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Chapter 63 - I Am Here To Issue A Job

An hour later, Meilin had already taken multiple tours of the apartment but when she looked over at her brother, he still seemed to be standing at the same spot, doing something with his phone.

Hmmm? She did not understand what they were still doing here. ”Brother, shall we leave? It ’s getting dark outside. ”

”Leave where? ” Liam looked confused.

The little girl was about to say something when loud footsteps echoed near the door and a group of three men stepped out of the elevator, carrying what looked like newly packaged boxes.

”Chang Liam? ” 

”Yes. That ’s me. ”

One of the men took out a bill of sorts and handed it over to Liam who took a step away from the door, allowing the three men to enter the apartment and keep the packages inside.

”Come here, Mei Mei. Don ’t stand in the way. ”

”Ah… umm… ok but brother? ”

Liam pulled the girl aside and then the two of them stood outside the apartment in the hallway while the three men made several trips up and down and placed a bunch of boxes inside.

Meilin stared at everything wide-eyed. She had absolutely no idea what was going on and she finally couldn ’t stand the suspense anymore and blurted out.

”Brother, what is all this? Whose things are these? ”

”Aha ha ha. Dufus, are you zoning out or what? It ’s obviously our things. How can we live here without any furniture? ” 

Liam flicked the girl ’s face as her eyes widened further and she stared back at him anxiously. After a minute, her eyes even reddened and the little girl started sobbing.

”Eh! What happened now? Are you crying about that thing earlier? ” Liam asked worriedly.

”No… Woo. Woo. Brother, can you please tell me the truth? ”

”Okay? ” Liam patted her. 

The little girl looked up with tears clinging to her lashes and asked sincerely. ”Did you sell your kidney? ”

”Say what? ” Liam did not know how to respond and ended up laughing. ”This is what you were worried about? ” He clutched his stomach and laughed hard.

”You idiot. I didn ’t sell anything. If you keep asking me things like this, I am going to sell you! ” He pinched her cheeks and wiped her tears away. ”Don ’t cry okay? ”

”Un. ” Meilin nodded obediently in a daze and looking at her blank face, Liam explained a little with patience. 

”I am making good money playing the game. So you don ’t have to worry about anything for now. In the future, things will be even better and we can live a peaceful life. ”

”I will make sure of that, okay? Trust your brother. ”

Though Meilin nodded her head, she still couldn ’t help but worry about the person in front of her. Was he working himself to death just to give them both these unnecessary comforts?

”Brother… then… can I also play the game? I will be able to help too? ” She quickly exclaimed.

”Ha Ha Ha. Yes, yes. That is the plan. Give me one month and then we can both play the game together and make lots of money. Sounds good? ”

Meilin did not expect her brother to agree with her so readily so she was instantly overjoyed. She nodded her head hurriedly. ”You already said it. You can ’t change your mind later?! ”

”Ha Ha Ha. I won ’t. Don ’t worry. ”

The two continued chatting while the men inside assembled everything and almost set up the entire apartment for use.

Since all of this created quite a bit of ruckus, the neighboring apartment door opened and its occupant stepped outside to take a look.

”Are you both renting this place? ”

Liam turned around to see a young woman, probably in her twenties, munching on a bag of chips and looking at them.

She was wearing a pair of high-waisted shorts and a small shirt, which did not do a good job of covering any of her curves properly. 

Her long black hair hung loosely in curls and she looked very beautiful like a model. 

But surprisingly, she also wore a pleasant smile on her face, revealing small dimples, which made her seem like a polite and friendly person.

Liam did not want his sister to feel lonely, especially when he was going to be gaming full time the next few days, so he decided to put effort and make proper introductions.

”Hello, I am Liam and this is my sister Meilin. Nice to meet you. ”

Following his actions, the Mei Mei did the same thing. ”Hi, big sis. We are your new neighbors. Please take care of us! ”

The woman also smiled and looked somewhat surprised. ”I am Shen Yue. Nice to meet you too. You guys are so polite. Where are you from? Are your parents inside? ”

”Ah… it ’s just us. Ha Ha. ” Meilin replied.

”Eh? You are living alone with your brother? ”

Liam had already moved away and started doing something with his phone, leaving the two girls to talk and become acquainted.

He took care of all the necessities for the new place, settled the balance amount for their old apartment, and lastly got the gaming capsule moved over.

He had also ordered another gaming capsule for his sister that was delivered promptly.

By the end of the day, almost all the work was done and food arrived as well. He invited their new neighbor over even though he was unsure if the person would be offended.

However, Shen Yue was more than happy to join them. She even praised Liam, looking around the apartment. ”Not bad. Your taste in interior decorating is not bad. ”

He, on the other hand, simply nodded as he didn ’t know what to say. He had just casually ordered whatever had the best review.

The three sat down and ate dinner at the dining table making small conversations. Well, it was mostly the two girls chatting and Liam silently wolfing down his portion.

He also did not linger longer than necessary.. He quickly finished eating and washed up.

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