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Chapter 70 - New Pet Part3

Kaaaaa! Kaaaaa!

Liam ’s attacks made the twin-tailed wind ripper ’s speed slow down and he managed to get in a couple of decent attacks.

He continued attacking the elite, switching between using his sword attacks and lightning bolts. 

Compared to the bear king, this one did not last long as the bird was trapped within the cave unable to exhibit its full agility which was its strong point. It was also guarding the eggs which made it restless and unfocused. 

”This has to be the easiest elite! ” Liam grinned. 

It was perhaps designed as a reward for the player who managed to climb atop the mountain first. 

But this was not his final target, so without wasting a lot of time, he quickly brought down the wind ripper to its final bits of health. 

As a last ditch attempt, the bird tried to use everything it had and sent out blasts of sharp winds by flapping both of its wings. 

Liam rooted his feet to the ground and stabbed his sword into a rock crevice, strongly holding on. 

He then swung forward to land behind the bird, swiftly bringing down his sword to slash the bird ’s neck when he noticed that the eggs were about to be blown out of the cave. 

Liam missed the attack on purpose and instead managed to grab an egg, saving at least one of them. He then sent out a bolt of lightning to finish the bird that was already severely injured.

[Ding. Congratulations. You have killed the Twin-tailed Wind Ripper. You have gained 10000 Experience points]

[Ding. You have leveled up]

The experience points this time were not as much as when he had killed the previous elite but the difficulty had also been less as there wasn ’t much of a level difference.

And this was just as an unexpected windfall, the main event laid ahead. Liam put the bird ’s egg into his inventory and then walked to the end of the cave which surprisingly was also open.

Liam walked all the way to the opening and peered inside as the hot scalding waves of warm air assaulted his face.

In front of him, inside the mountain was a pool of gurgling lava and in the midst of this lava was a huge rock. Liam sucked in a big mouthful of air and jumped from the cave onto the rock, landing steadily.

He lost a bit of health as the rock just like everything else was scalding hot, but he quickly emptied a flask of health potion to recover back his full health.

”Now let me see if this works. ” Liam sat down cross-legged and took out the egg he had gotten from Niria ’s lair out of his inventory space.

He placed the egg on the scalding hot rock and then stepped back from it, observing it curiously. He had only read about this vaguely so he wanted to see how exactly this was going to work.

Within seconds, wisps of burning red fire essences arose from the lava and flew towards the big egg, one by one.

They swirled around the egg and then disappeared as if they had entered the egg itself. ”Interesting. ” Liam mused. He took out the other egg as well and placed it near this one.

The second egg was the one he had obtained from the twin-tailed wind ripper. But as soon as he took this one out, cracks started forming on the egg.

”Fuck! ” Liam immediately put it back into his inventory. He had never dealt with pets or the even rarer pet eggs in his previous life. 

He assumed that the wind ripper ’s egg might also benefit from the lava as its nest was located on the same mountain but from the looks of it, it was probably not.

”Well. I will check it out later if it is still salvageable. ” Liam scratched his chin and once again started observing the first egg. 

More and more fire essence had gathered around the egg and they were all slowly being absorbed by it. ”So a spirit type beast is born from the essence of that element? Hmm. ”

”Can I also absorb this essence? ”

Liam reached his hand forward to touch the red wisps of energy. He expected it to be scalding hot but these were rather warm, even relaxing, and nice to touch.

And as he was moving his hand around, a small bit of the fire essence went inside his finger as well. ”What? ” Liam quickly pulled his hand back.

[Ding. Congratulations. You have gained an affinity for the fire element. All you fire type attacks have 5% increased damage]

Liam was completely speechless. 

He had heard about this specific term called affinity and how certain mages had extremely high affinities, but he didn ’t know anything about it, let alone expect to gain it at such an early stage of the game.

This kind of information was highly regulated and not available for everyone to know. All he knew about spirit type pets was that they were likely to hatch in their element.

And people who had contracted spirit type pets were strong enough to hold their own in the real world when the madness descended.

But there was clearly more to this!

Liam flopped down on the rock and threw his head back to laugh loudly. It seemed like he needed to keep his eyes and brain working all the time.

Even the smallest detail could apparently hold tremendous significance. He let out a deep breath and once again started hovering his hand near the egg.

From what he could see, it was the egg that was acting as a sort of magnet pulling in all the wisps of fire essence. When he placed his hand directly over the lava, this did not happen.

And he did not dare test it out by placing it inside the lava.. His hand would probably be burnt to a crisp in a fraction of a second and he did not possess any healing spell just yet.

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