Re: Evolution Online

Chapter 61 - We Are His Friends

As he was engrossed in the forging process, time quickly went by and soon Liam had forged more than a dozen swords and when he finished the last weapon, he finally completed the quest requirements as well.

[Ding. Forging successfully completed]

[Ding. Crimson Sword]

[Ding. Rating: Uncommon]

[Ding. Your forging skill proficiency has increased to Master Level]

Liam flicked away the notifications absentmindedly. This was good but he still wasn ’t able to achieve the proficiency he desired in mana control.

Clang. He tossed the finished sword along with the piled up weapons that had a crimson sheen. 

He then put away all of them in his inventory and walked out of the crafting room and out of the blacksmith association.

He only had to reach the Master forging level within the first 72 hours. The time at which he submitted the actual quest did not come into account.

Besides, even if he wanted to submit it now, he wouldn ’t be able to submit the quest until the black market event starts again.

So without bothering to do anything else, Liam simply walked out onto the streets of the city and exchanged a portion of his gold coins for currency. He then swiftly logged out.

He had ended up spending a lot more time than he originally intended to, and it was noon the next day.

He knew that his sister was capable of taking care of herself but he did not want to be irresponsible and leave her alone for hours together.

Luckily, 48 hours in the game equaled 24 hours in the real world, so he hadn ’t screwed up too bad. 

Liam ’s vision darkened before he once again regained his consciousness and opened the game capsule. As soon as he lifted the exit, two big anxious eyes greeted him.

”Brother! You were gone for so long! Are you alright? Ah, did something happen? ”

He chuckled and patted the little girl who was probably the only one who cared about him in the entire world. ”Sorry to make you worry, Mei Mei. I am alright. I just became a little late. ”

”Did you eat your meals properly? Did you do some exercise? ”

Nodding her head, the little girl gave him a quick hug and then ran away to heat up a plate full of food for him. ”Brother, you eat first. You skipped so many meals! ”

”Yes madam. ” Liam pinched her cheeks and obediently sat down to eat some food. ”So what do you want to do today? ” He playfully asked her.

”Ah! I don ’t want to do anything! Please sleep and take some rest. ” Mei Mei looked flustered and quickly rejected the generous offer. 

Was her brother suddenly not human? He had played games all day and he looked so fresh and energetic instead of looking like a zombie!

”What?! You don ’t have anything that you want to do? ” Liam chuckled. ”I have something in mind though. Can you guess what? ” He teased her lovingly.

”Ah! I am so confused! Why are you messing with me? ”

”Ha Ha Ha. Alright. Alright. It looks like you forgot already. Did I not tell you? We are moving to a new place today! Why don ’t you change your clothes and then we can leave? ”

”Ah! For real? Brother, are you serious??? ” Mei Mei stood up in shock and surprise. She couldn ’t believe his words at all. 

Of course, she remembered this, but she assumed that he was simply saying things to make her feel better. She didn ’t want to bring it up and ruin the good mood.

And now…

A few minutes later, the brother and sister pair got ready and walked out of their small cramped apartment.

”Brother, this apartment is just fine. Do we really have to move? ” Mei Mei turned to look at their small rented place and then at her brother ’s lonely back as she ran to catch up with him.

She didn ’t want him to overwork himself and ruin his health just for the sake of a little extra comfort.

”Ho Ho. So what you are saying is that you don ’t want your own room? You will miss me too much? What a cry baby! ” Liam chuckled.

”Ah! No way! I am not a cry baby! ” The little girl found herself tongue-tied. She nudged him with her elbow and continued to walk with a pouty face.

”I am joking. I am joking. I know Mei Mei is a strong girl. ” The two siblings chatted and walked along enjoying the nice day outside.

Liam bought her a few snacks on the way and then they took the public transport to reach another part of the city that was completely different from the one they were living in.

The streets were clean, the buildings were new and sparkling and only high-end shops were present on either side of the road.

Just from looking at the scenery, one could tell that only the rich and elite could possibly live here. 

”Brother… this… why did we get down here? ” Meilin got nervous just by walking on the streets. 

Everyone was looking at them and giving them weird judgemental glances. It was clear that they did not belong here.

”Brother, let ’s go back. ” The girl clung tightly to Liam ’s arm as if she was afraid. Liam sighed and gently patted her. He never wanted to see her afraid again.

”No need to be afraid. We are almost there. ”

He had already looked up a place for the both of them. It was a cozy apartment in a newly built apartment complex and had many of the features that he was looking for.

Not to mention, the high security that came along with living here. He wouldn ’t have to worry about the safety of his sister when things started to get tricky.

This would be their house for now and later on, it would become their base. Liam clenched his fists at the thought of their future. 

He was anxious about it but at the same time, he was also excited. After all, everything was going to be different this time around.

As the brother and sister pair chatted with each other and turned around the corner, unexpectedly a few familiar faces came in front of them.

”Eh? Isn ’t this our missing punching bag? ”

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