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Chapter 549 Take down the fox!

Mia ’s calm and cold facade was replaced with her anxious blue eyes looking at Liam to see what would be his next move.

Only that man seemed to be calmly standing, unaffected by anything happening around them or anything happening on the screen.

”Liam, do you have a plan? ”

”Of course. ” Liam nodded. ”I am just waiting to see how the drakes will perform, but maybe it is time to put the plan in action. ”

Liam grinned and then gave a slight nod. ”Do it, Luna. ”

Almost immediately, the small white fox ballooned up and became several sizes bigger.

And she did not stop there. In a smooth movement, she started tossing the beasts around her onto her back.

Kyaaa! The majestic big white tiger yelped like a kitten as he was thrown unceremoniously by the fox. The two bats stared like owls as they uncomfortably sat on Luna ’s back. The panther ’s condition was no better.

In a second, all four beasts that were running near Luna were suddenly on her back, sitting atop the huge fluffy ride. Luna ’s fur was that too much softer than the clouds.

Clinging onto her tightly, the group of beasts stared at each other with big confused eyes. What was happening?

This same expression was there on all the players ’ faces as well. Just now, everyone was chanting for the downfall of the unruly fox, and now things became even crazier!

”What nonsense is this? ”

”Something like this is also allowed? ”

”Just how far are these bastards going to go? Is there really no limit to their atrocities? ”

”Why is the PVP tower allowing this? Who the heck is conducting this tournament, damn it? Can ’t you disqualify this guild already? ”

The entire player base once again fell into a huge uproar, but at this time, one wise person reminded everyone.

”Guys, relax. No matter what tricks these people use, that fox won ’t make it. ”

”Look at the drakes. Even they are struggling to avoid the arrows. What do you think is going to happen to the fox who is this big in size and is also carrying this much dead weight? ”

”Ah! That ’s right! The fox will never make it! ”

”Right! Right! This stupid guild should lose! Only then I will be satisfied! ”

As everybody not so silently voiced out their prayers and watched the race with their eyes peeled open, right in front of them, something unbelievable occurred.

The darned fox ’s speed did not reduce at all. In fact, it became even faster as it rolled around the bed of clouds like a giant fluffy ball. It was avoiding all the arrows left and right with ease.

The wise person and the other players who were waiting for the fox to fail could only gawk with their mouths wide open.

One by one, all the other mounts began to fall, but the fox with the three tails was still going strong! In the blink of an eye, the twenty-five beasts were now reduced to thirteen.

And among these thirteen, five mounts belonged to the crimson abyss guild!

Everyone burned in jealousy. The Gresh Kingdom was the home ground for all the players in this city, standing around the PVP tower, and the six-winged lion had been the unbeatable symbol of strength for all of them.

But now suddenly, an arrow passed right through the lion ’s forehead, and the last of the contestant from the top three kingdom guilds fell through.

Currently, this PVP tournament that was boasted to be a special tournament held for the Gresh kingdom players did not have any players from the top three guilds of the Kingdom.

Only the second-tier guild Crimson Abyss had five players still in the race. This was a huge slap in the face to every player of the Kingdom.

And as for the Crimson Abyss guild members, they were all cheering loudly and chanting Luna ’s name! Suddenly, she somehow became an even bigger celebrity than Mia or Alex!

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