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Chapter 67 - Did You Call Me?

[Ding. You are the first person to obliterate a soul.]

[Ding. You have obtained the title ’Soul Devourer ’]

[Soul Devourer: When the title is equipped, undead affinity is increased by a grade]

[Ding. You have obtained both the title ’Soul Devourer ’ and possess SSS grade undead affinity. You are now able to enter the nether realm at will]

[Ding. Unique quest available. Devour the souls of a 100!]

[Ding. Quest Reward: Skill book]

Liam paused in his footsteps and looked at the notifications that had popped up curiously. As his eyes gazed at the few words from top to bottom, he was more shocked.

The title was a new title that was unheard of, probably because the person who got it did not want to advertise the fact that he killed someone. Irrespectively, it was useless to him.

Next was the notification about the nether realm. This was not entirely new to Liam. 

After the first month, there would be an event and at that time, everyone would be able to go to this place.

But now, it looked like he could go there already before the event started! Liam clenched his fists as he already started calculating in his mind all the things that he could do there.

If everything worked out the way he wanted, he could really gain a lot of advantages there. This perk alone was extremely rewarding!

But the last one… the unique quest…

It might have been worded normally, but without a doubt, this quest was asking him to do something unspeakable.

”Devour 100 souls… that means that I have to kill 100 people? ” Liam ’s expression only faltered for a second before returning back to its normal cold appearance.

This was completely unexpected and he had not heard of any such quest even before. However, it was a unique quest. So he was not planning to let it go.

”Yes. ” He muttered without any hesitation.

At the beginning of the game, every second and every minute was precious, but even then, he had wasted 5 hours dealing with a ghost of his past.

He had to do this because he didn ’t want what happened on the street to repeat again. He didn ’t waste his time moving to a new apartment with his sister just to live alongside trash again.

Trash needed to be taken out. Otherwise, it would only stink up everything. This had been his only goal. He had no idea that this would lead to something else, another unique quest at that!

What were unique quests? They were quests that gave out unimaginable rewards! They were the quests that could single-handedly raise someone to the top!

In his past life, there were even some rumors that there were only 10 such quests in the entire game.

And yet currently, Liam alone possessed two of such quests!

”A 100 people! Huuuuu! ” Liam let out a deep breath and squatted on the ground, scribbling in the mid with a small twig.

Spirit pet egg… forging… perfect foundation… and now the nether realm and the new quest! There were too many things that he needed to do and not enough time.

Apart from this, there was also the prison key and the gem shard, he had obtained from Niria ’s lair. These were not his top priority at the moment as he was still not sure if this would amount to anything.

He had to finish all of these and then a few other checks on his list before he could implement the next phase of his plan and bring his sister into the game as well.

Liam settled his mind a bit and then once again started moving. After thinking about the various options he had, he decisively chose his first step, the spirit pet egg!

Spirit pets required a lot of attention, a long time to mature, and more importantly, a lot of resources! 

Since he was going to be traveling to quite a few high-leveled areas and places with thick mana density, he decided to hatch the egg first to be more efficient.

Besides, every spirit pet was different, so even though he knew a method to hatch it, he was not 100% sure that it was going to work.

When it involved higher-tier items and pets, people generally tended to be tight-lipped and it would have been easier if he had been someone of importance.

But Liam had only been a slave and when he broke free from that fate, he had been one of the people at the bottom, scraping for whatever he could find to become stronger.

He had scoured every single piece of information that was available at that time to see if he could somehow change his fate.

Everything he now knew was also because of this. He had worked day and night to change his place in society and now he was going to enjoy all the fruits of his labor.

Liam continued casually walking through the forests. He was still roaming around Yleka city and did not appear to be going anywhere secretive to hatch his spirit type pet egg.

After walking for a few minutes, he stopped in front of a chain of mountains. This set of hills was neither tall nor extending extensive.

There was simply a huge crater of barren land and in the midst of this were four hills, standing erect. But surprisingly, there was smoke coming out of the top.

Liam quickly jumped into the barren crater and started walking ahead. A few players were present here and there grinding lava salamanders that were crawling all over the area.

These beasts had thick hardened scales that provided them tremendous physical defense and on top of that, they also used fire magic.

Their level was also ten times higher than that of Liam ’s current level which was Level 15. However, he casually walked around heading deeper and deeper into the crater towards the mountains.


A lava salamander soon jumped in front of him, opening its mouth and throwing a fireball.

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