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Chapter 56 - Quick And Dirty

Alex could tell that the hateful person was not going to make any special concessions for her. So she fidgeted with her fingers and began talking, her voice barely a whisper.

”That thing you told Mia… I am ready. ” This was the best that she could speak out despite steeling her nerves. 

Come on, at least now he should show more interest? She bit her lips in frustration and looked at the guy and for a moment just as she expected his expression did falter.

”What are you talking about? ” Liam was genuinely surprised and decided to confirm it. 

When this woman spoke to him over the phone, he had assumed that it was something about a field boss or a dungeon. He hadn ’t expected this. 

He had an inkling that they were going to face a terrible fate in the future so he had mentioned a way out that would be beneficial to him as well, but he didn ’t expect things to move so fast.

In fact, he hadn ’t expected them to even think about this until much later when they became absolutely desperate without any other course of action. 

But she was already here…?

”Are you serious? You know what I am talking about! ” Alex chewed her lips out.

She already knew how this was going to go happen, but she had no other choice except to put up with this hateful guy ’s attitude.

Hmm… Liam scratched his head, engrossed in his thoughts. He had thought that everything started after the trial phase ended but could there be something going on now?

Looking at him hesitate, Alex became impatient. ”What? I also have an S grade affinity. Am I not good enough? ”

Liam sighed, silently lifting the anvil and placing it on the workspace. It was not that he didn ’t pity the woman in front of him. 

As someone who had once been desperate for even the smallest of a chance to change his own fate, he empathized with her, but everything was just beginning. 

He didn ’t have the luxury to help a random stranger. Besides, when things turned for the worse, the people that he helped today might turn on him. 

This was his second chance and his only chance. He couldn ’t just risk it all for nothing. 

Liam remained silent for a while and then took out the other item he had purchased from the black market.

He handed it over to Alex. ”This is a binding contract of sorts. You are right. I can indeed make you stronger, much stronger but before that, you would have to sign this. ”

”Think about this and come back when you are ready. ”

”Huh? What is this? ” Alex sighed in relief as she scanned the parchment of paper which had some words inscribed on it.

She didn ’t really care much about the contract. She assumed that it was perhaps a gold or cash or property contract. If it was reasonable she had no problem agreeing to it.

”Whatever this is… I am fi… wait a second. ” It took a minute for her to read and understand the words as they had been written in a weird calligraphy style.

”Hey what is this? ” Alex looked up in shock. 

”I am supposed to do everything you tell me? I am not supposed to harm you? Act against you or even have the intention of harming you? This is ridiculous! ”

”And how can this bloody game even implement these things? I mean this is just basically a slave contract. Are you kidding me? ”

”Are you purposefully trying to humiliate me? I only came here so that we can both get mutual benefits. You were the one who suggested this in the first place, remember? ”

Liam heard her words but he continued to remain calm and took out some of the iron ores he had. He stacked them neatly on the table.

Though it was not written clearly on the contract with dedicated labels, Alex wasn ’t wrong. He had indeed given her a slave contract.

So he cooly explained it to her again, at least as much as he could.

”My intention is not to humiliate you. It is the opposite. This is an opportunity that perhaps you wouldn ’t get again. So take it with you and think about it. ”

”You don ’t have to accept it or reject it right now. Take as much time as you want. Your life might depend on it. ”

Alex silently listened, not knowing what to respond. 

On one hand, this was extremely humiliating. On the other hand, the person in front of her was saying words with so much confidence that she couldn ’t simply ignore them as random nonsense.

She stood dazed for a second but then shook her head, letting out a deep breath. What opportunity? Why would her life depend on it? Wasn ’t this all just random nonsense?

The pervert just probably wanted to do some role playing as slave and master. Fuck this. Why did I even think he would help me in this first place? 

She was hesitant about this from the beginning and now this settled things.

She looked at the man in front of her, tossing the ores one after the other into the smelting fire. He was just doing his own thing, completely ignoring her.

Damn it! What was I thinking? I don ’t need anyone ’s help. Especially this person ’s help! She let out a deep breath and turned around, leaving the contract parchment behind.

She had almost walked out when Liam ’s voice once again sounded. 

”I will be busy these next few days. Do not contact me again to do some sort of negotiation. This is it. These are my terms. I will not change my mind. ”

”And if you still bother me, then you will only be forcing my hand to cut ties with the three of you completely. ”

The woman who was already bubbling with rage clenched her fists, wanting to throw something at the bastard, but she continued walking out.

”Now is not the time. I need to think about Mia first.. Hmph. But one day or the other I will surely teach this guy a lesson! ”

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