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Chapter 64 - Settling Some Debts

”Mei Mei. You both have fun. I will be inside. Lock the door properly before sleeping. ”

”Un. ” The little girl nodded, while Shen Yue switched on the TV and was fiddling with the remote.

”Alright. I will see you both later then. ” Liam smiled and went inside his room, closing the door behind him.

”Mei Mei, what is your brother doing? ” Shen Yue asked curiously.

”Ah. He is a professional gamer, sis. ” There was a proud smile on the girl ’s little face.

”Oh! Is he playing that new game everyone is talking about? I am also going to try it soon! Apparently, it is very realistic and we can have cute animals as pets. ” 

”Have you also played the game? How is it? Do you like it? ”

Meilin shook her head. ”Ha Ha. I don ’t know. I might play it next month. ”

The two continued chatting for a bit, after which Shen Yue left and Meilin locked the door just as her brother had instructed her.

The apartment was a 3 bedroom apartment so she had her own space now and the young girl had a face full of smiles as she looked around her new room.

Everything was brand new and shiny and there was a soft bed, dressing table, study table, and also a desktop computer.

”Ahh… brother bought all of these? ” She gulped nervously.

A couple of minutes later, a determined look appeared on her face and she quickly switched on the computer to learn everything that she could about the new game.

She didn ’t know if she was going to be any good at it, but she wanted to do her best to help out her brother who was carrying all the burden by himself.

Meanwhile… Inside Liam ’s room…

The gentle and loving smile he had worn on his face all this while had completely disappeared, leaving behind only an unmasked look of anger and coldness.

He silently opened the capsule and stepped into the game world once again, finding himself in the midst of a crowded street.

Several players had entered the city and it was now much livelier than before. 

This was only going to worsen in the coming few days as Yleka city was one of the key places in the Gresh Kingdom.

Liam, however, did not care about the crowd. He in fact preferred it. 

His figure did not stand out in the crowd and he inconspicuously walked over to a bridge that connected the two halves of the city.

But instead of walking over the bridge, he went under it and opened a door which led to somewhere dark.

This was one of the entrances to the underground sewage network of the city and at least on the surface, it looked completely abandoned.

There were a few rats that scurried over to Liam from some corner which he quickly finished off with a swing of his sword.

He kept walking deeper and deeper until he reached a particular place where there was another door. Liam did not hesitate and he opened this door as well.

Surprisingly, this time there was no dark tunnel or a bleak atmosphere. Rather, bright disorienting lights flashed like that of a nightclub ’s and loud boisterous noises spilled outside.

Liam calmly stepped in and closed the door behind him. 

This was the infamous notorious underbelly of the trade capital of the Kingdom, purely a den of thieves, mongrels, and criminals.

Even the safety of the city which applied everywhere, preventing any players from getting attacked or injured, did not exist here.

There were a lot of hawkers selling suspicious items, women of the night, pickpockets, drunkards, and gamblers littered around everywhere. 

A couple of brawls were taking place here and there. Even the air inside was nauseatingly intoxicating as if it was filled with drugs.

Liam kept his head down and weaved through the crowded place, making sure not to engage anyone. He only stopped when he reached a fat disgustingly dressed drag queen.

”Hey handsome, do you want to go for a ride? Only 1 gold for an hour! He He He. ” The man playfully flashed his plunging neckline, making a supposedly seductive pose.

However, Liam ’s face was still emotionless and indifferent, as if he was untouched by the depravity surrounding him. ”I am here to issue a job. ”

”OOOOOhhh… Such a pity! I would have loved to ride a handsome guy like you! Right this way, darling. ” He lifted up a curtain on the left and Liam entered a small tent-like space.

Weirdly, inside the tent, there was no one present. However, Liam fished out a couple of gold coins and placed them on the empty table, along with a piece of paper. 

”I need information on the whereabouts of these people. ”

After which, without looking back, he exited the tent and walked out of the raging underbelly, back onto the sewer networks, and then out from under the bridge.

He was back above the ground, in the main city again. 

Liam silently walked over to a shop, filled up on all of his essentials, and proceeded to walk out of the gates of the city.

And just as he was about to leave, a prompt notification chimed in with a list of names and places.

”Hmmm… Already? Not bad. As reliable as always. ” Liam ’s lips finally curled into a smile. ”Time to take out the trash. ”

Originally, Liam had not planned to deal with this particular issue this soon, but even he didn ’t have the discipline to remain calm after what happened earlier today.

He would have taken care of them, right then and there, back in that small alley. 

It didn ’t matter that they had the advantage in numbers. He could have still turned every single one of them into lifeless dolls, but he did not.

It took him every ounce of control he had to not do that and unnecessarily complicate his future and his sister ’s future.

But that was his limit. Now in the game… there was no need for him to hold back anymore.. He really did not have that much patience or self-control.

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