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Chapter 552 Leaving so soon?

them and smirked.

”Say… did you four ever think about what your big brother knows and doesn ’t know? ”

”What do you mean? ” Anya glared back at him.

Next to her, Kouske ’s face immediately changed. He did not like where this was going.

”I mean… do you really believe that your big brother did not know the truth about this game? He sure let you all die several times. Hmmm? Your all knowing brother did not know about the death in the game and how it affects you? ”

”Don ’t spout nonsense. We haven ’t died that many times. ”

”Not now. ” Liam ’s lips further curled up. ”How about back in the cave where you tried to steal a flame fragment? I personally watched you all die a few times. Oops. Did I say too much? ” He chuckled mockingly.

”You! I knew it! I knew someone sabotaged us! ” Barret blurted out. He was the one telling everyone from the beginning that their play ’s aggro was a mess and something was off.

”Well… I stole from you. You stole from me. Let ’s call it even. The main point is… are you all just puppets of someone else? Or do you have your own brain? Are you willing to die for your ’big brother ’ while he sits comfortably somewhere safe? Hmmm? ”

Anya ’s eyes widened. Madan and Barret also became silent.

”Maybe he even let you all die a few times so you guys don ’t become more powerful than him? ” Liam shrugged. Everything he said was on point, and the group of four looked shocked.

This was something that they had also thought about, so when Liam pointed it out, he was hitting the nail on the head.

Kouske saw this, and it was clear that things were not heading in a good direction. This needed to stop now. ”That ’s enough. No more talking. ”

He immediately adjusted the ring on his finger, and in the next second, a huge figure materialized in front of them.

Liam and the others, however, did not simply stand there waiting for the death knight to be fully summoned. This was their cue, and they already started running in the opposite direction.

Seeing them flee for their life finally cheered up the group of four.

”You cannot run from us! ” Madan sneered. He sent his beasts at the escaping three people. Anya as well spat at them and sent a couple of attacks.

Their attacks were strong, but it was insufficient to hold anyone back. Only the death knight was capable of doing that.

”Go! Kill them all! ” Kouske commanded the death knight. This time no one would be escaping. They can run wherever they want, but today they were going to settle the scores once and for all.

The death knight grunted obediently, and just like its master wanted, it breathed out blue fumes and dashed behind the fleeing players.

Its speed was much faster than theirs, but unfortunately, Liam, Mia, and Derek had had too much of a headstart.

The terrain was also very tricky, and the undead that was bigger in size had the disadvantage of moving here. So things were not straightforward. There was a possibility that the three of them might really escape.

Kouske saw this and clenched his fist. ”Damn it. ”

Anya, Madan, and Barret were also not happy about it, but there was nothing that they could do. They could only watch them run away.

”Fuck! Such a waste! ” Madan sighed. This was the third time this guy was escaping from them! And it infuriated him that they couldn ’t do anything about it.

However… just as the three fleeing players were about to disappear completely from their eyesight into the forests, suddenly, something unexpected happened.

Liam stopped moving. Seeing him, Mia and Derek as well came to an abrupt halt and looked at him in confusion. Were they not running anymore?

”It is not difficult to escape now. But… the thing is… I don ’t think we need to run anymore. ” He turned around with a smile to face the death knight directly.


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