Re: Evolution Online

Chapter 537 Lucky Guy

m only smiled. ”You think so? I really hope that is the case. ” He casually replied.

Alex rolled her eyes at the guy ’s arrogance but she also knew that he had the goods to back it up. Low key she was excited to see his match.

However… another hour also passed by and some more players were eliminated, the total now almost 200 and yet Liam wasn ’t called even once?

This guy was simply coasting through the preliminaries! What the hell is this? Just how lucky can a person get? Would he really be in the top 100 just like this?

Alex watched the rest of the matches with her mouth open wide. Time ticked by quickly and just like that, the number of players were reduced to 100.

Until the very end, Liam was also never called back onto the arena stage again! Not even once! He was the only player who participated in just a single match.

Lucky bastard! Alex sighed.

Soon, the last of the fights was also over, and the top 100 were quickly finalized.

From Crimson Abyss, there were a total of 8 members. Everyone expected only 6 but unexpectedly two more players also reached the top ranks.

Out of these two one guy was a paladin from the group Alex and Mia were coaching and the other one was the mage Liam had given pointers too.

”Not bad. You both did well. ” Liam praised them both. The group was about to start discussing things when suddenly another person also popped in.

”Surprise bro! I am also here! ”

”Eh? ” Everyone turned around to see Rey standing there. Almost instantly they were all shocked, including Liam. No one had expected him to make it.

He was out of the game for most of the time and he did not have any special items like Mei Mei or class like Shen Yue. So this meant that Rey was talented?

”No way. ” Alex loudly answered the question on everyone ’s minds.

”What no way? Only you are allowed to be a star? I can ’t do well? ” Rey laughed and pushed her aside to stand next to Liam.

”You just got lucky probably like him. So stop talking back to me! ” Alex immediately retorted back, pointing at Liam who only had to fight once.

”You two. Don ’t bring me into this. ” Liam quickly walked away. He wanted to do a couple of laps to look around the huge auditorium.

Unfortunately, most players were in the standard issue mask just like he was. No one wanted to deal with the government ban nonsense.

”Well whatever. ” Liam then turned to return back to the group.

It seems the only information he would be able to gather here would be from the matches and the skills and abilities the players used.

But one thing was clear, this contest was going to be very interesting.

As he walked back to the rest of the Crimson Abyss members, the second round announcement promptly dinged.

[Ding. All players are requested to form groups of 10; Everyone without a group will be eliminated]

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