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Chapter 74 - Free Loader?

phere that was prevalent.

At first, everyone waited for Liam to give some sort of specific instructions but he was just silently standing as if he was waiting for the run to start.

After hesitating, Shin Soo, the tank, quickly began talking. He was not sure if everyone, particularly Liam was aware of the mechanics of the dungeon.

Just because he was a skilled player, it didn ’t mean that he had to have prior knowledge of this specific dungeon. So he gave him the benefit of doubt.

”So in this dungeon… there will be several mirages of the moon lake. We need to go to each of these mirages and essentially find out where the real moon lake is. ”

The complete dungeon guide wasn ’t available online yet, but there were still some forums and threads talking about the various mobs.

Shin Soo elaborated on whatever was available online adding on his own theories but all throughout it looked like the expert was not paying him any attention.

This clearly defeated the whole purpose of his attempt as except for Liam they had all researched about the place together so there was no point continuing with the explanations.

Smiling helplessly the tank waved his hand, signaling that he was going to start and dashed ahead the next second.

As soon as they took a step forward, a gust of wind blew and three wailing white specters immediately emerged out of thin air.

[Provocate] Shin Soo was a bulky person and he was playing a warrior tank holding a shield in one hand and a hammer in the other hand.

As soon as he attracted the attention of the three ghosts, the mage started casting fireballs and the thief rushed ahead with his dagger. 

Even the healer started chanting spells to cover the tank ’s health, preventing it from plummeting unexpectedly.

Damage numbers began floating atop the specters one after the other. Their shrill wailing was especially hard to hear, so everyone subconsciously tried to finish the fight as soon as possible.

They had almost forgotten about the expert who had come along with them. 

Only when the fight was going somewhat slow for the first mob at the entrance of the dungeon, something felt awkward and out of place and the tank realized that a member was missing!

Huh? He turned around to look for Liam and saw that he was still standing at the entrance and doing something in the system interface without having taken a single step forward.

[Block] He yelled out his next skill in anger and continued tanking the remaining two specters with his teeth grinding together indignantly.

It was fine if this person did not do anything exceptional and defy their expectations but the least he could do was come forward and fight?

Did he expect to be carried through the dungeon?! Did they look like fools and buffoons in his eyes?!

The more he thought about it, the angrier he became, and just when he was about to completely lose it and shout at the other person, irrespective of the consequences… a notification popped up!

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