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Chapter 77 - We Shouldnt Waste

[Ding. 20 Experience points have been rewarded]

[Ding. 20 Experience points have been rewarded]

[Ding. 20 Experience points have been rewarded]

After Liam started sending out fireballs one after the other, the fight did not last long and the five specters burst into specks of astral light one by one.

Shin Soo and the rest of the team were too stunned to see this sight that they began to doubt if the specters were a mirage in the first place.

But the string of experience points that popped out was undeniable so they could only accept the harsh reality.

This was the difference between their skills and the skill level of a person that was above and beyond their imagination.

Instantly, all the prior grievances they had about the person completely disappeared as if it had never existed before and they could only hope that Liam did not hold any grudges.

”Ahem… Sir… ” Shin Shoo awkwardly scratched his head and was about to say something when Liam smiled calmly and all of a sudden, sent out another fireball, pulling in more specters that were roaming inside of the run down huts.

He had already begun the attack on the next wave of specters!

Usually, it was the tank who first approached the mob and pulled the aggro but Liam casually stepped forward and started bombarding the group of specters with fireballs ceaselessly.

Shin Soo snapped out of his trance and scurried forward to salvage the situation and correct the aggro distribution. The others also panicked and quickly began attacking.

”Ahhhh! Hyung! Wait!!! ”

Liam calmly chuckled. ”Hmmm? Didn ’t you guys tell me earlier that you were in a hurry? ” He ignored their pitiful looks and continued to blast the specters.

This was something that would have typically earned instant hate from everyone as a tank was always supposed to initiate a fight for the purpose of stability except for special situations that needed some other strategy.

But in this case… no one dared think that way!

After all, with the high damage numbers he was pulling the fights suddenly became easier and even if the tank hadn ’t started the fight, there was no OT and messy mass damage.

This was even more impressive especially considering the dungeon they were currently in. Moon Lake ’s main difficulty laid in the wailing sounds of the specters.

If one were to hear this sort of wailing sound for a long period of time, then they would fall into confusion, their brain completely muddled and unable to think clearly.

Adding in the realistic feature of the game, the effect would even prevent the players from doing anything else for the next hour. Such was the heavy impact of the wailing cries on the mind.

So in this type of dungeon speed was the top priority and Liam was focusing on just that. 

He set the pace of their progress as he continued pulling in more and more specters towards the group, just as the last one died.

”Brother… ” Shi Soo wanted to say something but he swallowed the words. He didn ’t even know if Liam was doing this on purpose or because the dungeon called for it.

So what could he possibly tell? Slow down?

[Shield Impact] [Block] He shook his head helplessly and quickly tried to balance the fight. Only he looked busy, as the healer suddenly found herself with nothing else to do. 

The other two players were also in a similar boat as the thief ’s attacks were like tickling the specters and the other mage ’s attack was like a mosquito bite.

Liam alone was single-handedly pulling more damage than their dps combined together. The specters were getting utterly slaughtered by him. 

In the blink of an eye, they had gone from complaining about a party wipeout to clearing the first haunted street of the moon lake village.

”Look! There is the lake! ” Minah suddenly shouted and pointed her finger to the eastern side. Everyone immediately turned to look in that direction.

Just as she had said, there was a huge lake in the distance and at the center of the lake, there was an altar that was mysteriously floating and atop this was a bright shining necklace.

The necklace triggered a quest that gave decent experience points.

”Oh my gosh! We are totally going to break the record! ” The thief and the healer exclaimed together and the group hurriedly ran toward the lake, with Liam casually walking at the back in silence.

He was calmly checking out his special quest progress. He had obliterated a lot of souls in the dungeon so far but it looked like these specter souls did not count toward the quest completion.

”Well, it was worth a try. ” He shrugged and checked the experience bars of the two tiny beings stalking him.

He had asked both of them not to interfere in any fights as they were too weak at the moment. This was because of Liam ’s own conjecture.

Dying in this tutorial game too often affected the souls of human beings so he couldn ’t help but come to the conclusion that the same applied to the companion beasts as well.

So at least until they reached Level 5, he had forbidden the two to fight. Their infant status would disappear at this time only.

Moreover, this was also when a companion beast ’s unique skills would begin to get unlocked as right now, they were only able to scratch and claw.

Liam gazed at the status of both the pets and it looked like the bird was already close to leveling up once but the fox still had a lot left to fill.

”Hmm.. so a spirit beast needs a lot more experience points to upgrade compared to the common beast. I guess this is to be expected. ”

Liam patted the two who looked up at him with their big eager eyes and then proceeded to follow the group.

Shin Soo and the others had already reached the lake, but as soon as they neared it, the lake completely disappeared and standing in front of them was a huge mob of wailing specters.

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