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Chapter 549 Take down the fox!

Chapter 548 Playing Dirty

After Alex was kicked out, she was boiling in frustration. Near her, Rey and the two players had also been kicked out, along with their dire wolves.

”Damn, do we have to be the first ones to get out? This is so embarrassing. ” And just as she finished her sentence, a chubby guy appeared right next to her.

All the players getting kicked out of the tower appeared at the same point on the street, so everyone was once again next to each other.

Alex looked at Madan, and Madan looked at Alex. Both of them were confused, but the next instant, Alex broke into a burst of loud laughter.

”Ba ha ha ha! You said you were winning? You said your sparrow was some awesome shit? What happened now? ”

Sure, the tiny sparrow looked very special hovering next to the dire wolves, but in the end, it was also kicked out just like the wolves.

”Hey? What? Cat got your tongue? ” Alex continued laughing at him mercilessly.

Madan did not have the face to respond to her, and to make matters worse… right now, on the big display square something bad was happening.

All the players standing around were looking at the same thing, drawing their attention to it as well.

”That fox in the front just now turned and attacked the sparrow! ”

”What the hell? Isn ’t this just supposed to be a race? Now one mount can attack another? ”

Moreover, the fox did not stop there. She gave a smug grin and started attacking all the mounts around her willy-nilly.

Well, it looked random to others. But Madan was very aware of who the fox was attacking. The big purple bird belonged to Anya, and the ostrich with the wings belonged to Barret.

They had prepared these mounts, especially for this tournament round, and the fox seemed to be targeting them first.

Luna ’s elegant agile body flashed back and forth, left and right, playing around in the clouds to her heart ’s content. Players could not even see clearly if she was running or flying.

The fox ’s movements were simply too dazzling, not to mention the fire she was breathing. She avoided the stones nimbly and zig-zagged around to attack the couple of mounts near her.

None of the other beasts could match her moves. The purple bird narrowly managed to avoid her fire attack and the stones, but unexpectedly Luna ’s paws clawed at her and got her.

The ostrich was knocked out even before that. And just like that, Anya and Barret found themselves outside the PVP tower at the same spot.

Alex, who had only managed just now to get her laughter under control, saw this and became even more overjoyed.

”Oh! All of you came out. Ha ha ha ha! You guys are a really tight-knit group. Keep it up. Keep it up. ”

Anya angrily stomped, and Barret and Madan simply grunted. ”Let ’s go. We knew from the beginning that we were not going to get anything here. ”

”Eh? How do you know that? Perhaps you can see the future? ” Alex jokingly asked.

Anya looked startled for a moment, and the group then quickly walked away without bothering to involve themselves in the conversation further.

Watching them leave, Alex stopped laughing, and her expression turned serious, ”So Liam was indeed telling the truth. This group is not simple. ”

Beside her, Rey had a strange expression on his face. He still had the coordinates that Madan had messaged him privately.

”Sis, I have some work now. I will check back with you later. ”

”Is this the quest Liam has you on? To heal those destroyed lands? ”

”Umm. Ya. Ya. That one. ” Rey answered hurriedly and also left the spot. Only Alex and the other two were now left.

”Let ’s get out of here. There is no point wasting any more time on this tournament. Damn it. I am going to go and get myself a freaking decent mount. ”

Alex disappeared, and the other two players also left to take care of their business.

The top members of the guild were busy with the tournament, but as per Liam ’s orders, the others did not waste their time and were grinding in dungeons, trying to improve their fighting skills.

Meanwhile, the crowd around the PVP tower was still intense, and no one else wanted to budge from their place. Just in this single round, there were already so many upsets and unexpected twists.

Thankfully for them, the death knight was not yet out of the game, and the drakes were still in the lead, so at least their money was safe for now.

If only that damned fox were not there! She was the only troublemaker in the group!

However, after watching the fox attack the three other beasts out of nowhere, how could the others keep quiet? Many beasts started clashing with each other.

Even the death knight was in trouble.

A purple panther approached this death knight by running backward and tossed it out through one of the holes, essentially getting Kouske as well kicked out of the tournament.

The man grimaced at Liam as he was getting teleported out.

”That ’s right. I don ’t need you guys in here. I need you out there mining stuff so that I can steal from you. ” Liam chuckled lightly. ”Good job, Mei Mei. ” He patted his sister.

”Now, tell your panther to keep running at his own pace. Don ’t worry about the other competition. ” Because that was his job.

Liam turned to pay attention to the status of the race on screen. ”Luna, get everyone on your side first. ”

Kyuuu… the fox bobbed her head up and down for everyone to see. She then growled at the white tiger and the two bats, getting them all on her side.

After the beasts started fighting with each other, and with the rocks still continuing to fall from the sky, everything became a chaotic rumble.

The race had completely changed thanks to the firestarter fox!

”Let ’s see. Me, Mia, Derek, Shen Yue, and Mei Mei, that ’s five positions. The five drakes can take the other five positions. This means that everyone else has to go. ”

Judging from the first two rounds and how players were eliminated, Liam guessed that this elimination round would probably have only ten players left at the end.

So if before the race could come to a natural conclusion, if he could eliminate all the others, then that would ensure at least five of their team members to be in the final roster.

”Time to start playing dirty. ”

Liam looked at the few beasts that were closing in. ”Luna, let the drakes go for now. Take out all the others one by one. ”

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