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Chapter 65 - Even Death Cannot Save You

”Dude, this is an amazing quest! Oof! I can ’t wait to get the rewards. ”

”Ya, brother. Your luck in this game is simply amazing. I think we should be the first one to land a chain quest. I don ’t think anyone else had triggered anything like this before. ”

”Ahhhhh! I am psyched! I am getting goosebumps! ”

Five young men were standing in a group and fighting with plagued wolves, beasts that were affected by some sort of disease.

Their skills weren ’t too bad and their group formation, as well, was good. Two of them tanked all the incoming attacks, one person healed and the remaining two were damage dealers.

Surprisingly, these five people were the same five bullies that always stuck together and had been making Liam ’s life a living hell ever since middle school.

In his previous time around, these people were also one of the main reasons why he was forced to live as a slave, and his sister suffered a miserable ending.

Liam owed a lot of debt to a lot of people and he did not intend to pay it all back this early, but these people went out of their way to remind him about it. 

So who was he to refuse their wishes?

Unbeknownst to the five guys who were stalking a huge plagued ape, there was another predator stalking them at the moment.

Liam waited patiently. He wanted to savor this.

A couple of seconds later, the tank provoked the giant ape using his [Majestic Roar] and the ape started running towards the group.


A volley of attacks swiftly landed on the beast. 

Though the two tanks struggled a little to hold the animal ’s enraged punches, heavy damage numbers floated on the ape ’s head and before long, its health almost bottomed out.

”OOOOO!!! AHHHHH!!! ” One of them imitated the ape and grinned wildly, as he was about to land the last hit. This was the leader of the bullies, Liu Senlin.

He dashed ahead and swung his hammer when unexpectedly a bolt of lightning landed and before he could attack, the ape already fell down on the ground, dead and lifeless.

”What the fuck? Who attacked it? ” Liu Senlin turned around and shouted like a lunatic.

”Bro, none of us made any moves. ” One person answered.

”Yes, bro. No one did anything. Also even if we did, we would have gotten the experience points because we are all in the same party. ” Another one pointed out the obvious.

Liu Senlin ’s eyes widened in realization. That was right! This couldn ’t have been done by any of his underlings! Him getting the last hit in had always been merely a sign of respect.

So who the heck stole their kill? Was there someone else here? Hiding in stealth perhaps?

All of them turned around and looked here and there, but the place was ominously quiet. Not even the leaves in the tree moved.

Everyone was confused and remained silent, but their misfortune was not yet over. A smoke bomb landed in the middle of the five players and from it, thick white smoke started pouring out.

”What the fuck is happening now? ”

”Gao, use wind blades or something! ”

However, the person named Gao did not respond and the next instant, a party notification sounded.

[Ding. A member of your party has died]

”Hey! Heal me. Heal me. ” Someone else shouted and a second later, another notification chimed in.

[Ding. A member of your party has died]

[Ding. A member of your party has died]

[Ding. A member of your party has died]

Liu Senlin wanted to tear out his hair. He looked around in a haze like an idiot, having absolutely no idea of what was happening.

One by one all his group members were dropping like flies.

”Damn it. Damn it. Damn it. Wasn ’t everything going smoothly? What is wrong? Just what the fuck is… ”

[Ding. You have died]

Just as Liu Senlin ’s body fell down, the smoke cleared as well, revealing 5 dead bodies on the forest ground and a bunch of scattered equipments.

Of course, there was another person as well, the person who was responsible for everything.

Liam did not know whether to laugh or cry.

The smoke grenade ’s effect was only for 10 seconds and within that time, all five had been easily attacked and killed.

He did not even have to break a sweat in order to kill the group of people who had made his entire life miserable. How pathetic!

Regret and anger filled his heart. If only he had stood up to them… if only he had been a bit better, then probably everything wouldn ’t have turned out the way it had?

He let out a sigh and casually bent to pick up the drops. There was no point in thinking about the past anymore.

His figure then blurred and he channeled his mana to his feet to increase his speed and then moved to the big cemetery nearby.

This was the nearest grave and it was located near the neighboring village. This was also where Liu Senlin and his gang had obtained their quest.

And this was also going to become their permanent graveyard.

As the dead bodies littered on the ground became dust and dispersed into the air, the five of them promptly spawned at the village graveyard.

And just as they spawned…

”Guys, what exactly… Ahhh… ”

”Fuckkkk! ”

”Again? ”

Liu Senlin did not even get a chance to look at the enemy ’s face when the notifications poured in all over again.

[Ding. A member of your party has died]

[Ding. A member of your party has died]

[Ding. A member of your party has died]

[Ding. A member of your party has died]

[Ding. You have died]

Five dead bodies fell on the ground, one after the other, and a couple of seconds later, they disappeared leaving behind only a couple of items.

This time Liu Senlin was more aware that something suspicious was going on.. So he opened his status screen to log out as soon as his consciousness returned.

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