Re: Evolution Online

Chapter 66 - Soul Devourer

In the ’Evolution Online ’ game, graveyards did not have any immunity and players could be killed just as they respawned. 

And they also could not log out until they summoned their status screen after they respawned and selected the logout option.

So technically, if one managed to attack a person before they could log out, they can infinitely keep killing their target as long as they wanted or rather as long as the other person ’s soul was still existent.

This only came to be known later in the game and by then graveyard massacres had become a common occurrence.

This single loophole made all kinds of stealth skills highly valuable as that was one of the ways players could escape from the potential graveyard massacre.

However, the current players had no idea about these things, especially the five fumbling young men who were getting slaughtered right now mercilessly.

Liam had no intention of holding back. It was inevitable that the strong trampled on the weak. The difference was that this time he was the stronger one.

So why would he hold back? The people whom he was killing over and over had never shown him that same kindness.

The world was never fair to begin with and this game and the apocalypse that ensued only made this worse. The dice have already been rolled and this was just the beginning.

Liu Senlin and the rest of the group wailed inwardly as they began to experience torture that they had never even dreamt of before in their wildest nightmares.

The game ’s realistic feature made this a hundred times worse. 

How painful was a small cut on a finger? And how painful would the same cut be if it was aimed at a person ’s throat and ended their life?

By now, Liam ’s identity was no longer a mystery to them. Their dead lifeless eyes stared at the death god in front of them every single time they were killed and brought back to life.

They hadn ’t recognized him yet as his features were somewhat different in-game compared to real life. 

But they could tell that they had seen him somewhere before even if they couldn ’t exactly pinpoint him. 

Liam also did not put any effort into hiding his face. Today was their last day. What was even the point of hiding anything? 

Only a small blissful smile hung on his face as he continued slashing his sword without batting an eyelid.

Every time the five bullies spawned, his hand moved with perfect coordination and cut them down.

All their equipments fell down one after the other and after the first twenty times, their levels were also brought down to 0.

Liu Senlin and the others were at the end of their wits. 

They had just started playing the game and hadn ’t really offended anyone, so they didn ’t have the slightest idea of why this was happening to them.

By the time they saw that they had again become Level 0 characters, some of them were secretly overjoyed.

At least now this insane torture was going to stop?

However, unfortunately for them. Liam was not a kind person. His target was never their level. He also did not intend to simply cripple them. He altogether wanted to erase their existence.

The five naked bodies hoped and prayed that the god of death had departed, but when they respawned again…


[Ding. A member of your party has died]

[Ding. A member of your party has died]

[Ding. A member of your party has died]

[Ding. A member of your party has died]

[Ding. You have died]

”FUUUUCKKKK! ” Liu Senlin writhed in misery. He hated that he was the party leader as he received all the extra notifications which made it even more painful.

Weren ’t they already bankrupt, naked, and at level 0? What more did this person want? Just who the heck did they offend to bring this inhumane torture onto themselves?

Out of nowhere, for no reason, a familiar face crossed Liu Senlin ’s mind, but he put that thought away as he knew that it couldn ’t possibly be that loser.

But now that he had considered it… a slight doubt arose in the depth of his heart… that too if he squinted his eyes, the person in front of him was somewhat similar…

So maybe? But how could that loser possibly be so strong? He was just a fucking spineless worm.

He did not have time to think about it anymore as once again another round of torture descended upon them.

And to add to their already maxed out misery, another thing started to happen. After they reached level 0, losing all their experience points, skill proficiency, and stat points, something felt weird.

Every time they died now, there was first a burst of terrible stinging pain that accompanied the death, but after this, a dull pain echoed even in the fraction of a second where they were supposed to feel peace before they respawned and died all over again.

And this only became worse…

Little by little this dull pain became a throbbing head splitting ache that seemed to spread all over the body without having a particular point of origin.

It hurt so badly that it felt like their brain was being squeezed and juiced. Every single sense or rational thought their minds possessed disappeared and they were about to lose it completely.

And eventually, the five people altogether disappeared.

Meanwhile, Liam yawned lazily. He had already forgotten the total counts of death. It didn ’t matter. There was no point keeping track of it. 

Everybody ’s innate soul had a different strength and there was no set number of deaths for erasing someone out of existence.

As he prepared to once again kill… no one appeared this time. This could only mean that this goal was successfully accomplished!

”Hmmm? Done already? ” He coldly chuckled and stood up. ”Did not even last for 5 hours! How pathetic! ”

Liam closed his eyes for a moment, let out a deep breath, and walked away from there without looking back.

Unexpectedly, a system notification popped up in front of him.

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