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Chapter 539 Start!

Chapter 538 Second Round Surprise!

”Ten? That means we need one more. ” Alex looked around, paying attention to a few players who were standing alone by themselves.

”Yes, I also have a couple of players in mind that might be a good addition to our team. ” Mia as well had her opinions.

Of course, other than these two, Liam had his eye on a few players as well.

But before anyone could walk around and see if they were willing to join their team, one of the players walked over to the group on his own.

Everyone was surprised at this sight. However, they were also curious as they had seen the person ’s fights, and he was a very talented thief class player.

Why was he coming over to them? Did he want to join their group? As they waited to see this, the person also arrived and began introducing himself.

”Hi, I am- ”

Unexpectedly, at this exact time, someone interrupted him. It was a familiar chubby hunter. ”Dude, this group is full. Go beg somewhere else. ” Madan grinned.

He pushed aside the new guy and stood before Liam and the others, ”Hello, friends. Long time no see. ”

The heck? Shen Yue and Mei Mei were shocked. The others did not know about him, but these two knew very well. What did he want with them?

Mei Mei also subconsciously reached for the crown on her head to protect it.

”He He. You can keep it, princess. I am not here for that. In fact, I am not here to fight at all. Just a friendly visit. ” Madan rubbed his hands and laughed.

”Shall we participate in this group fight together? You guys are one short, aren ’t you? ”

No one knew what to say because no one had expected this. So they all turned to look at Liam who hadn ’t said anything just yet.

His gaze was fixated on the hunter standing in front of them. There were a lot of things running on his mind but he couldn ’t out a finger on why exactly this was happening.

”So to what do we owe this pleasure? ” Liam asked.

”Oh! Liam bro! There you are! ” Madan grinned. ”Honestly, nothing. Nothing at all. I am being very serious here. This contest is too good and I just want to get top 10. ”

”Isn ’t your team the beast place for that? ” He winked.

”And what about your other teammates? ”

”Meh. They can rot in hell. I am more interested in your team bro. Please let me in! Come on! I am being serious here. ”

”If this works out, I could even transfer to your team. What do you say? Maybe even sign one of those slave contracts? ”

Alex ’s face immediately changed but she forced herself to be quiet.

”Right. Right. My bad, that ’s a sensitive topic. Moving on… ha ha.. You know that we can ’t die here. Its the PVP arena. I also can ’t steal any treasures. So what is the problem? ”

Liam looked at him sternly. He knew this guy and the group was starting another round of games with them but he was just not sure what his end goal was.

With everyone else being silent, Liam thought about it for a moment and then shook his head. ”No, we have already invited him. ” He pointed his hand at the thief.

”Really? ” Madan looked at the thief who stood silently and then sighed. ”Well that ’s too bad. ”

Just as he was speaking, the other members of the group also arrived. These people just like Madan were not wearing any masks.

”Madan, what are you doing here? You have time to mess around? ” Anya annoyedly shouted, her gaze scanning everyone and finally settling on Mei Mei ’s crown.

”Yikes. I got found out. Bro! Why didn ’t you add me soon? ” Madan playfully made a crying action and then left with their team.

”Liam, who are these people? ” Mia immediately asked him, as soon as they left.

She felt the presence of several strong players in their group. If there was a competition for their guild in this contest, it would be that team.

”We don ’t have much time now. I will explain to you after the fight. Hopefully, we ddon ’t face them in this round. ”

But then again, everyone in the top 100 were more or less talented so this was truly going to be difficult.

”Ummm… Excuse me, sorry to interupt you guys. It ’s getting late so if you can add me to the group and finalize for the contest, I can be at ease. ” The ignored thief player spoke up.

”Hi, my name is Stephen. ”

”Ok. We will do that first. ” Liam did not talk about anything else.

They still needed to observe this person and perhaps later if everything worked out they could try recruiting him but right now was too early.

He opened the system interface, quickly entered himself as the team leader and selected everyone ’s names and also added Stephen ’s name.

There was a 15 minute timer so everything was completed fast.

Soon everyone else was also done and it seemed that all the players had managed to get into a team. The 100 players had divided themselves into ten 10 player teams.

”Bro! We have the biggest advantage here. No other guild probably has so many players in this line up like we do! ” Rey happily did a dance move by shaking his hand.

”Hmmm. It looks like it. ” Liam also nodded. The next second, a loud gong resounded, indicating the start of the next round.

And surprisingly, that was not all that was announced.

[Ding. The betting avenues are now open. All the players are welcome to place bets on the different groups.]

Seeing this, everyone in the arena was shocked because when the announcement read all the players, they actually meant all the players, even the ones who did not qualify.

This sent another huge wave of uproar among the players. This was a good chance to earn some gold coins!

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