Re: Evolution Online

Chapter 551 Lets blow some steam

but at this point, it made a loud noise and called over reinforcements.

”Damn it, ” Rey shouted and tried not to panic.

Since Liam had advised him to focus on both long-range and short-range attacks, he put away the bow and clutched his spear, dashing towards the two new apes that had appeared.

He swung the spear around and thrusted it wildly, somehow dealing with the two beasts. The dire wolf also continued attacking in a frenzy. Together, they quickly took care of the three apes.

”Nice! That gave good experience points, but we should be careful now. Black Thunder, you should try and sniff out if there are any beasts nearby. We are heading into higher-level territories, so it ’s best to avoid trouble for now. ”

The wolf Black Thunder hurriedly shook his head. The duo then got to work as they sniffed their way through a safe path. After a while, the duo came to a halt.

”This is the spot they mentioned. ” Rey scratched his head. When Madan messaged him, he had told him that there would be an egg here, but there was nothing in the vicinity.

”Maybe someone else took it? I should wait for it to spawn again? ” Rey was confused. After waiting a while, he ended up messaging the person again.

At the other end, Madan was grinning ear to ear. ”Oh, you are there! Bro, you should have told me before! I will come over. ” He immediately turned to look at the disappointed, long faces standing next to him.

”He He. Guys, I have some good news for you. ”

”Hmm? What the hell are you talking about? Just shut up. ” Anya scoffed.

”Sister, I know you are angry about that loss, but please don ’t show it to me. I am innocent. ” Madan made a pitiful face.

Anya was about to say something when Kouske interrupted the duo. ”What did you want to tell? ”

”Right, so I have the precious brother waiting for me. ” Madan did his version of the evil laugh.

”Hmmm? Their brother? ” Kouske frowned. ”Why are you doing this? We don ’t have time to waste like this. You know what our orders are. ”

”Awww~ Don ’t be such a buzz kill, Kouske. Come on. All we do is follow orders. Didn ’t we just get fucked up by that damned fox? How about some sweet revenge? ”

”Ya. I want to see that bitch suffer too. ” Anya crushed the bread in her hand.

Since she could eat anything inside the game without gaining weight, it was her past time to eat bread which was something she couldn ’t do outside.

Kouske sighed seeing the determined faces of these two. ”At least let ’s check with brother first. ”

”Eh! What is this? Don ’t I have my freedom anymore? Even for peeing, I need to check with this guy? This is annoying. ” Anya scoffed.

”Kouske bro, come on. Please. This is just a small detour. Why must you be so strict? We are just blowing off some steam… ”

Unable to reason with the two anymore, Kouske shook his head helplessly. He gave up and rubbed his face, ”Do whatever you want, but you do know that this is risky, right. What is Liam shows up? ”

”That ’s why we need you, bro. The best-case scenario is still if Liam shows up. Don ’t you want to give the death knight some much-deserved blood? ”

”Fine, I will go with you guys. ”

”Yay! Thank you, bro! ”

”Let ’s fuck up those bitches this time. ”

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