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Chapter 535 Earthquake in the PVP tower

Chapter 534 Guild Meeting

Liam left the remaining arrangements to Mia and the others and logged back into the game. He was going to make a few more batches of cleansing potion to start with, but as he walked into the PVP tower, he received a huge shock.

All of a sudden, the PVP tower was insanely crowded!

Players buzzed around the place like flies and mosquitoes. About half of the player population in the entire Gresh kingdom seemed to be here. The other half also would have probably been here if not for the government ban.

”What the hell is happening here? ” Liam walked over to take a look. He was searching for a bulletin board or something for some news but as soon as he stepped in a system announcement flashed brightly.

”Oh, so this is a big event… ” He gazed at the description and his eyes immediately went wide. There was a new PVP contest in the tower!

Liam was shocked. Not because of the contest but because something like this did not exist in his last life. Also… the contest details were quite vague, but the rewards for the contest were very clearly written.

Epic items!


Rare Skill Books!

There was even a broken legendary item!

Just what the hell was this contest?

The more he looked at it, the more shocked he became. This was definitely not there in his previous life. He would have remembered something like this for sure!

Liam did not waste any time and immediately logged out. This was huge, could potentially be a very big turning point for them. Such a bizarre event with even more bizarre rewards was definitely connected to the tower master.

And the PVP tower master was one of the top beings in the entire realm!

These PVP towers were everywhere, in all of the Kingdoms and Empires scattered throughout the Xion realm so the connections the tower master has was also endless. He was not a simple person at all so the rewards also won ’t be simple.

But why now? Liam mulled over this. It seemed abrupt and out of nowhere. He thought about it for a second and then a frightening possibility popped up in his head.

Was this perhaps because of him…

Last time around, Mia, Derek and probably Anya received some sort of legacy. However, this time around, Liam had changed their fates and because of this probably changed the fates of many others as well.

Everything was always a chain reaction so just maybe… maybe this chain reaction triggered this?

”Well there is no point analyzing the cause. We need to get those rewards. ” Liam stepped out of the game capsule, surprising everyone. Mei Mei, Shen Yue were still helping Mia, Alex and Rey set up so all of them were surprised to see Liam out so quick.

”Brother, what happened? ”

”Bro! What happened? ”

Mei Mei and Rey were the first to ask. Liam ’s face was serious so both of them toned it down.

”You guys should immediately log back into the game. Also, Mei Mei and Shen Yue, tell everyone in the nether realm to leave it and return back to the Xion realm. ”

”Huh? Why? ” Alex furrowed her brows. Something big was definitely going on. Otherwise, this was a bad move and Liam would not make any bad moves.

Everyone looked at Liam and he solemnly informed them. ”There is a huge PVP event going on in the tower. The rewards are… ”

”Motherf! Alright. I am going back in right now. ” Rey quickly jumped back to setting up the three game capsules in the living room. Mia and Alex as well nodded and stopped their other work and began to finish the set up of the capsules.

With around six game capsules in the apartment, the place looked as if it was littered with coffins. The girls decided to put the game capsules here and keep their other belongings in Shen Yue ’s place so everything was sorted out quickly.

This type of arrangement was a little inconvenient to the trio who were born with a golden spoon but no one cared about that right now.

Everyone hurriedly logged back into the game. Since Liam mentioned the broken legendary items and pets, no one wanted to miss it.

The entire group rushed over to the trade city in no time at all, all of them excited to grab the prize for themselves and for the group.

And the half of the group who had been in the nether realm all this while were particularly happy to do this. Being there this long was taxing on their body and mind in inexplicable ways. The fresh air of the city felt soothing after that experience.

”Is everyone here? ” Liam booked a grand banquet hall in one of the most expensive high-end restaurants in Yleka city for everyone. He decided to first have a big meeting before heading over to the PVP tower with the group.

In this meeting hall, there was Mia, Alex, and the group of divine affinity players they were grooming, there was Shen Yue, Mei Mei, Derek and the group from the nether realm and lastly there was Rey and the few players who had signed the inner member contract.

The grand total was close to 80!

Liam himself felt a little shocked to see the group number increased to this much. They had been slowly picking up one person after another and now they had become a formidable group.

”Cough. Cough. So this is our first official guild meeting. I appreciate everyone logging into the game, even under these circumstances. ”

Liam first thanked the group. He was awkward in addressing them, but the content was what mattered.

”We have a few announcements first. ” He called over Mia to stand beside him as well. ”You can tell them. ”

Mia nodded and continued. ”We are currently in the process of building a base for our guild in China. This place was selected because of many reasons, but the important thing is we will be arranging for everyone to move here and live here for the long-term. ”

”We strongly recommend you guys to move to the base along with your friends, families, and relatives. All the incurring costs and bureaucratic procedures will be taken care of from our end. The living accommodations would be comfortable in a good area. ”

”Everyone who decides to do this, please contact either me or Alex in our social media handle with your complete details. Everything else will be taken care of from our end. ” Mia quickly finished her part of the announcement.

She then went back to sit in her place but Alex raised another question. ”Liam, I am just asking this because we are discussing about this right now but don ’t you think its best to stay in a remote suburbian town or village. We can make that entire place our base and the costs will also be more efficient. ”

Liam shook his head. ”No, there is an important reason why I chose this place. It has to be this spot and also, we have to be careful. Moving huge numbers of foreigners in one particular spot will raise suspicions from the government. ”

”So we have to be smart about this. Everyone will first arrive in different parts of the country and set up your bases in different cities, towns, villages. ”

”But after that, you will take the local transportation and arrive at the main base. There will also be other tricky things. You should refrain from going outside often. You cannot spend huge amounts of money. ”

”Basically, your life and the life of your family members, everything will change drastically. It is only for a few months but this is required. ” Liam explained everything in detail.

He did the best that he could with Mia and Alex also chiming in but in the end, not everyone was probably going to be able to do this. After all, uprooting someone ’s life and moving to another place was not a joke.

Despite this, he tried to convince everyone as best as he could because only he knew that if they made the wrong decision now, they could forever regret their choice.

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