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Chapter 78 - Move Aside

Seeing that everyone was standing around without starting the fight, Liam smiled and calmly muttered. ”What happened? ”

”Liam! The lake disappeared! ” The tank looked stunned.

”Huh? Didn ’t you read about the contents of the dungeon beforehand? There are several misleading mirages around. ”

”Ah… that… yes but… ” Shin Soo opened and closed his mouth wordlessly. They indeed knew of this before stepping in here, but no one had expected things to be so realistic.

And besides, the sight of the huge mob of wailing specters was nothing short of terrifying. The only saving grace was that this mob could be avoided if one was careful enough.

”Hyun, can you cast stealth on the whole group? ” Shin Soo nervously mumbled. Though this was not necessary, he wanted to avoid a confrontation with this mob as much as possible.

The thief as well nodded and quickly activated the skill [Stealth Blanket]. 

He was lucky enough to pick up this rare skill that was able to extend his stealth to a whole bunch of players. When the skill proficiency increased, this number would further increase.

However, this was all for naught as a certain member of the team raised his hand and cast another fireball, pulling the huge mob.

”Noooo! ”

All four shouted at the same time, but the train had already left the station. 

”Why bro why? ” Shin Soo hurriedly stepped forward and tried to pull five of the dozen specters onto himself.

”Why? We shouldn ’t waste any mobs! ” Liam replied as a matter of fact. He was calm and confident as usual. 

However, the situation this time seemed completely out of hand, as there were still eight or so specters dashing towards them at a fast speed.

”Bro this time you really shouldn ’t have pulled so much! Please only attack after I… ” Before the tank could finish his words, fire started raining from the sky.

”Eh? What is this? The specters have magic attack? ” Everyone was confused.

Only when they saw massive damage numbers appearing on the whole group just as every drop of fiery rain pelted down on the specters, did they understand what was happening.

The god that they had teamed with had an aoe skill to boot!

”You guys know that even friendly fire can damage right? Make sure to watch your steps! ” Liam reminded them. He was quite satisfied with this random group that he had run into.

Even if their skill level wasn ’t anything worth mentioning, they at least did not do anything stupid and drag the speed down. They followed his lead and coordinated decently.

Ignoring their shocked faces, Liam focused on the effects on his body. From the beginning, though he was churning out fire magic attacks one after the other, he was never doing it blindly.

He was always paying attention to the control and after effects of the skills. He could distinctly feel the mana in his body drain after using the [Lava Rain] skill.

”Just a bit more. I feel like I am on the verge of grasping something. ” He clenched his fist and inhaled deeply, sucking in the mana from the air and replenishing his own reserves.

He then once again started casting fire balls one after the other.

The fire fox spirit beast was particularly happy to see this as it was raining fire everywhere, with Liam shooting out more fire balls.

Kyuuu! Kyuuu!

It jumped up and down, clearly very happy to see this sight.

While the others were trying their hardest to not get damaged by their own teammate ’s skill, the little fox was hopping and skipping and trying to catch the drops of fire in its small mouth as if they were water drops.

This sight only added insult to their injury. They would have been more upset about pulling this unnecessary mob if not for the constant notifications of experience points raining down.

Their bars were filling up so fast that they began attacking back even more fiercely. They had also gathered a lot of money, and a couple of equipments just from this mob.

”We already cleared this much, shall we head over to this street and check if the real lake is here? ” Shin Soo suggested and everyone including Liam nodded in agreement.

The group started moving down the street when unexpectedly just as they had guessed, the lake really did appear in front of them, a few blocks away.

”Let ’s gooooo! ” The tank shouted energetically. Everyone was full of joy as they ran towards the lake as fast as they could. However… just as they neared it…

The lake and the moonlight dancing over it once again completely disappeared and instead, there was another nasty mob of wailing specters.

Hearing their cries over and over again and again made their heads hurt. They could simply turn around here and run… but… they already could tell that that was not going to happen.

”Ahhh… ” Shin Soo looked up, only to see the rain of fire greeting them again.

Bang! Bang! Bang! Bang!

One by one the specters turned around to look at their target and they began rushing to the group, a big chunk of their health already taken away by the fire drops.

Without using any of his other attacks, Liam continued relying on only these couple of skills for this mob as well, smoothly finishing the fight from start to finish.

And at the end of it, the tiny wind ripper finally received its first upgrade. Its body and its wings slightly grew bigger in size. 

Before it was smaller than palm size and now it was exactly the size of a palm, one that belonged to a huge burly man perhaps.

It was not much, but the other party looked at it with a yearning wondering when it was going to grow up as well.

”Soon. Soon. ” Liam shook his head and continued paying attention to the specters.. One was almost close to attacking the healer so he focused on that specter and finished it first.

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