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Chapter 551 Lets blow some steam

Chapter 550 Who is in and who is out?

”Ha Ha Ha! Luna is too awesome! ” Mei Mei clapped her hands in excitement, laughing out loud. Tears were coming out of her eyes because she was laughing so hard.

She couldn ’t help it. The sight of Luna carrying the other four beasts was simply too comical. While carrying the four rice bags, she was also evading all the incoming arrows like a pro.

It was awesome and hilarious at the same time.

Even Derek, who seldom showed any emotions was dumbstruck at this sight.

”How… how did you train her like this, Liam? ” Mia gulped.

”Me… train her? She is just running wild like she always does. ” Liam absentmindedly answered.

He was not concerned about Luna. He knew that the little thing would somehow pull through. What he was more concerned about was the three other mounts somehow still surviving.

In fact, they were not merely surviving. They were thriving. Their movements were even better than Luna ’s.

This was a snake, a tiger, and a rabbit trio.

Liam hadn ’t noticed them before because they were far too ordinary to stand out among all the other mounts, and there was nothing special about them. So they simply drowned in the crowd.

However, there were now only thirteen beasts on the racetrack, so it was impossible not to notice them any longer.

The question was, where did these guys come from? And how did they survive until now? By fluke or…

No, it did not look like a fluke. The way in which the three animals were evading the arrows showed that they were indeed skilled. So who did these belong to?

And just like Liam, many others had the same question on their minds.

Especially when looking at that snake, Liam had a strange feeling as if he had seen that snake beforehand. He just couldn ’t place it.

”Luna, try attacking that snake? ” Liam frowned, observing everything. If it was timed right, she might need just one attack to take out two of them.

Luna as well grasped that and shook her head. [Yes, master]

It looked like she still had it in her to send out an attack while simultaneously continuing to evade the arrows. It was pushing her limits, but she confidently bobbed her head.

Liam watched as the fox slowed down a little, and she then opened her mouth to spit out blasts of fire at the three running ahead of her.

The next instant, his frown deepened. He did not see what he expected.

With the arrows coming from the front and the blasts coming from behind, these three should have at least stumbled, but they increased their pace and easily evaded Luna ’s attacks.

”So they can go even faster? ” He did not have a good feeling about this.

Technically, the drakes should be the most powerful mounts on the racetrack, but Liam ’s gut feeling was telling otherwise. ”Luna, ignore those three. Try attacking the drakes. ”

The fox once again nodded. She increased her pace reaching the drakes quite quickly. The five of them had slowed down a little to avoid the arrows, so she was able to catch up.

But in doing so, one of the bats got knocked out by an arrow as Luna twisted at a weird angle. Nevertheless, she managed to attack one of the drakes, and the drake roared in anger.

This was a blue-colored drake, and it turned around to send a torrent of water toward the ballooned-up fox.

Luna couldn ’t avoid it in time, so she quickly did some thinking and crashed against the other drake with her huge body.

Immediately, things became a big mess as the three other riders on her back were tossed out, and the drake itself was pushed away haphazardly, making it bump into the other one.

Arrows were still continuously pouring in, and all of this combined snowballed into the entire round coming to a halt.

The display disappeared. The viewing squares outside the PVP tower turned blank, and loud gongs resounded, marking the end of the round officially.

However, all the players watching this match didn ’t blink. They stared ahead blankly, holding their breath. What just happened? Who made it, and who got disqualified?

Everyone wanted to know the answer to this million dollar question.

Two out of the bunch got disqualified, but who exactly got disqualified and who went on to the next round was entirely anyone ’s guess at this point.

Liam as well had no clue what just happened. However, he was still standing on the tournament floor. Shen Yue, who was standing near him, had disappeared, but Derek and Mia were still there.

And a second later, the fox, the buffed-up bat, and the white tiger also appeared.

Liam grinned in realization. ”You did good, Luna. ”

Kyuuu… The fox adorably rubbed her head against him and then climbed on top of him to curl around his neck.

”Good girl. Good girl. ” Liam petted her some more. ”You worked very hard. ”

”Thanks a lot, Luna. ” Mia as well spoke to the fox, but the little thing smugly turned her nose up and didn ’t bother reacting to her.

Derek, as usual, stood silently on the side with a serious expression on his face.

”Right. ” Liam sighed and then turned to look at the others who still remained on the floor. There were ten of them, and they were all the final contestants for this tournament.

Liam ’s gaze wandered from one player to another. They were all wearing cloaks, so he couldn ’t see their features properly, but he definitely recognized one out of the nine.

This was the same thief who had joined their group and backstabbed them, Stephen. He had also made it to the last round.

”Hmmm. ” Liam ’s eyes suddenly widened in shock. He now remembered where he had seen that snake. The weird daggers the thief had used had a similar snake carved on them.

That was where he had seen that snake before!

And if that was indeed the case, then the snake that participated in the race was an item-bound creature just like the death knight?

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