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Chapter 73 - Heavenly Retribution

With the small fox clung to his neck, Liam climbed down, holding on to the rope and lowering himself bit by bit.

The climb down was also much easier and faster compared to the upward journey. 

He was already back on the ground, standing on the crater before any more mobs of wind ripper birds could assault him mid-air.

”Time to head out. ” Liam started walking with two little things hovering around him, one in the air and one on the ground.

Coincidentally, the five members party team who had been hunting lava salamanders when he had arrived here were still wandering around the area.

They all noticed him and greeted him as soon as they saw him. Much to their surprise, Liam as well lightly nodded back. ”Do you guys want to run a dungeon together? ”

Who wouldn ’t want to be carried by a strong expert?

Without thinking much at all, the tank immediately blurted out. ”Yes sir! ” He even readily kicked out his own teammate, the mage, who looked back at him dumbfounded. 

”Bro! My damage is better than this guy ’s! ” He immediately pointed his finger at the thief as he also wanted to shamelessly tag along and have fun.

But alas, it was too late and no one was paying any attention to him any longer. He could only silently protest and watch as the others continued discussing.

”There is a dungeon nearby called the moon lake. We can run it. You guys can keep all the equipment drops and the money. I will be taking the skill books and the materials. ”

”Does that work? ” Liam suggested. He laid out all the conditions upfront.

The tank quickly nodded his head up and down and agreed. These terms might be disadvantageous in general but not in this case.

In fact, they had also been grinding here for the past few hours so that they could enter that same dungeon.

It was a level 20 dungeon and all of them were currently Level 19 or Level 20.

However, a dungeon difficulty was always higher so they wanted to be at least Level 21 or 22 before attempting it which was why they had been grinding here.

But now that Liam had asked them, they didn ’t want to let this opportunity go and decided to team up with the experienced player.

Even if they fail, it didn ’t matter much as it was quite common to run a dungeon a few times and fail before finishing it successfully. Running it once with a skilled player would only help them a lot.

Seeing that none of them had any issues and a readymade group was available for him to insert himself into, Liam quickly finished the discussion.

”Alright. Make a party and send me an invitation. ” He muttered and started walking out of the crater towards the ’Moon Lake ’ dungeon located in the forests surrounding the Yleka city. 

The others as well hurried after him, even the rejected mage.

Not long after Liam received the notification.

[Ding. You have been invited to join a party]

[Ding. Do you accept? Yes/ No]

Liam selected ’Yes ’ and then he immediately received another notification.

[Ding. You have been marked as the leader of the party]

[Ding. Do you accept? Yes/ No]

Liam smiled a little and unexpectedly refused this one.

”Umm. Do you not want to be the leader? ” The tank asked in disbelief, but the other party simply waved his hand. ”No, that is not necessary. ”

The tank looked startled. He couldn ’t help but feel touched by this kind gesture. What a nice and friendly person!

Not only did he show them how to quickly grind lava salamanders, but he also invited them for a dungeon run and didn ’t even want to be the party leader!

How generous and lofty! This was how an expert should act!

The group started walking out of the crater into the forests. 

Liam was walking at the front, along with the two tiny beasts near him and the rest followed him, all their eyes fixated on the two beasts rather than Liam.

Now that they had some time to talk to him, they had already noticed the two new pets who were not with him before.

Inside their private chat group:

Kim Hyun (Theif): Guys, did you see those two pets? He didn ’t have them before, right? Right?

Shin Soo (Tank): Yes. I also didn ’t see any pets with him before. He should have gotten those somewhere in this area only

Kim Hyun (Theif): Fuck! I knew it! Aren ’t flying pets supposed to be rare? How the heck does he have one already? And the fox also looks like it ’s something special! They are so small like babies too. I bet he hatched an egg or something.

Shin Soo (Tank): Yes. I also think so.

Kang Mina (Healer): Hyun, I know what you are thinking! Stop. Don ’t do anything shady. Don ’t ruin this!

Chung Hee (Mage 1): Ha Ha. Bang on! I am sure this guy is thinking about something like that. Kim Hyun (Theif): Sheesh. You guys. I was just saying. Sunho, at least you support me, bro!

Goo Sunho (Mage 2): Fuck! Who the hell cares? Why did you kick me out bastard?

Shin Soo (Tank): Guys settle down. Let ’s not screw this up. His pets don ’t seem that rare. It ’s just a bird and a fox. We can come back here and search again for more eggs later. I am sure it will respawn. We can even ask him how to get those. So I am warning again, don ’t try anything shady.

Kim Hyun (Theif): Alright. Alright. Whatever. Let ’s first see what he is made of. We just saw him kill a salamander. He might not be all that.

Kang Mina (Healer): I bet he is still better than you!

Kim Hyun (Theif): What the hell Mina? Why are you always against me?! I am only saying that if he is not that strong then we can easily steal his pets. Wait, pets drop right?

Goo Sunho (Mage 2): Kick this guy out and invite me back!

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