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Chapter 59 - Mana Forging

this time were even louder as heavier strikes landed on the sword on the anvil.

”Oh? ” After trying it out a few more times, Liam ’s eyes widened in surprise. This suddenly felt easier and more plausible than he had previously assumed it to be.

While fighting with the bear king, he had to focus on a million things and predict its attack trajectory so he was only able to practice so much.

But now, he didn ’t have a knife hanging over his neck. He could focus more concentratedly. 

He was able to control and regulate the flow of mana more, at his own pace, hammering it into the weapon so that it becomes a part of the grains of the metal.

He knew that doing this would probably help him push the grade of his forging even to the next level, but that was only secondary to Liam.

Learning how to control and manipulate mana was his main goal.

Even if he used every single shortcut he knew, he would never be able to attain the strength and power that was required to change his fate without this one thing.

But if he could just achieve control over mana, then all his future steps would become a lot easier!

Liam grinned as his muscles pulsed with every move he made. What he was doing was extremely taxing and not to mention mentally exhausting. However, he kept going.

He had yearned for this very exact ability countless times and now it was a reality, so he was not planning on letting something like exhaustion stop him.

This was the first shackle that had imprisoned him in his last life and now that he knew how to, he wanted to shatter it completely! Once and for all!

Dang. Dang. Dang.

The metal trembled but it held on as more and more mana was packed into it, tempering it from inside out. 

Slowly but steadily everything was falling into place and almost after an hour, the completion notification popped up.

[Ding. Forging successfully completed]

[Ding. Crimson Sword]

[Ding. Rating: Uncommon]

”Heh. ” Liam chuckled, picking up the sword and examining it. It had a bright silver appearance with a red sheen on it as if it had just now drawn blood.

He swung it around and the metal had perfect balance. It was like an extension of his hand.

No doubt, this was definitely better than the sword he was currently using. Even if he sold it, it would fetch him at least 20 to 30 silver coins.

”Not bad. ” He tossed the sword aside casually just like how he had tossed the previous common grade weapons. This was good, but it was still not enough. 

If he had been truly successful, then the grade would have increased further and this would have been a piece of rare grade equipment.

It looked like he still had a long way to go, but he did not care about that.. He wiped the sweat off his forehead and continued repeating this same forging process again and again and again.

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