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Chapter 68 - New Pet Part1

”Healer! Can ’t you cast holy protection beforehand? This fucking fire attack hurts like my dick is on fire. Damn you! ”

”Shut up! I am taking more damage than you. What the fuck are you crying for? ”

”You shut up! ”

Watching the tank and the damage dealer fight with each other, the healer was just about to lose her patience. ”If you guys both don ’t shut up and stop fighting, I am going to let you both die. ”

The tank turned around and was about to say something when he noticed the presence of a new person. ”Who the hell is that? ”

He used two of his fingers to whistle loudly and waved at the solo person moving a bit ahead of them. ”Dude, we are farming here. Can ’t you see? Get the hell out! ”

Liam smiled. He had also noticed them but they would have to wait. Another opponent had already appeared in front of him.

”Hey look. The next one has spawned. He is fighting with the salamander. Let ’s go steal his. ” The bunch of players chuckled and quickly ran over.

”Idiot. Did he think that he could deal with a Level 25 salamander all by himself? ” 

”Even the leaderboard big shots are still hovering over Level 22 and this guy wants to take down a magical beast all by himself! ”

”Ke Ke Ke. He has the balls it seems. ”

”Ke Ke Ke. Well, it ’s about to become roasted balls. ”

The five players slowed down their speed, wanting Liam to get injured and die first before they started attacking the beast. 

Also, if they were lucky, the beast would have already been damaged a little, so it would be easier for them to finish it off.

However, just as they were about to slow down, they saw a bright flash and a crimson sword appeared on the man ’s hand.

And before they could clearly see anything, Liam had already slashed the lava salamander multiple times, his figure nimbly dodging the fire attacks.

Significant damage numbers floated atop the salamander and its two eyes were blinded!

”Not bad. ” Liam grinned. After monotonously struggling with mana control for several hours, he was now able to fuse mana with his sword attacks more easily.

It was still not quite there but he was slowly and surely getting there.

Liam continued fighting with the salamander just like how he had battled with the elite boss. He was using it as a training dummy and sparred with it while honing his own skills.

Because of the level difference, he couldn ’t finish it off easily and was slowly grinding it down bit by bit at the pace that he was comfortable with.

And those who were watching him could also see that clearly.

”The fuck? ”

”How the hell is he freaking soloing that thing? ”

”Did you see! He blinded it first! That must be the special strategy to fight lava salamanders! ”

The tank looked at the person who had spoken this wise statement and then spat on his face. ”Idiot. Every beast has a pair of eyes or many! What special strategy are you talking about? ”

The mage quickly turned away, hiding his embarrassment. He had blurted out stupid words because he was too engrossed in the way the person was moving.

Every single move he had was accurate. He was not using any flashy spells or powerful techniques. From what they could see, all he was doing was the basic sword slashes.

And apparently, that alone was enough to take down a beast that the five of them were struggling to handle!

”Do you see his footwork? Ya, he is avoiding all the fireballs! ”

”Wait, is there an attack pattern? Maybe the salamander throws a fireball every few seconds? ”

The group once again started discussing and studying Liam ’s actions as if he was a walking battle guide. 

They even forgot about their original plan of intimidating him and stealing the beast for themselves.

The fight continued for a while as the group watched Liam with their eyes peeled open. 

Soon another salamander spawned at the spot where they had been fighting one and they hurried back over to it to try and imitate him.

”Mage! Aim for its eyes first! ”

”Theif. Attack the head! ”

”Dude, shut up. We were all watching the same thing. Just shut up and start the fight already! ”

The group quickly started sending out a volley of attacks towards the lava salamander and the fight this time was much simpler. They had reduced their time spent on the beast by more than a half.

And just as they brought down the salamander to the last of its health, a sharp voice sounded nearby. ”Did you call me? ”

Liam had appeared right next to them silently like a ghost. The tank was so startled that he dropped his shield.

Luckily they had already almost killed the beast, so they weren ’t affected much and he quickly picked his shield back up to finish tanking the fight.

And to their surprise, the person was still waiting for them!

Ah… Ummm… The five looked at each other blankly before the tank finally spoke up. ”Bro, are you planning to grind here? ”

”Sorry. Sorry. I am only asking because we would then go somewhere else. We don ’t want to disturb you. He He. ”

All the others looked at the tank who had done a complete 180, but there were no complaints. They only gave him a silent thumbs up.

The person in front of them was obviously a strong player! It was best to not make enemies out of people like that for no apparent reason.

So one by one they all started to say flattering words to appease the expert.

However… the so-called expert did not look pleased at all. Unexpectedly, he looked disappointed for some reason.

”Did you guys really call me over just to talk about this? ” Liam sighed. ”Forget it. You guys carry on. Good luck.. ” He then turned around to leave without saying anything else.

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