in person, and sure enough, the real-life version of him irked Liam more than the game-world version of him. He would never be able to understand someone bright and sunny like him.

”How was the trip? Everything okay? ” He asked. ”Oh, I am sorry if I disturbed you while you were sleeping. Feel free to sleep some more. ” Liam slowly backed to the door.

”Ah? No, no! No way, I am sleeping! Bro, let ’s catch up! Let ’s do something! Oh my god, I finally have a brother to hang out with! ”

Liam frowned. What was this guy talking about? Wasn ’t he rich and popular?

”Ok, we can do all that, but let me first meet everyone. We have a lot to discuss. ”

Maybe because they were talking and the voices could be heard outside, the door opened, and another person stepped in.

”Hi, Liam. ”


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