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Chapter 553 Strong!

Its total health was a whopping 20 million!

And Liam ’s every damage was only doing a maximum of 5000 damage. At this rate…

He was not done yet. ’Just as I thought, these spells are still not enough. ’ Liam observed the progress and made a quick decision. He stopped playing like a mage.

He unsheathed his sword and dashed forward towards the death knight.

As he slashed down the semi-epic grade sword towards the death knight, sparks flew like fireworks, and surprisingly, his sword attack had a fire element type attack attached to it.

His sword slash seemed as if he was using a burning sword.

Both Derek and Mia looked dumbfounded. They knew that Liam was practicing this, but this was the first time they were seeing him execute it successfully.

He finally managed to combine his sword attack with mana? Now they understood why he had been confidently willing to fight against this thing.

Every single fire slash was dealing significant damage.




Huge numbers popped out, and the death knight looked disoriented from the slew of attacks Liam was throwing at it.

He was like a mosquito buzzing around and attacking from all directions.

”No. This is still not enough. ” Liam paused and suddenly took out the rage potion from his inventory. Almost instantly, his battle power soared up further.

He once again dove right back into the fight and started slashing at the death knight relentlessly. This time every single attack dealt a damage of 20000 or 25000.

Mia as well was not standing still. With Derek standing in front of her and protecting her, she started dealing her own damage with the variety of divine affinity spells she had learned.

Her damage numbers were also quite big.




Especially because of the nether affinity, the death knight was taking extra damage from her attacks, and because of its huge size, Liam was able to evade them as well easily. So only the death knight was affected.

At this rate, the 20 million health was going to be evaporated in no time.

The group of four hadn ’t expected things to progress like this at all. They thought that Liam would flee away just like he always did and not fight back.

And now that he fought back, they had no clue what to do. This was their ultimate trump card. What were they supposed to do now?

They stared at this unbelievable sight, dumbstruck and stiff. Finally, Anya was the first one to speak up. She clenched her robes and shuddered.

”Kouske… what… what is this? Are we getting pushed back? Why is he able to fight our death knight? ”

”Let ’s call the backup. We cannot afford to lose here. This is why I told you guys not to do this. We should have asked his permission first. ” Kouske replied gravely.

”Shut up, Kouske. I don ’t want to hear your ’I told you so. ’ Fuck! Fuck! Fuck! I hate this. ” Anya was furious.

”I will call that group now. ” Kouske shook his head helplessly. They were already in this now. They no longer had a choice. They have to go all in no matter what, or they could lose too much today.


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