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Chapter 548 Playing Dirty

Chapter 547 Winners and Losers

As soon as the race started, the entire place went into a huge uproar. All the players standing outside the PVP tower were shouting fervently and chanting the name of the beast they had placed their bets on.

Inside the tower as well, this was the same atmosphere. Everyone was loudly cheering for their mounts at the top of their lungs.

Amidst these shouts, one fox alone received special attention. Mei Mei, Rey, Alex, and actually almost all the nine members of the Crimson Abyss guild were cheering loudly for Luna, not bothering about their own mounts.

”Come on, Luna! Come on, Luna! ”

”Luna! Luna! Luna! ”

Only Liam remained silent.

”Ba ha ha ha! Are you all cheering for the dire wolves? ” Madan walked over to stand next to this group. He seemed determined to come to their group every chance he got, and of course, as always, his eyes were only on Shen Yue.

”Why don ’t you mind your own business? ” Alex wanted to chase him out of there right away.

”Miss Alex, come on. Even you have to admit that this is funny. Dire wolves. Ha Ha Ha. See, there is no doubt here. Our bro ’s death knight is going to take the win. ” He shrugged. ”Dragons are well and good for showing off but let ’s be honest, this fight is already decided. ”

Alex bit her lips in frustration, and the others also did not say anything. In truth, they weren ’t all too strong in this particular round.

”Damn it! These clouds are still not clearing up! I can ’t see anything. What is happening? ” Alex had ended up betting 50% of their guild ’s gold coins on the match. So she was extremely nervous.

Not helping this situation, Madan continued running his mouth as he pleased, not holding back at all.

”Mia, Liam, what is happening? Is anyone able to get in touch with their mounts? ” Alex, Rey, and the other two players were unable to communicate with their mounts completely. Many players seemed to have this communication issue.

Right now, the mounts were probably doing whatever they wanted. This made the tension that much worse, and no one could see the race clearly.

But thankfully, another second later, the clouds slowly started clearing up, and there was some visibility.

At this point, it looked like the mounts had already got divided into various groups, some at the front, some in the middle, and some at the end because of which everyone could see what was happening. Especially at the end, where only a few mounts were there.

And this was spot occupied by none other than…

”Ba ha ha ha! Would you look at that? You guys are the last! ” Madan clutched his bulging stomach and started laughing heartily.

The way the four dire wolves were slowly trotting didn ’t seem to help the situation. Not just Madan but most of the players inside and outside of the tower were laughing at this pathetic sight.

The same bed of clouds that looked very mysterious and fun at the beginning now seemed to be a headache to these four wolves. They were getting disoriented trying to run across these clouds.

However, after a second, everyone noticed that these dire wolves were not alone. There was a fifth mount along with the four wolves. And this was…

None other than the death knight!

”Fuucckk. ” Madan ’s face twitched as he stopped laughing. The entire arena and the players outside the PVP tower also became quiet.

Everyone stared at this scene dumbfoundedly because the death knight was one of the main contenders of this race, and many players had bet on it. However, now it was right at the back with the wolves.

How the hell could this happen?

Kouske was the first to notice that the death knight was not exhibiting its usual impressive aura and more importantly, its size was different.

It was not huge or gigantic anymore. It looked like a normal undead zombie, the size of a standard human being.

It was still fast as it tried to run, but its armor suit was weighing it down heavily, making its speed no different than the wolves.

”What the hell? This is level suppression or what? Why is it so unbalanced? ” Madan and the other members of his team looked livid.

Particularly Kouske ’s face had darkened with shame and embarrassment.

They had all been happy that their death knight was somehow allowed in the mount race, but now it looked like they had only been allowed to get penalized later in the race.

”This is bullshit! This race is absolutely ridiculous. ”

”Ba ha ha ha! Ba ha ha ha! ” Now it was Alex ’s turn to laugh loudly. ”Didn ’t you say that you were going to win? Now what? ”

She already knew her wolf was going to lose, so it was not a huge blow but seeing this death knight chugging along at the end like a loser was so much more satisfying.

Madan sighed at this, but the next second he revealed a big smile as if this did not affect him at all. ”Beauty, you seem to have forgotten that my sparrow is still in the race, hmm? Don ’t get too happy! We might still win this race! ”

”Hmph. Yes, without your weight dragging that sparrow down, it does really have a chance to win. You are correct. ” Alex scoffed and walked away to stand next to Mia.

She didn ’t want to lose her mind by talking to this idiot. The race was still going on and their guild still had several mounts in the forefront. ”What happened? Are you able to communicate with your tiger? ”

Mia shook her head. It was a no go.

”At least, we are still at the front. ” Alex patted her.

At the moment, all the mounts that can fly seemed to be doing better than those that couldn ’t. While the direwolves and the death knight was at the back, these flying mounts were in the front.

Mia ’s white tiger, the five drakes, the six winged lion particularly came to the forefront. Of course, because it was almost fully white in color, no one paid much attention to the fox that was also at the front along with these mounts.

Surprisingly, just like the fox, there seemed to be two other dark horses. One was a blue snake and the other one was a black panther. This was a different beast and not Mei Mei ’s purple panther as she wanted it to be.

”Eh? Where did these mounts come from? They are able to run shoulder to shoulder with the drakes! ” Everyone was confused.

Mia saw this and suddenly turned to look at Liam. ”You are able to talk to Luna, right? ”

”Yes. ” Liam nodded.

Mia ’s eyes widened and then she asked the other thing that was bugging her. ”Did you ask Luna to go slower? ”

”Of course. ” Liam smiled. ”We still don ’t know what this race is about. For now, these guys are just running. Let ’s see what happens before making any moves. ”

”Right. That is good. ” Mia looked at the drakes and at the black sparrow that was slowly gaining speed. One thing was clear.

Among the mounts at the front, no one was showing their true ability yet. Her tiger and the six winged lion were probably the only mounts running at full capacity already.

So they were probably not going to get qualified for the next round. This race was brutal.

On the other hand, the majority of the players who placed the bet on the drakes were extremely happy. This was the result they wanted.

”How much longer is this race going to go? Aren ’t the winners clear now? Let ’s just stop it! ” Everyone jeered loudly because they wanted the drakes to win.

The five drakes flapping their wings calmly and casually was a majestic vision.

The other beasts scrambling to stay near these five beasts only looked like jokers, especially the two bats who looked out of breath, only barely keeping up.

But at this moment, something unexpected happened. Giant rocks started dropping from the sky towards this bed of clouds.

These rocks made huge holes in the clouds and some of the mounts straight up fell into these holes.

Ding. Ding. Ding.

The four dire wolves first arrived back at the arena after falling into these holes, and at this point, it wasn ’t a surprise to anyone.

”Damn it! ” Alex opened her mouth, only to be kicked out of the tournament floor. Everyone who was disqualified just got directly booted out.

”Damn. The redhead is gone. ” Madan grinned. He looked a little too happy so Liam who was silent up until now decided to use this chance to get one more eliminated.

Madan ’s black sparrow was very close to Luna so he only had to give one command.

The next second, a burst of flame appeared out of nowhere and startled the sparrow, making it crash against one of the rocks, and the bird too, was out of the race.

”FUCKKK! ” Madan found himself booted out of the tournament floor as well.

”Let ’s start the race, shall we? ” Liam stretched his hands and stood up.

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