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Chapter 76 - Werent You In A Hurry?

[Ding. Your overflowing rage has increased your physical defense by 5%]

Shin Soo was dumbfounded. There was something like this for the warrior class?

He stared at the stat boost dazedly for a second before realizing that he had forgotten the main reason why he had been furious in the first place!

Damn it!

He turned around and pointed the hammer at Liam, shouting gruffly. ”Hello! Are you planning to join the fight or not? ”

Especially with the backdrop of the two specters wailing loudly, his voice sounded very angry and vengeful. 

The other members of the team were also equally disgruntled, so everyone nodded, agreeing with him.

But unfortunately… it looked like the other party was still not paying any attention.

Liam only casually raised his hand and showed him his palm, signaling him to be patient.

Shin Soo ’s eyes twitched. He turned around and first focused on the fight, throwing his shield at the two specters. 

The fight had already started so he needed to finish this one first before starting another with this so called expert.

Others as well shot deathly glares at the guy before showing all their anger on the two specters.

And soon… the two stopped wailing and dispersed into specks of light and a couple of copper coins.

[Ding. 20 Experience points have been rewarded]

[Ding. 20 Experience points have been rewarded]

Shin Soo bent down and picked up the copper coins. He wore a solemn expression and walked in long strides towards Liam. 

”Liam, we pulled a mob and you didn ’t join. Isn ’t that a bit careless? What if there were more specters? ” 

”We would have been wiped out in the beginning itself without ever stepping into the dungeon! Were you serious or not? We only came here together because you requested us. ”

”Ya. If you are not interested, then why ask us in the first place? ”

One by one the accusations and complaints started popping up and unfortunately, this was all that they could do. 

This was no longer a beginner ’s dungeon. One cannot simply exit at will, otherwise, they could have just walked out the same way they had walked in.

Now they either had to finish the run or die inside the dungeon in order to exit. This was what infuriated everybody even more.

Since the person had been so skilled and powerful they did not expect him to troll them all like this.

”What a waste! ” Shin Soo grunted. They were going to probably lose a fraction of their level and if they were unlucky some pieces of equipment also.

He glared at the man who was still standing like a stone and spat out in anger. ”Let ’s just go continue. If we die, we die. Whatever. ”

The others as well nodded and followed him. They walked on the deserted streets of the village, amidst the worn out huts and the half demolished houses and soon another mob popped up.

Aaaaeeeeee! Aaaaeeeeee!

The specters wailed loudly and this time five of them showed up.

Shin Soo quickly stepped forward, trying to hold them back, but five specters were a bit too much for him to handle. He started taking heavy damage and the healer ’s mana quickly drained.

The damage from the thief and the mage was simply not enough to bring them down fast and their movements were all over the place.

”Fuck it. Looks like this is going to be a fast party wipe. ” Shin Soo sighed and gave up. He could already see where this was going. What was the point in trying any longer?

This was a difficult dungeon and that was why they had continued leveling without attempting it, so how could possibly handle it with just 4 members?

What a complete and utter waste of time!

His health was about to fully bottom out when unexpectedly, a scorching ball of flame landed on the specter that was going to scratch him.


A huge and insane damage number floated atop the specter ’s head.

”Chung Hee, what skill is this? How is your fireball doing this much damage all of a sudden? ” Shin Soo muttered in puzzlement.

But instead of Chung Hee, another voice sounded. ”I am ready now. ”

Liam was calm and composed as he immediately diffused the bomb that was about to explode. He tossed a health potion to the tank and Shin Soo caught it with a surprised look on his face.

Health potions were expensive commodities! Was it really okay to use one just like that?

”Fuck! What am I thinking? ” He quickly downed it as he was just a breath short of dying. ”You know we wouldn ’t even be in this mess if you hadn ’t been simply standing like a rock. ”

”Mmmm. Stop talking and focus on the fight. ” Liam ’s words made the four of them want to stab him instead of the specters but they did not have time to be angry right now.

The wailing specters continued waving their huge sharp claws or rather overgrown nails in a frenzy and the tank and the thief were having a hard time trying to dodge their attacks and fight back at the same time.

The mage alone was not pulling enough damage to settle this situation, but all of it changed when Liam joined the fray.

He did not take out his sword this time. He wanted to rely on mana more and fine-tune his mana control and understand more about casting spells.

[Fire Ball] [Fire Ball] [Fire Ball] Liam cast the same spell over and over again, each time picturing a ball of energy gathering and shooting out forward.

He tried to increase it and decrease it at his will without worrying about the actual damage numbers he was dealing.

And standing right beside him were his two pets, who were yet to do anything.

The three of them looked quite relaxed and carefree when compared to the rest of the team who were barely breathing, and struggling to get a grip on the fight.

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