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Chapter 536 Just the start

Chapter 535 Earthquake in the PVP tower

Yleka city, PVP tower…

Sitting at the top of the tower, an old man watched the entrance of the building like a hawk. So many players were filtering in and out, and the entire place looked like a festival. But…

The person he wanted to see the most was still not here!

As the lovelorn old man kept staring at the entrance and sighing, finally he was able to catch a glimpse of the person.

”Now! Now! Send the announcement now! ” He screamed out loud.

Not too far away…

Liam and about 80 other players entered the PVP tower one after the other like a huge procession.

Of course, this would have been extremely eye-catching, but everything was drowned in the already suffocating crowd near the building.

”Hmmm… winning this contest is not going to be easy. ” Liam looked around and observed all the players piling in.

This was why he did not spend too much time on the guild meeting and quickly brought the group over here. Everyone who was someone would be participating in this contest.

All of the entire Gresh kingdom ’s hot shots would be here. This would be their guild ’s first official test to shine and show their strength.

Liam let out a small sigh and waved at the people around him. ”Good luck to all. I will see you guys at the top. ”

While the others started registering for the contest, he directly entered the elevator and reached the 100th floor.

He was not planning to go to the event just yet. He wanted to make a few more batches of the cleansing elixir while he still could.

The auction was going to begin in a couple of days, so this was his last minute preparation. Otherwise, it would be a pity if he found something interesting but couldn ’t buy it because he did not have the funds.

Besides, the competition looked like it was a big one. There wasn ’t a clear deadline also. So he casually started going on about his business.

Seeing the guy whistle and walk into a room, the man at the top became livid. At this point, he was plucking out the hair from his head, several grey hairs on the ground next to him.

How many items! He had listed several of his prized possessions as shiny rewards. Yes, he had no plans of handing over any of it, but he had still put them out, and yet this little bitch was not paying him any attention?!!

”Bastard! Motherfcker! @#$#$… ” Several colorful words flew out of his mouth. ”I know what to do to make you submit, you dung beetle! ”

And the next second…

[Ding. Another reward has been added to the PVP contest]

[Ding. Spirit Essence]

Liam received another notification. ”How many rewards? ” His eyes went wide. There was a description, so he clicked on it.

[Spirit Essence: Nourishes a spirit beast during its evolution; Chances of a successful evolution is increased by 50%]

”50%? ” This meant that with this spirit essence, Luna would surely evolve to the next stage without any issues.

With her egg cracking when she hadn ’t yet hatched, her absorbing several powerful things beyond her ability, the little fox ’s life until now had been one heck of a roller coaster.

Considering that she was also not developing and becoming stronger as fast as he expected a beast of her potential to do, Liam doubted that she had some foundation issues.

This would probably create a lot of problems later on. Even her evolution to her complete spirit beast form might be tricky, but with this spirit essence, all of these problems could be solved.

At least from the description, this looked like a godly must-have item, tailor-made for Liam!

”This contest is getting more and more interesting. ” Liam grinned, his eyes fixated on the abrupt notification. However, the next second he closed it and calmly went back to work.

”This! BASTARD! I AM GOING TO RIP YOU APART! ” The old man jumped out of his chair and started stomping the ground in anger, making the entire PVP tower quake and tremble.

This effect rippled through the multi-floored tower, every room and arena shaking.

All the players, including Liam, became shocked and did not know what was happening. Some even debated running out of the tower, thinking an earthquake was en route.

However, the tower did not stop shaking. The old man was utterly furious this time around. He did not listen to anyone and kept stomping on the ground as if he was squishing Liam himself.

”Why don ’t you try setting a time limit for entry? ” Suddenly a loud voice boomed.

”Hrmmm! ” The tower master immediately stopped his tantrum and turned around to look at the intruder, ”You! That is right! That will work! That will absolutely work! ”

He hurriedly sent another announcement stating that the contest entry would be closed in 3 hours. Immediately, he started spying on Liam.

And just as he expected, the guy finally acted. Liam looked shocked and straight away stood up to walk out of the alchemy room to register for the contest.

Like any other player, he did not want to risk things anymore, especially because this contest seemed to be weirdly changing all the time.

Seeing this, the old man broke into a big smile like the clear sky after a storm. Bingo! Finally!

”Hmmm? Aren ’t you being a bit too petty for your age? Don ’t you have enough treasures already? ” The intruder spoke again.

He seemed to be on good terms with the tower master, and if Liam were here, he would have immediately recognized him.

”What is it to you? Why are you even here? Isn ’t there anything important at the blacksmith association? ” The tower master spat back.

The other guy smiled. ”No, what is important is right here. What is this? Since when did the PVP tower become a circus? ”

”Don ’t interfere in this. ”

”But I will… You see… I also have a vested interest in this person. ”

The two old men silently stared at each other, and a second later, realization finally dawned on the tower master. ”Is this guy your disciple? ”

He crossed his fingers and smirked smugly. ”Now I understand. See, I didn ’t think someone like him could come this far without some guidance and backing. ”

”Now I see it. Now I see it. With the support of a Grandmaster Forger… even a trash like him could shine. ”

Hearing his words, the other guy silently smiled. ”Tch. Tch. Tch. ” He clicked his tongue, ”Disciple? Unfortunately not. I haven ’t done anything for him. I only plan to guide him a little. ”

He then gave a stern gaze and added again, stressing the last part. ”A LITTLE. Like we are supposed to guide them. Not covet their treasures and hatch plans to take them away. ”

The tower master ’s face immediately changed.

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