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Chapter 74 - Free Loader?

Liam could almost feel the burning gaze on his back as he walked ahead. Were things going to get interesting? 

Heh. He silently chuckled to himself. It would indeed be simpler to level elsewhere without attracting much attention, but dungeons were the fastest and most efficient method.

Besides, he needed more souls to finish his quest. So he did not mind even if someone wanted to try something.

The ’moon lake ’ was a dungeon located near the northern part of the forests surrounding Yleka city. 

The place was supposed to be a flourishing city, an extension of Yleka city in fact, but instead, it was currently a deserted land, haunted by ghosts and ghouls and all sorts of undead creatures.

This was also one of the reasons why Liam had wanted to run this dungeon several times. 

This video game was like a tutorial for everyone to gain the basic knowledge of the class of their choosing.

Thus far he had somewhat grasped using a sword and even a bit of mana control and regulation. However, this was still not even close to what he wanted to accomplish.

Perhaps he can become one of the stronger human beings and manage the chaotic world with just this much but it was not nearly enough to deal with the monsters that also were going to inevitably show up.

When he had fallen, these sort of cunning and cruel creatures were just beginning to show up and even he did not know how much more awaited them.

He would only be a fool to not use this opportunity to gain everything he could so that he would eventually be able to face no matter what came his way.

Not to mention the mysteriously high affinity he had with the undead. 

His mana affinity was only S-grade, but his undead affinity was SSS-grade which according to his knowledge was the highest.

Liam wanted to understand more about the undead and the magic that was associated with their power.

In his previous life, there had been a player who had unlocked a hidden class associated with the undead and had brought over with him an army of undead soldiers when the apocalypse started.

Liam was not interested in this hidden class but he wanted to understand everything behind it to gain the same benefits. 

In reality, this was even more difficult than if he simply wanted to switch to the particular hidden class, but he was determined to take that risk.

One reason was because he wanted a power that was above what a hidden class could provide but the main reason was because of the affinity testing results that the system had given out when he entered the game.

So he firmly believed that not choosing a specific class and relying on his insight and knowledge to make use of all of his affinities was the best path ahead for him.

And if he was not able to make any progress in the next couple of months, he could always fold and pick up one of the many powerful hidden classes scattered around this world.

Many of these were only unlocked later in the game so he had time to take the risk first.

While Liam was engrossed in his own thoughts, his other new friends were busily chatting about the dungeon. He was not paying attention to them until he heard a familiar name.

”Heavenly Retribution guild is still holding the highest record time for the dungeon clear right? ” Kim Hyun, the thief, excitedly rubbed his hands. ”I wonder if we will be able to beat that? ”

”Can you ever open your mouth and say something not stupid? ” Kang Minah hit the guy with the staff that she was holding. 

”I can ’t deal with this stupid anymore Shin Soo.I am going to quit this shitty team and join Heavenly Retribution. That girl Alex looks so cool! ”

”As if they would take in a shitty healer like you! ” Kim Hyun angrily retorted back.

”Haaa. Sure. Always put the blame on the freaking healer! If you literally stand at the mouth of the salamander when it is throwing fire at you, even Jesus can ’t save you stupid! ”

Just as Kim Hyun was about to say something back, Liam instead stopped in his tracks. ”Guilds are already up? ” 

The world announcements for the guilds would only start when there were fifty or more guilds, directly opening up to the hall of fame, so this information was not announced in-game just yet. 

Liam did not really care about this but he admittedly was a little startled to hear an unfamiliar guild name and a familiar person ’s name linked together.

”Ah… yes. There are a total of 31 guilds so far. ” The tank Shin Soo quickly replied. Liam had no doubt that this number was going to skyrocket soon.

”And what were you saying about this heavenly retribution guild? ”

”Oh that… They are one of the top guilds at the moment. Three of their core members are even on the leaderboard! They have also started setting records for the dungeons. ” Shin Soo elaborated.

”Eh? Not just started. They hold records for the Level 10, Level 15, and Level 20 dungeons. ” Kang Minah corrected him.

”Yes. Yes. Aha ha ha. I didn ’t forget that. Bro, if you follow Alex or Mia Or Rey on Instagram or Twitter you can see all the details. They have been promoting their social presence heavily. ”

”Their guild also has so many members already. I heard that they already filled their first 50 members quota and now everyone else was on a waitlist. ”

The tank continued talking about things but Liam was no longer paying attention to him. Things were already starting to change compared to his last timeline.

And this particular change, he had no doubt that he was the sole reason behind it. 

After a while, the tank stopped talking and Liam nodded. ”Alright. Thanks for the information. ” He then chuckled and muttered under his breath to himself.

”Heavenly retribution huh? Interesting… ”

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